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Women's Qualies Wrap Up; Main Draws Released

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The final round of qualifying at the women's All-Americans in California wrapped up on Wednesday with five of eight matches finishing in straight sets. Florida's Brooke Austin and Florida Atlantic's Aliona Bolsova both came back from a set down to advance while North Carolina's Jessie Aney won her match 6-2 in the third. FIU's Andrea Lazaro lost in straight sets to Kansas's Anastasia Rychagova but since she was the highest seed to make it to the final round of qualies she got the lucky loser spot that opened up when Pepperdine's Ashley Lahey withdrew. 

I have the singles main draws listed down below with UTRs included and you can check out the doubles draws at these links - men/women. There will be live scoring and video for the men's event in Tulsa however there will be nothing from the event in California. Hopefully the ITA will have some scoring updates on Twitter. 


Women's Qualifying - Final Round
Brooke Austin (Florida 11.43) def. [Q} Katarina Jokic (Georgia 11.62) 3-6, 7-6(3), 6-3
Fernanda Contreras (Vanderbilt 11.40) def. Akvile Parazinskaite (Kentucky 10.74) 6-3, 6-1
[9-16] Anastasia Rychagova (Kansas 11.66) def. [4] Andrea Lazaro (Florida International 11.53) 6-3, 6-2
Olivia Hauger (Cal 11.13) def. Maddie Lipp (Northwestern 10.84) 6-1, 7-6(5)
Marianna Petrei (Idaho 11.16) def. Jada Hart (UCLA 11.07) 6-2, 7-5
[3] Felicity Maltby (Texas Tech 10.98) def. [9-16] Gabriela Knutson (Syracuse 11.18) 6-0, 7-5
[5] Aliona Bolsova (Florida Atlantic 11.85) def. Makenna Jones (North Carolina 11.18) 6-7(4), 6-2, 6-4
[2] Jessie Aney (North Carolina 11.42) def. [Q] Marta Gonzalez (Georgia 11.42) 7-5, 5-7, 6-2

Women's Main Draw - First Round
[1] Ena Shibahara (UCLA 11.83) vs. Estela Perez-Somarriba (Miami FL 11.75)
Lily Miyazaki (Oklahoma 11.42) vs. Christina Rosca (Vanderbilt 10.97)
[8] Alizee Michaud (Auburn 11.35) vs. [LL] Andrea Lazaro (Florida International 11.52)
[Q] Olivia Hauger (California 11.16) vs. Lauren Proctor (Winthrop 11.72)
[3] Sara Daavettila (North Carolina 11.54) vs. [Q] Felicity Maltby (Texas Tech 10.98)
[Q] Aliona Bolsova (Florida Atlantic 11.85) vs. [Q] Marianna Petrei (Idaho 11.16)
[6] Melissa Lord (Stanford 11.70) vs. Gabby Smith (USC 11.37)
Josie Kuhlman (Florida 11.79) vs. Arianne Hartono (Ole Miss 11.57)
Jessica Livianu (St. John's 11.57) vs. Elena Christofi (Georgia 11.55)
[7] Sinead Lohan (Miami FL 11.87) vs. Rosie Johanson (Virginia 11.59)
[Q] Anastasia Rychagova (Kansas 11.66) vs. [Q] Fernanda Contreras (Vanderbilt 11.40)
[4] Karla Popovic (California 11.91) vs. Anna Danilina (Florida 12.06)
[Q] Jessie Aney (North Carolina 11.42) vs. [Q] Brooke Austin (Florida 11.45)
[5] Kate Fahey (Michigan 11.79) vs. Stacey Fung (Washington 11.25)
Mayar Ahmed (Pepperdine 11.73) vs. Julia O'Loughlin (Denver 10.79)
[2] Gabriela Talaba (Texas Tech 11.83) vs. Mia Horvit (South Carolina 11.54)



Men's Main Draw - First Round
[1] Mikael Torpegaard (Ohio State 14.53) vs. [Q] Giovanni Oradini (Mississippi State 14.03)
Victor Pham (Columbia 13.86) vs. [Q] Ricky Hernandez Tong (New Mexico 13.44)
[9-16] Harrison Scott (Texas 13.85) vs. Guy Iradukunda (Florida State 13.88)
Jordi Arconada (Texas A&M 13.93) vs. [Q] Logan Staggs (UCLA 13.68)
[7] Skander Mansouri (Wake Forest 14.40) vs. Aron Hiltzik (Illinois 14.11)
Constant De La Bassetiere (Penn State 14.14) vs. Emil Reinberg (Georgia 14.24)
[9-16] Gustav Hansson (Ole Miss 14.56) vs. Matic Spec (Minnesota 13.46)
Spencer Furman (Duke 13.72) vs. [Q] Tim Ruehl (Arizona State 13.67)
[4] William Blumberg (North Carolina 14.78) vs. [Q] Johannes Ingildsen (Florida 14.05)
Christian Seraphim (Wake Forest 13.95) vs. Johannes Schretter (Baylor 14.35)
[9-16] Timo Stodder (Tennessee 14.15) vs. Charlie Broom (Dartmouth 13.56)
[PQ] Ferran Calvo (Oklahoma 13.57) vs. [Q] Artem Kapshuk (Texas Tech 13.44)
[6] William Bushamuka (Kentucky 14.10) vs. Alexander Lebedev (Notre Dame 13.59)
JJ Wolf (Ohio State 14.32) vs. Peter Bertran (USF 13.89)
[9-16] Wayne Montgomery (Georgia 14.21) vs. Alexis Galarneau (NC State 14.11)
Majed Kilani (Tulsa 13.55) vs. Logan Smith (USC 13.79)
Nicolas Alvarez (Duke 14.01) vs. Nathan Ponwith (Georgia 14.09)
[9-16] Martin Redlicki (UCLA 14.48) vs. Adam Moundir (Old Dominion 13.62)
Vinny Gillespie (Drake 13.76) vs. [Q] Jackie Tang (Columbia 13.61)
[5] Alfredo Perez (Florida 14.33) vs. [Q] Kyle Seelig (Ohio State 13.99) 
Robert Kelly (North Carolina 14.17) vs. Lucas Poullain (Florida State 13.96)
[9-16] Spencer Papa (Oklahoma 14.06) vs. Dan Little (Utah 13.41)
[Q] Michael Geerts (Arizona State 14.16) vs. [Q] Marius Frosa (Wichita State 13.47)
[3] Petros Chrysochos (Wake Forest 14.53) vs. Ryo Matsumura (Kentucky 13.75)
Jose Salazar (Arkansas 14.26) vs. [Q] Carlos Divar (Georgia Tech 13.71)
[9-16] Thomas Laurent (Oregon 14.15) vs. Yuya Ito (Texas 14.15)
Alex Knight (Michigan 14.14) vs. [Q] Valentine Vacherot (Texas A&M 13.96)
[8] Constantin Schmitz (Tulane 14.48) vs. Billy Griffith (Cal 13.92)
Gabriel Friedrich (South Carolina 14.04) vs. [Q] Martin Joyce (Ohio State 13.70)
[9-16] Julian Cash (Oklahoma State 14.50) vs. Alexander Cozbinov (UNLV 13.72)
Eduardo Mena (Tennessee Tech 13.54) vs. [Q] Josh Goodger (Tulsa 13.03)
[2] Nuno Borges (Mississippi State 14.89) vs. [Q] Walker Duncan (Georgia 14.01)


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  • Comment Link ARH Thursday, 05 October 2017 10:12 posted by ARH

    how exactly are the seeds detemrined in the Women's AA's. Very confused how some teams get seeded iin Main Draw with no results yet established doubles teams with a Top 25 ranking are tossed into Qualies.
    Does not seem to be any consistency or is by Regional Rankings from 2017, but if so still does not make sense.

  • Comment Link Bobby Knight Thursday, 05 October 2017 10:40 posted by Bobby Knight

    The main draw doubles seeds came straight from the ITA preseason rankings. The breakdown of the main draw selections themselves were 12 regional representatives, 1 ITA National Summer Champ, 7 at-large/wild card, 4 qualifiers.

    Each regional committee had to create a priority list where they ordered doubles teams according to their perceived overall strength so that's why you have some new doubles teams in there because I guess the committee thought they'd be better than others.

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