The opening day of the 2019 NCAA Tournament was plagued by rain at many sites but despite the delays most of the matches went according to plan with all the national seeds in action advancing though in the 2 vs. 3 matches (I know they don't refer to them that way anymore but I will) there were several close ones. All 16 men's sites were supposed to complete their first round matches on Friday but rain wiped out play in College Station at the indoor-less Texas A&M Regional so they'll play on Saturday and Sunday. 7 of the 16 women's sites played on Friday with the matches in Stillwater being played indoors while Kansas and Denver started outdoors but moved indoors in Lawrence.

I'll start off with the closest women's matches of the day which took place in Stillwater and Nashville. 

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Friday brought us seven matchups between top 25 teams with five taking place on the men's side and two on the women's side. The only top 10 matchup took place in Nashville with fifth-ranked Vanderbilt hosting sixth-ranked South Carolina. The Gamecocks hadn't beaten Vandy in Nashville since 2005 but the 14 year drought came to end thanks to a few key points in doubles and then getting all around strong play throughout the singles lineup. 

South Carolina grabbed the early lead after taking the doubles point with a 6-1 win at No. 1 and a 7-6(4) win at No. 2. In singles, SC claimed four opening sets and they'd manage to close three out in straight sets. Ingrid Gamarra Martins was first off the court with a 7-5, 6-4 win at No. 1 and Kennedy Wicker followed with a 6-2, 7-6 win at No. 6. While the matches at No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 were deep in the third set, SC senior Paige Cline would close out her match at No. 2 in straight sets with a 6-2, 7-6(4) win.

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A Tennis Channel national audience, along with 1200 fans in the stands at the USTA National Campus, witnessed UCF knocking off ITA No. 48/USTA No. 18 Florida for the first time in school history with a thrilling 4-3 win. The Knights dropped the doubles point and then in singles each team claimed three opening sets. UCF won the first two matches to finish with Natalia Serrano and Rebeka Stolmar winning in straight sets at No. 3 and No. 5 but Florida's Victor Emma evened it up with a straight set win at No. 4. UCF's Ksenia Kuznetsova put the Knights in front 3-2 with a 6-2, 7-6 win at No. 2 but Florida's No. 1 Ida Jarlskog countered with a 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 win at the top of the lineup. 

The match would be decided in a third set at No. 6 between UCF redshirt freshman Nandini Sharma and Florida freshman Anastasia Kharitonov. Kharitonov served for the match up 5-4 in the third but Sharma would break, hold, and break again to set off a wild celebration.

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Tennis was played in many parts of the country on Saturday but one place where it wasn't was in Seattle. Almost a foot of snow closed down the University of Washington and made the roads unsafe so the second day of the Women's National Team Indoors was called off. As it stands right now a full schedule will be played on Sunday with the main draw quarterfinal matches to be played at 10 am and 1 pm pacific time while the consolation matches are scheduled for 4 pm and 7 pm pacific time. The semifinals will be played on Monday with a Tuesday final though I'm not sure if they'll be another round of consolation matches played on Monday. Check out Slam.Tennis for the full schedule along with any changes that are made throughout the day. 

While snow knocked out play in Seattle it was rain that did in the highly anticipated top 10 men's clash in Los Angeles between No. 7 UCLA and No. 10 Stanford. However just 12 miles away at USC there was no rain and No. 5 USC and Cal were able to play a full four plus hour classic that saw Cal come back from 1-3 down to stun USC 4-3. It was the second day in a row the Trojans led a match at home 3-1 only to see the lead disappear in heartbreaking fashion. 

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The USTA released its top 25 on Wednesday with both the Virginia men and Florida women unanimous No. 1s. Ohio State and Wake Forest were unanimous No. 2 and No. 3 on the men's side while North Carolina and Cal were No. 4 and No. 5. The women's top three stayed the same while Stanford and Georgia swapped spots at No. 4 and No. 5. 

Texas made the biggest jump on the men's side rising five spots to No. 9 while Northwestern took the biggest plunge falling seven spots to No. 13. There wasn't a whole lot of movement on the women's side with UCLA and Baylor each rising three spots to No. 14 and No. 19 respectively while no one fell more than two spots. TCU was the only team to go from unranked to ranked on the women's side with Northwestern dropping out. 

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As we head into August the coaching carousel should start slowing down with the beginning of the fall semester just around the corner. Two more women's positions were filled in the last few days which leaves the number of openings on the women's side in the single digits.

Bowling Green State Director of Athletics Bob Moosbrugger announced the hiring of Stephanie Damacio as the Falcons new women's head coach. Damacio, a 2011 Wichita State graduate, had been the assistant coach at BGSU for the last two seasons with the squad going 2-36 (.053) in that time frame. Damacio replaced Olga Elkin who departed for Nebraska-Omaha after a rocky two seasons which saw a slew of losses (36) and a lot of outbound transfers (7).
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Saturday didn't have any Top 10 showdowns but there were several solid matches between ranked teams.  The biggest upset of the day, in terms of ranking, came in Blacksburg as #37 Virginia Tech took it to #22 Penn State 4-1. The Hokies took 10 of 11 sets in singles after dropping the doubles point.  Penn State has now lost 2 of its last 3 and is looking at a tough road next weekend when they head to Chicago for the National Indoors against the best of the best with its opening match against #1 USC.

VT Recap
PSU Recap

#37 Virginia Tech 4, #22 Penn State 1

1. #35 Amerigo Contini (VT) def. Leonard Stakhovsky (PSU) 7-5, 6-3
2. #61 Andreas Bjerrehus (VT) def. Alex Fennell (PSU) 6-2, 6-2
3. Joao Monteiro (VT) vs. Matt Barry (PSU) 6-3, 5-5, unfinished
4. Hunter Koontz (VT) def. Roman Trkulja (PSU) 6-2, 6-2
5. Aws Laaribi (PSU) vs. Edoardo Tessaro (VT) 2-6, 7-6, unfinished
6. #94 Florian Nicoud (VT) def. Nika Dolidze (PSU) 6-2, 6-4
Order of Finish: 4, 2, 6, 1

1. Andreas Bjerrehus/Amerigo Contini (VT) def. Matt Barry/Alex Fennell (PSU) 6-2
2. Leonard Stakhovsky/Aws Laaribi (PSU) def. Jai Corbett/Joao Monteiro (VT) 7-6 (7-5)
3. Michael Reilly/Roman Trkulja (PSU) def. Hunter Koontz/Florian Nicoud (VT) 7-5

Order of Finish: 1, 2


The school known to most as "Dunk City" after its run a few years ago at the NCAA Basketball Tourney pulled off the biggest upset in school history when they knocked off #71 Miami 4-1.  The win was the Eagles first ever win over a ranked opponent.  

FGCU Recap
Miami Recap

Florida Gulf Coast 4,  #71 Miami 1

1. Henrique Tsukamoto/Piotr Lomacki (UM) def. Jordi Vives/Tianyu Bao (FGCU) 6-4
2. Wilfredo Gonzalez/Kevin Bondar (UM) def. Andres Alfonzo/Austin Bates (FGCU) 6-3
3. Nile Clark/Andrew Harrington (UM) vs. Ricky Ventura/Lucas Vaz (FGCU) 5-5, DNF

1. Jordi Vives (FGCU) def. #56 Piotr Lomacki (UM) 6-4, 7-5
2. Andres Alfonzo (FGCU) def. Henrique Tsukamoto (UM) 6-3, 6-4
3. Wilfredo Gonzalez (UM) vs. Eduardo Alfonzo (FGCU) 4-6, 6-2, DNF
4. Ricky Ventura (FGCU) def. Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-1, 6-0
5. Tianyu Bao (FGCU) def. Niclas Genovese (UM) 6-3, 6-3
6. Nile Clark (UM) vs. Michael Beiler (FGCU) 5-7, 6-0, 5-2, DNF


In Stillwater, Oklahoma State started off taking the doubles point and then in singles play managed to pick up 3 straight set wins at 2, 3, and 6.  As a side note it was interesting that there were 2 singles matches that ended with 6-0 6-0 scores - don't see that often.  Things won't get any easier for Alabama as they head south to Norman to take on #2 Oklahoma while Oklahoma State will host an SEC school for the 2nd day in a row as Arkansas comes in.

OSU Recap
Alabama Recap

#31 Oklahoma State 4, #45 Alabama 1

Doubles | Order of finish: 3, 1, 2
1. Korey Lovett/B. O'Shaughnessey (UA) def. #12 Jakob Sude/Arjun Kadhe (OKST) 7-6 (4)
2. Lukas Finzelberg/Jurence Mendoza (OKST) def. Sean Donohue/Stuart Kenyon (UA) 7-5
3. Nicolai Ferrigno/Lucas Gerch (OKST) def. Danny Kerznerman/Andrew Goodwin (UA) 6-0

Singles | Order of finish: 6, 4, 2, 3*
1. #98 Jakob Sude (OKST) vs. B. O'Shaughnessey (UA), 3-6, 6-2, 2-2 unf
2. #74 Arjun Kadhe (OKST) def. Korey Lovett (UA), 6-1, 7-5
3. Lucas Gerch (OKST) def. Stuart Kenyon (UA), 6-1, 7-6 (7-4)
4. Danny Kerznerman (UA) def. Lukas Finzelberg (OKST), 6-0, 6-0
5. Nicolai Ferrigno (OKST) vs. Nikko Madregallejo (UA),7-6, 2-2 unf
6. Jurence Mendoza (OKST) def. Andrew Goodwin (UA), 6-0, 6-0


In Evanston, Harvard continued the strong play that we've seen so far this year from the Ivy League schools as they knocked off Boise State 4-3.  Harvard won the doubles point going away then won 3 singles matches all in straight sets to go up 4-0.  Boise State would win the final 3 courts after the clinch to make the final score 4-3.  Boise State drops to 2-4 with the loss while Harvard goes to 5-1.

Harvard Recap
Boise State Recap

#30 Harvard 4, #45 Boise State 3
Feb. 7, 2015 at Evanston, Ill.

1.  Denis Nguyen/Brian Young (Harvard) def. Toby Mitchell/ Garrett Patton (BSU) 6-2
2.  Sebastian Beltrame/Nicky Hu (Harvard) vs. Abe Hewko/Thomas Tenreiro (BSU) 5-3 (unf.)
3. Alex Steinroeder/Grant Solomon (Harvard) def. Brian Foley/Danny Moyer (BSU) 6-1
 Order of finish: 3, 1* 

1: Thomas Tenreiro (BSU) def. Denis Nguyen (Harvard) 6-1, 5-7, 0-1 (7)
2: Nicky Hu (Harvard) def. Garrett Patton (BSU) 6-4, 6-4
3: Toby Mitchell (BSU) def. Alex Steinroeder (Harvard) 6-4, 7-6 (4)
4: Brian Foley (BSU) def. Kenny Tao (Harvard) 6-4, 6-4
5: Brian Young (Harvard) def. Abe Hewko (BSU) 6-2, 6-4
6: Grant Solomon (Harvard) def. Danny Moyer (BSU) 6-1, 6-1
Order of finish: 6, 5, 2*, 4, 1, 3


More Saturday Results

Nebraska def. Denver 4-3 with Husker #1 Dusty Boyer clinching it 7-6 in the 3rd - NEB Recap
#1 USC def UC Irvine 7-0 - USC Recap
#5 Illinois def. Purdue 6-1 in the Big 10 opener for each school - ILL Recap
#3 Virginia def. VCU 9-1 - UVA Recap
#10 UCLA def. San Diego State 4-0 - UCLA Recap
#33 Minnesota def. Wisconsin 4-1 in the Big 10 opener for each school - MN Recap

The Sunday schedule is fairly strong with the ones to watch being listed below.  Follow each of these and more at the Live Scoring Links tab at the top.

South Florida at Ohio State
Michigan at Duke
Tennessee at Wake Forest
TCU at Tulsa
NC State at South Carolina
Arkansas at Oklahoma State
Harvard at Northwestern

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ITA Women's National Team Indoor Preview

The second-largest team tournament in collegiate tennis behind the NCAAs is the ITA National Team Indoor event. 15 schools advanced in Kick-Off Regionals to join host Wisconsin in Madison in the prestigious event that lasts from Friday through Monday. Last year, North Carolina dropped only 2 points in its 4 matches to clinch its 2nd title in 3 years. Lots of questions come into the tournament - can UNC match its title run after two of its three stars left? Can Vanderbilt show the world that its NCAA title isn't a fluke? Will UGA turn its consistency into a national title? Will a new team emerge from Madison as a top-tier team?

Round of 16 Preview

(1)#1 Vanderbilt vs. #15 Duke
Vanderbilt got one of the worst first-round matchups in the entire tournament, playing a Duke team that won this event most recently in 2014. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Duke pull off the stunner. The (obvious) key to this match is doubles, which can go either way with the quicker format. In singles, Capra and Sharma are near locks for Duke and Vanderbilt, respectively. Francis Altick has had an incredible past 8 months and is considered the favorite against a tough Kaitlyn McCarthy. The match can be decided at the bottom three and the No.4 line is basically a coin flip and at No.5, Georgina Sellyn is due for a huge win in her comeback from injury.

Prediction: Vanderbilt 4-3; Both teams are so close in ability, I'm very excited to see how this one progresses. The reigning NCAA champions may have just enough confidence to squeak by in a very tight encounter.

Vanderbilt vs. Duke
1. #11 Colton/Campbell vs. #26 Capra/Hamlin
2. Sharma/Yates vs. Harris/McCarthy
3. Altick/Contreras vs. Scholl/Smith

1. #24 Sydney Campbell (11.14 UTR)  vs. #28 Beatrice Capra (11.51 UTR)
2. #15 Frances Altick (11.65 UTR) vs. #29 Kaitlyn McCarthy (11.58 UTR)
3. #33 Astra Sharma (11.25 UTR)  vs. #79 Chalena Scholl (10.58 UTR)
4. Courtney Colton (11.06 UTR) vs. Samantha Harris (10.93 UTR)
5. Georgina Sellyn (9.79 UTR) vs. #70 Ellyse Hamlin (11.26 UTR)
6. Fernanda Contreras (10.99 UTR) vs. Jessica Ho (10.27 UTR) 

(8)#16 Ohio State vs. #30 Fresno State
Both teams advanced to Madison in Regionals they traveled to, but Fresno State was the lone No.3 seed and they stunned #9 UCLA en route to victory. Ohio State went to TCU as the highest-ranked team in their Regional, but was awarded the No.2 seed. Fresno State vaulted to #30 from #54 in the latest ITA poll thanks to their win, while OSU hit a program-best #16. The Buckeyes recently traveled to Michigan and defeated their rival 4-2 indoors for an extra confidence boost. The No.1 singles match between DiLorenzo and M.Sherif Ahmed is the highlight of the entire match and the Bulldogs could sneak a surprise win at No.2 singles

Prediction: Ohio State
 4-0; The Buckeyes are on fire and running on the highest confidence and will be no match for Fresno State. OSU is extremely well-trained indoors and will snag the win before the Bulldogs can sink their teeth.

Ohio State vs. Fresno State
1. #6 Sanford/Kowase vs. Sherif Ahmed/Sherif Ahmed
2. DeSantis/Angeles Paz vs. #58 Watts/Watts
3. Sneed/DiLorenzo vs. Malysheva/Noble

1. #2 Francesca DiLorenzo (12.03 UTR) vs. #26 Maiar Sherif Ahmed (10.56 UTR)
2. Gabriella DeSantis (10.28 UTR) vs. Sophie Watts (10.17 UTR)
3. Anna Sanford (10.59 UTR) vs. Rana Sherif Ahmed (9.66 UTR)
4. Miho Kowase (10.34 UTR) vs. Galina Bykova (9.86 UTR)
5. Ferny Angeles Paz (10.53 UTR) vs. Emma Wilson (9.38 UTR)
6. Olivia Sneed (9.83 UTR) vs. Sofya Malysheva (8.45 UTR) 

(4)#6 California vs. #NR Wisconsin
California's lineup is one of the highest-quality in the country, especially with the addition of Maria Smith in January. The Bears won their rain-delayed Regional, while Wisconsin gets in as the host wildcard. Lauren Chypyha has evolved greatly as a player throughout her time in Madison, but Cal's depth is extraordinary deep compared to Wisconsin. I think the Badgers will improve from their last season or two and the experience they get by playing 3 matches against Top 20 teams will be influential in that.

Prediction: California
 4-0; Cal is on another level compared to Wisconsin and should cruise into the quarterfinals.

California vs. Wisconsin
1. #3 Manasse/Starr vs. Chypyha/Kirsch
2. #43 Fabikova/Hauger vs. Rider/Stepanova
3. Chi/Smith vs. Burich/Grambeau

1. #5 Maegan Manasse (11.63 UTR) vs. #66 Lauren Chypyha (10.65 UTR)
2. #10 Klara Fabikova (11.37 UTR) vs. Ekaterina Stepanova (9.95 UTR)
3. Lynn Chi (11.21 UTR) vs. Kendall Kirsch (9.86 UTR)
4. Denise Starr (11.19 UTR) vs. Maria Avgerinos (9.70 UTR)
5. #81 Olivia Hauger (10.99 UTR) vs. Kelsey Grambeau (9.01 UTR)
6. Karla Popovic (10.57 UTR) vs. Sydney Rider (8.98 UTR) 

(5)#7 Texas A&M vs. #9 Virginia
The biggest news of the last week was the announcement that five players from Virginia's squad were suspended for violation of team rules. It was said that players left their hotel room for a snowball fight as a winter storm approached, but there have been rumblings that things were deeper for the decision. After an upset loss to South Carolina with only 5 players, UVA inserted a lineup with everyone minus Skylar Morton and Cassie Mercer, which could've make the Cavalier lineup even stronger. Texas A&M can push Virginia, but have to cause some upsets to have a fighting chance to upset, even though they're the favorites on paper.

Prediction: Virginia
 4-1; This match is on Virginia's racquet. If the players suspended are reinstated, UVA will have enough depth to conquer the Aggies.

Texas A&M vs. Virginia
1. Pierson/Paalma vs. #19 Collins/Kelley
2. Bhosale/Mamalat vs. Elbaba/Nauta 
3. Gavrilovska/Gonzalez vs. Olivarez/Susi 

1. #53 Saska Gavrilovska (11.12 UTR) vs. #4 Danielle Collins (12.04 UTR)
2. #58 Rachel Pierson (10.81 UTR) vs. #8 Julia Elbaba (11.83 UTR)
3. #106 Rutuja Bhosale (10.72 UTR) vs. #30 Stephanie Nauta (10.88 UTR)
4. Eva Paalma (10.08 UTR) vs. Victoria Olivarez (10.04 UTR)
5. Domenica Gonzalez (10.69 UTR) vs. Maci Epstein (10.39 UTR)
6. Ines Deheza (10.65 UTR) vs. Meghan Kelley (10.20 UTR)

(3)#5 North Carolina vs. #13 Alabama

North Carolina always brings their best team for the Indoor tournament, but this will be their first big test without Jamie Loeb and Caroline Price. Alabama is a good first test for the Tar Heels, as they play strong doubles and can push in singles. 2-time reigning NCAA doubles champ Maya Jansen has been sitting out (with an injury, I presume) and not having her in the lineup works extremely well in UNC's favor. Look for Hayley Carter and Andie Daniell to have a strong tournament individually. I'm also looking at Kate Vialle, who has quietly moved up the Tar Heel lineup and contributed greatly in her time.

Prediction: North Carolina
 4-0; Looking at their lineup, I just realized how stacked North Carolina is. They have another ranked player at No.7 and then Ashley Dai at No.8. The loss of Jansen is a costly one for the Crimson Tide, but they could give some teams a freight in the backdraw.

North Carolina vs. Alabama
1. #2 Carter/Kay vs. #48 Routliffe/Daniell
2. #16 Aney/Vialle vs. Spielmann/Savva
3. Dai/Ouellet-Pizer vs. Dunn/Greene

1. #6 Hayley Carter (11.73 UTR) #vs. 63 Erin Routliffe (10.83 UTR)
2. #88 Whitney Kay (10.76 UTR) vs. #41 Andie Daniell (11.31 UTR)
3. Kate Vialle (10.54 UTR) vs. Joanna Savva (9.65 UTR)
4. #68 Jessie Aney (11.20 UTR) vs. Danielle Spielmann (10.56 UTR)
5. Marika Akkerman (10.81 UTR) vs. Natalia Maynetto (10.02 UTR)
6. #112 Chloe Ouellet-Pizer (10.58 UTR) vs. Aryn Greene (8.89 UTR)

(6)#10 Oklahoma State vs. #T-18 LSU
Chris Young's OSU Cowgirls have constantly improved every year and it's nice to see them utilize their talent into a Top 10 program. It's also nice to see Julia Sell bring the LSU Tigers back into the Top 20. She brings the No.1 recruiting class for next fall with star signing Raveena Kingsley still committed. LSU will need to capture the doubles points to and probable wins in singles at Nos. 1, 5 and 6. I don't see Lushkova and Laurente dropping their matches, while the No.2 match looks to be the tipping point. Not much separates the two teams, but OSU and their talent in the middle of the lineup is a hair stronger.

Prediction: Oklahoma State
 4-1; OSU is incredibly consistent throughout their lineup with possibly their No.6 spot a "weakness." LSU will grit out a point (or two), but the Cowgirls will march on in a close encounter.

Oklahoma State vs. LSU
1. #27 Katarina Adamovic (10.60 UTR) vs. #23 Joana Vale Costa (11.20 UTR)
2. #38 Vladica Babic (10.94 UTR) vs. #52 Jessica Golovin (10.93 UTR)
3. #46 Viktoriya Lushkova (10.69 UTR) vs. #93 Skylar Kuykendall (10.59 UTR)
4. #89 Kelsey Laurente (10.73 UTR) vs. Ryann Foster (10.30 UTR)
5. Katarina Stresnakova (10.60 UTR) vs. Abby Owens (10.66 UTR)
6. Carla Tur Mari (10.24 UTR) vs. Ella Taylor (10.39 UTR)

1. #9 Laurente/Alavarez vs. Vale Costa/Foster
2. #23 Lushkova/Tur Mari vs. Kuykendall/Owens
3. Adamovic/Babic vs. Holloway/Taylor

(7)#11 Miami vs. #12 Michigan
If I were a betting man, I'd put good money down that this could be one of the longer matches of this first round. Miami's team is full of claycourt-style players who will outgrind and extend rallies to debilitate their opponents. Unfortunately, they play a Michigan team who plays indoors nearly year-round. It's a nice matchup for both teams and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few of my picks turn out to favor the other side. This is another match where the doubles point is crucial and will affect the winner of this match.

Prediction: Miami 
4-3; The 1-2 duo of Lohan and Wagner are too strong this year and they will power the Hurricanes into the quarterfinals

Miami vs. Michigan
1. #7 Sinead Lohan (11.86 UTR) vs. #17 Ronit Yurovsky (11.24 UTR)
2. #9 Stephanie Wagner (11.71 UTR) vs. #19 Brienne Minor (11.37 UTR)
3. Clementina Riobueno (10.60 UTR) vs. #107 Kate Fahey (10.96 UTR)
4. #80 Wendy Zhang (10.82 UTR) vs. Mira Ruder-Hook (10.04 UTR)
5. Clara Taniellian (10.15 UTR) vs. Alex Najarian (10.42 UTR)
6. Ana Madcur (10.39 UTR) vs. Sara Remynse (9.92 UTR)

1. Wagner/Zhang vs. Ruder-Hook/Minor
2. Lohan/Madcur vs. Yurovsky/Fahey
3. Fuentes/Riobueno vs. Remynse/Najarian

(2)#2 Georgia vs. #17 Texas Tech
Although they're a championship-calibre team from the South, UGA is a strong indoor squad. As the 8th seed last year, they battled their way to a tight runner-up finish. I'm very impressed with the year Ellen Perez has had, as well as the strong rise of Caroline Brinson. While they proud a solid Top 2 for the Dawgs, I think the key for a big run sits on Silvia Garcia. The Spaniard has had such a great career in Athens, but last year hit a down point at the NTI, going winless in singles. Alex Valenstein could grab a W for Texas Tech at No.5, but I'm having trouble finding two other points for the Red Raiders to score the upset. Should UGA remain healthy and armor themselves with the right mindset, they have a very strong chance to return to the NTI final.

Prediction: Georgia 
4-0; Georgia's consistency guides them to many Final Fours and other deep runs and they'll be too strong for the Red Raiders.

Georgia vs. Texas Tech
1. #12 Ellen Perez (11.61 UTR) vs. #77 Gabriela Talaba (11.09 UTR)
2. #22 Caroline Brinson (11.26 UTR) vs. Lynn Kiro (10.50 UTR)
3. #82 Silvia Garcia (10.98 UTR) vs. Sarah Dvorak (10.86 UTR)
4. #109 Kennedy Shaffer (11.23 UTR) vs. Sabrina Federici (10.55 UTR)
5. Mariana Gould (10.46 UTR) vs. Alex Valenstein (10.28 UTR)
6. Laura Patterson (9.79 UTR) vs. Felicity Maltby (10.81 UTR)

1. #14 Perez/Gould vs. Kiro/Talaba
2. Garcia/Brinson vs. Dvorak/Valenstein
3. Patterson/Shaffer vs. Federici/Maltby

You can visit Wisconsin's home page for the National Team Indoors here.

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In what had to be the match of the day it was No. 8 Texas A&M outlasting No. 30 Florida 4-3 in 3 hours and 51 minutes. Florida jumped out to the early lead by taking the doubles point with wins at No. 1 and No. 3 but Texas A&M came out ready to go in singles and took five opening sets.

Jordi Arconada was off the court first with a 6-4, 6-1 win over Chase Perez-Blanco at No. 3 but Florida's Gordon Watson answered with a 6-4, 6-4 win over AJ Catanzariti at No. 5.

Texas A&M senior Jackson Withrow evened the match at 2-2 with a 7-6, 6-2 win over Florida freshman McClain Kessler at No. 6 but Florida retook the lead when freshman Alfredo Perez rallied for a 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 win over Texas A&M senior Harrison Adams.

Shane Vinsant (12th Man)
Texas A&M's Arthur Rinderknech made it 3-3 with a 6-1, 6-7, 7-5 win over Diego Hidalgo at No. 1. Rinderknech led 5-3 in the third but Hidalgo held and then broke from 30-40 to even it at 5-5. Rinderknech broke back and then served it out to get the win.

Shane Vinsant was the hero for the Aggies after he held on to beat Florida junior Elliott Orkin 7-6(4), 6-7(9), 7-6(2). Vinsant led 6-4 in the second set tiebreak but Orkin fought back to win the set and force a third. Orkin broke Vinsant to go up 3-1 in the third but Vinsant broke back and held for 3-3. Both held serve the rest of the way then Vinsant got the big lead in the tiebreak and closed it out 7-2. 

#8 Texas A&M 4, #30 Florida 3
Mar 06, 2016 at College Station, Texas (Mitchell Tennis Center)
Doubles competition
1. #1 Hidalgo/Watson (UF) def. #31 Rinderknech/Withrow (A&M) 6-1
2. #32 Lipman/Orkin (UF) vs. Adams/Vinsant (A&M) 5-4, susp.
3. Perez/Perez-Blanco (UF) def. Arconada/Catanzariti (A&M) 6-3
Singles competition
1. #13 Arthur Rinderknech (A&M 14.42) def. #50 Diego Hidalgo (UF 14.13) 6-1, 6-7(5), 7-5 
2. #53 Shane Vinsant (A&M 13.93) def. #22 Elliott Orkin (UF 13.96)  7-6 (4), 6-7(9), 7-6 (2) 
3. #106 Jordi Arconada (A&M 13.69) def. #30 Chase Perez-Blanco (UF 13.96) 6-4, 6-1
4. #77 Alfredo Perez (UF 14.07) vs. Harrison Adams (A&M 13.11) 3-6, 6-4, 6-4
5. Gordon Watson (UF 13.53) def. AJ Catanzariti (A&M 13.55) 6-4, 6-4 
6. Jackson Withrow (A&M 13.95) def. McClain Kessler (UF 13.63) 7-6(4), 6-2
Match Notes
Texas A&M 13-3; National Ranking #8
Florida 6-4; National Ranking #30
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (3,5,6,4,1,2)

Post-Match Quotes from Texas A&M's recap
Steve Denton, Texas A&M Head Coach - Key to defeating Florida
"I thought Shane Vinsant was a real MVP of the match against a very good Florida team. His resiliency and fight to stay in a match against a really good player in Elliott Orkin was very impressive. For a few moments it didn't look good after he had a chance to win the match in the second-set tie-breaker then going down a break in the third set. He just figured a way to stay in the match and fight and took some chances. He played a very fantastic tie-breaker to clinch the match for the team."

How the team will use today's match moving forward in SEC play
"Every one of these SEC matches are a real fight, we found a way to survive two of them this weekend. I think our guys will gain confidence after fighting from behind today, after dropping the doubles point against a good team. We knew we had to take four singles matches if we wanted to win. The guys came out with a fight in singles against Florida, taking five first sets. We really turned the momentum in our favor and outlasted a comeback from Florida. Shane and Arthur played really good third-sets today."

Post-Match Quotes from Florida's recap
Head Coach Bryan Shelton - On this afternoon's match
"Texas A&M played a great match. Our guys fought so hard and my two assistant coaches did a heck of a job, but I have to do a better job and help us get over this hump. I really love this team and trust them to continue to stay the course. They are doing their job and I have to do mine. We'll get back after it this week with same passion and energy."

In a match that was closer than the final score it was No. 4 Ohio State winning on the road in Norman over No. 13 Oklahoma 4-1. The match was originally scheduled to be played outdoors because the temperature was in the 60s however high winds moved play indoors.

Ohio State took the doubles point for the 13th time in 16 tries by picking up 6-4 wins at No. 1 and No. 3 and then the Buckeyes added four first sets in singles.

Ohio State sophomore Mikael Torpegaard extended the Buckeyes lead to 2-0 with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Axel Alvarez at No. 1 and then Martin Joyce made it 3-0 with a 6-3, 6-4 win over Andre Biro at No. 6.

Oklahoma freshman Maxime Mora put the Sooners on the board with a 6-4, 6-4 win at No. 5 but Ohio State senior captain Chris Diaz slammed the door shut with a 6-2, 6-4 win over Florin Bragusi at No. 4.

The two remaining matches were abandoned with OU's Alex Ghilea leading 5-0 (40-0) in the third at No. 2 over the hobbled Hugo Di Feo while Spencer Papa was up a set and leading 1-0 in the second set tiebreak at No. 3.

OU has a nice highlight package below since it was broadcast on Fox Sports so definitely check it out


#4 Ohio State 4, #13 Oklahoma 1
Mar 06, 2016 at Norman, Okla. (Headington Family Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. #6 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 14.54) def. #63 Axel Alvarez Llamas (OU) 6-4, 6-2
2. Alex Ghilea (OU 13.96) vs. #17 Hugo Di Feo (OSU 14.26) 4-6, 6-2, 5-0, (40-0) unfinished
3. Spencer Papa (OU 13.94) vs. Ralf Steinbach (OSU 14.05) 7-5, 6-6 (1-0), unfinished
4. #32 Chris Diaz (OSU 14.07) def. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.81) 6-2, 6-4
5. Maxime Mora (OU 13.69) def. #45 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.67) 6-4, 6-4
6. Martin Joyce (OSU 13.86) def. Andre Biro (OU 13.79) 6-3, 6-4
Doubles competition
1. #19 Mikael Torpegaard/Herkko Pollanen (OSU) def. #35 Andrew Harris/Alex Ghilea (OU) 6-4
2. Axel Alvarez Llamas/Spencer Papa (OU) def. #13 Martin Joyce/Ralf Steinbach (OSU) 6-4
3. Hugo Di Feo/Matt Mendez (OSU) def. Austin Siegel/Andre Biro (OU) 6-4
Match Notes
Ohio State 15-1; National Ranking #4
Oklahoma 7-5; National Ranking #13
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2,3); Singles (1,6,5,4)

Post-Match Quotes from Ohio State's recap
"It's a great day when you can get a road win over a good team like Oklahoma, said Director of Tennis Ty Tucker. "The guys came out and got the doubles point and then did what we needed to do in singles. It was some of the best tennis we've played this year.

"Matt is a tremendous tennis player, Tucker said. "If you want to be one of the top teams in the country, you better have a good bench. Matt is a great player and he stepped up big for us today.

"We got up 3-0 and it looked like they were starting to get some momentum but our captain came through, said Tucker. "Chris (Diaz) finished it with a tremendous drop-shot volley on the deuce point. It takes a really good player to pull off a shot like that in that situation.

The win was the sixth-straight for the Buckeyes who got a total team effort on Sunday. "We got wins from six different players today and we needed every one of them, said volunteer assistant coach David Schilling.

Post-Match Quotes from Oklahoma's recap
"I thought we played at a good level, head coach John Roddick said. "Ohio State is a very good team and they beat us, but this is the best I have seen our level in a few weeks so I think we can build some confidence on that. We have some guys who have been struggling with some things start to figure it out. Much different attitude in the locker room, even though it's a loss, than say the Arkansas match. Again, give Ohio State a lot of credit. That's a team that can be there at the end of the NCAAs.

"Max had a great win and Ghilea, even though he didn't win that, the guy was stalling and we all know that was a win. All in all I am pleased with the direction we are going. Harris is getting healthier and healthier and when that time comes we are going to be firing on all cylinders. We have a lot of work to do and bodies to get healthy, but it was a much better effort and we're going in a much better direction.

The biggest upset of the day took place in Winston-Salem as No 40 NC State knocked off No. 7 Wake Forest 4-3. The Demon Deacons were playing without its No. 1 and No. 2 singles players, Skander Mansouri and Petros Chrysochos, who were both playing in the Davis Cup and NC State was able to cash in on their absences.

NC State took the doubles pint with wins at No. 1 and No. 3 and then each team won three first sets in singles.

Wake's bottom three of Christian Seraphim, Maksim Kan, and Keivon Tabrizi each won in routine fashion while NC State's Nick Horton and Simon Norenius also cruised at No. 1 and No. 2.

The match would be decided in a third set at No. 3 between NC State senior Thomas Weigel and Wake freshman Dennis Uspensky. Weigel held to start the third set and then broke to go up 2-0 but Uspensky would break back to make it 2-1. Uspensky held for 2-2 then broke to go up 3-2 but Weigel would take the last four games to close it out 7-5, 3-6, 6-3 and give the Pack a huge win.

#40 NC State 4, #7 Wake Forest 3
March 6, 2016 at Wake Forest Tennis Complex (Winston-Salem, N.C.)
Singles competition
1. #72 Nick Horton (ST 13.67) def. Jon Ho (WF 14.01) 6-3, 6-2
2. #83 Simon Norenius (ST 13.52) def. #113 Romain Bogaerts (WF 13.97) 6-4, 6-3
3. Thomas Weigel (ST 13.77) def. Dennis Uspensky (WF 13.49) 7-5, 3-6, 6-3
4. Christian Seraphim (WF 13.59) def. Ivan Saveljic (ST 12.31) 6-2, 6-2
5. Maksim Kan (WF 13.22) def. Igor Saveljic (ST 12.62) 6-2, 6-3
6. Keivon Tabrizi (WF 13.08) def. Michael Odgen (ST 11.03) 6-2, 6-1 
Doubles competition
1. Ivan Saveljic/Michael Odgen (ST) def. Romain Bogaerts/Dennis Uspensky (WF) 6-3
2. Christian Seraphim/Jon Ho (WF) def. Nick Horton/Igor Saveljic (ST) 6-1
3. Simon Norenius/Thomas Weigel (ST) def. Sam Bloom/Anthony Delcore (WF) 6-4
Match Notes
NC State 12-7 (1-1 ACC); National ranking #40
Wake Forest 13-4 (1-1 ACC); National ranking #7
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (6,4,1,5,2,3)
T-2:56 A-190

South Florida got all it wanted and more from No. 19 Michigan but in the end it was the Bulls senior leader, Roberto Cid, who clinched the win with a 6-7, 6-3, 6-4 victory of Jathan Malik at #1.

#17 USF 4, #19 University of Michigan 3
Mar 06, 2016 at University of South Florida (Varsity Tennis Courts)
Singles competition
1. #5 Roberto Cid (USF 14.40) def. #60 Jathan Malik (UM 13.69) 6-7 (4-7), 6-3, 6-4
2. Alex Knight (UM 13.86) def. #35 Dominic Cotrone (USF 14.34) 6-3, 2-6, 6-4
3. Sasha Gozun (USF 13.46) def. Carter Lin (UM 13.30) 4-6, 6-3, 6-2
4. Justin Roberts (USF 13.17) def. Davis Crocker (UM 12.88) 6-1, 7-6 (7-5)
5. Runhao Hua (UM 13.55) def. Peter Bertran (USF 13.30) 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 
6. Kevin Wong (UM 13.20) def. Everth Dzib (USF 12.31) 7-6 (8-6), 6-3
Doubles competition
1. #46 Dominic Cotrone/Justin Roberts (USF) def. Alex Knight/Runhao Hua (UM) 6-4 
2. Jathan Malik/Kevin Wong (UM) def. Roberto Cid/Sasha Gozun (USF) 7-5
3. Peter Bertran/Everth Dzib (USF) def. Lubomir Cuba/Myles Schalet (UM) 7-5
Match Notes
Michigan 10-3; National ranking #19
South Florida 8-5; National ranking #17
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2,3); Singles (4,3,6,2,5,1)

Post-Match Quotes from USF's recap

"I think that's what the best players in the world do, they find ways to win when they're not feeling well or not at their best, head coach Matt Hill said. "I thought (Jathan) Malik from Michigan did a nice job with his strategy, his plan and how he executed what he needed to do. I thought obviously Roberto did a good job of staying the course and then being resilient until the time was right, I thought he did a good job of finishing it out at the end.

Kentucky finished off a nice weekend with a 4-3 win over #26 Ole Miss. Ole Miss took the doubles point with wins at #1 and #3 but Kentucky fought back and took five first sets in singles.

Nils Ellefsen rolled over Filip Kraljevic 6-2, 6-2 at #3 and moments later Enzo Wallart finished off Fabian Fallert 6-1, 6-0 at #4. William Bushamuka extended Kentucky's lead to 3-1 with a 6-2, 7-6 win over Stefan Lindmark at #1 but Ole Miss's Grey Hamilton answered with a 6-0, 7-6 win at #5. Zvonimir Babic tied at 3-3 when Charles Minc was forced to retire with an injury but Kentucky freshman Ryotaro Matsumura will clinch another match with a 7-5, 7-6(4) win over Gustav Hansson at #2.

#22 Kentucky 4, #26 Ole Miss 3
Mar 06, 2016 at Lexington, Kentucky (Boone Tennis Center)
Singles competition                                                                        
1. #31 William Bushamuka (UK 13.98) def. #69 Stefan Lindmark (OM 13.91) 6-2, 7-6 (5)
2. #90 Ryotaro Matsumura (UK 14.57) def. Gustav Hansson (OM 13.72) 7-5, 7-6 (4)
3. Nils Ellefsen (UK 13.61) def. Filip Kraljevic (OM 13.62) 6-2, 6-2
4. Enzo Wallart (UK 12.94) def. Fabian Fallert (OM 12.89) 6-1, 6-0
5. Grey Hamilton (OM 13.00) def. Trey Yates (UK 13.11) 6-0, 7-6 (5)
6. Zvonimir Babic (OM 12.70) def. Charles Minc (UK 12.17) 3-6, 6-3, 2-0, retired
Doubles competition
1. Zvonimir Babic/Filip Kraljevic (OM) def. Nils Ellefsen/William Bushamuka (UK) 6-2
2. Ryotaro Matsumura/Enzo Wallart (UK) def. Ricardo Jorge/Stefan Lindmark (OM) 5-1
3. Grey Hamilton/Fabian Fallert (OM) def. Austin Hussey/Kevin Lai (UK) 6-4
Match Notes
Ole Miss 6-3; National ranking #26
Kentucky 10-2; National ranking #22
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (3,4,1,5,6,2)

Post-Match Quotes from Kentucky's recap
"Today was bitter-sweet for me, head coach Cedric Kauffman said following Kentucky's second win in three days. "It was a great effort by our guys. We are becoming a tough group. I am sad for Charles [Minc] and I hope his injury is not too bad - we will know more about it mid-week. Our guys on the top four courts competed incredibly well today. I'm proud of the team and the great performance this weekend.

"A huge win by Ryo today to clinch the match, said assistant coach Matt Emery. "I envisioned moments just like this when I recruited Ryo. This was his first time playing the deciding match, and he handled like a seasoned veteran. He won this match because he is one of the toughest, if not the toughest, mentally in college tennis."

"Our guys at one through four singles were absolute studs today, Emery added. "Nils and Enzo came right out of the gate and took it to them.  I can't stress enough how much Nils means to this program. He has become such a rock for us in the middle of the lineup.

"I was really proud of William today on the top court. He played a really solid match from start to finish. He was fearless in the second set tiebreaker to close it out."

"I can't stress enough how proud I am of this group of guys, Emery concluded. "They had a lot of adversity thrown at them today. It was a difficult situation, having to play outdoors without having hit literally one ball outdoors in the past two months. To beat a top 30 team - a team that thrives in an outdoor environment - is a really solid accomplishment.  This match came down to toughness and our guys responded in a huge way."

Post-Match Quotes from Ole Miss's recap
Quoting Head Coach Toby Hansson"It was an exciting college tennis match that came down to a few points here and there to decide it. We got off to a good start with the doubles; Grey and Fabi got the break to win it 6-4 and clinch the point. It's tough to win on the road in this league when you don't at least one match in the top three singles.

On the last match with Gustav Hansson
"We were really in control in the first set with Gus up 5-2, 40-30 and just couldn't close the door. He had a lot of close games in that match. A credit to him though, he was down 3-1 in the second and comes back to serve for it. Unfortunately, it didn't go our way, but that's how it is in close matches. We just have to figure out a way to win more of them as team.

On bouncing back
"We are looking forward to coming back to Oxford and playing two good teams in LSU and Texas A&M. It will be another challenging weekend, but we are excited to play in front of our home crowd.

No. 36 Drake made it three wins in three days with a tough 4-2 win over No. 65 Cornell. Drake won the doubles point with 6-1 wins at No. 2 and No. 3 but Cornell fought back and claimed four first sets in singles.

Drake's Calum MacGeoch put Drake ahead 2-0 with a 6-2, 6-2 win over Bernardo Casares Rosa at No. 4 but Cornell's Colin Sinclair put the Big Red on the board with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Bayo Philips at No 2.

Cornell was close to winning on three of the other four courts and in fact it was serving for the match at No. 1, No. 3, and No. 6 at just about the same time. Unfortunately for the Big Red only Karlo Lozic could seal the deal as he won 6-2, 6-4 over Tom Hands at No. 6.

Cornell freshman David Volfson served for the match at No. 1 up 5-2 and 5-4 in the second but got broke on both occasions and ended up dropping the set to Ben Lott in a tiebreak.

Cornell junior Chris Vrabel served for the match at No. 3 up 6-4, 5-4 but got broke by Vinny Gillespie. Vrabel led 6-5 in the tiebreak and got a look at a Gillespie second serve but his backhand return sailed long and things would south after that point.

Drake's Ben Stride put the Bulldogs ahead 3-2 with a 6-2, 2-6, 6-2 win over Stefan Vinti at No. 5. (clip not the best with it being on the far cout)

Vinny Gillespie opened up a 5-1 lead in the third set and he would serve for the match up 5-2. Gillespie led 40-15 but Vrabel came back and broke to make it 5-3. Gillespie would break back with Vrabel double faulting on match point to give Gillespie the 4-6, 7-6(6), 6-3 win.

Here is a brief post-match interview that I did with the hero Vinny Gillespie (video looks better if you click the top to open in YouTube - otherwise it sways from side-to-side)

#36 Drake 4, #65 Cornell 2
Mar 06, 2016 at Des Moines, Iowa (Roger Knapp Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. Lott, Ben (DU 13.34) vs. Volfson, David (CU 13.50) 4-6, 7-6 (7-4), *0-1, unfinished
2. Sinclair, Colin (CU 13.43) def. Philips, Bayo (DU 12.70) 6-4, 6-2
3. Gillespie, Vinny (DU 13.49) def. Vrabel, Chris (CU 13.44) 4-6, 7-6 (8-6), 6-3
4. MacGeoch, Calum (DU 13.01) def. Casares Rosa, Bernardo (CU 12.81) 6-2, 6-2
5. Stride, Ben (DU 12.43) def. Vinti, Stefan (CU 13.24) 6-2, 2-6, 6-2
6. Lozic, Karlo (CU 12.82) def. Hands, Tom (DU 12.34) 6-2, 6-4
Doubles competition
1. Lott, Ben/Wood, Ben (DU) vs. Casares Rosa, Bernardo/Vrabel, Chris (CU) 3-4*, unfinished
2. Gillespie, Vinny/MacGeoch, Calum (DU) def. Sinclair, Colin/Volfson, David (CU) 6-1
3. Philips, Bayo/Stride, Ben (DU) def. Vinti, Stefan/Brown, Dylan (CU) 6-1
Match Notes
Drake 11-5; National ranking #36
Cornell 5-8; National ranking #65
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3); Singles (4,2,6,5,3)

Miami has now won five of its last six after defeating No. 47 Florida State 4-3 which was the Canes first win over FSU since 2011. Florida State took the doubles point and four opening sets in singles and was looking good for most of the match.

Jose Gracia and Terrance Whitehurst won in straight sets at No. 5 and No. 6 to put FSU up 3-0 but Miami started chipping away everywhere else. Jesse Flores and Max Andrews won in straight sets at No. 4 and No. 3 and both Christian Langmo and Piotr Lomacki earned splits at No. 2 and No. 1.

Langmo would hand Marco Nunez a third set bagel to win 2-6, 7-5, 6-0 at No. 2 and a short while later Lomacki would seal the win with a 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 win over Benjamin Lock.

Below is match point from the "U" with this match and many of its other show on ESPN3 - to watch a replay of this one you can click on this link. I'll have a post later in the week about why Miami is able to stream so many matches.

Miami 4, #47 Florida State 3
Mar 06, 2016 at Coral Gables, Fla. (Neil Schiff Tennis Center)
Singles competition
1. #78 Piotr Lomacki (UM 13.87) def. #16 Benjamin Lock (FS 14.05) 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 
2. #81 Christian Langmo (UM 13.38) def. #85 Marco Nunez (FS 13.37) 2-6, 7-5, 6-0 
3. Max Andrews (UM 13.38) def. Michael Rinaldi (FS 13.34) 7-6 (7-5), 6-0
4. Jesse Flores (UM 12.91) def. Aziz Dougaz (FS 13.39) 7-6 (7-5), 7-5
5. Jose Gracia (FS 13.12) def. Fermin Calvo (UM 12.99) 6-3, 6-1
6. Terrance Whitehurst (FS 13.07) def. Niclas Genovese (UM 11.83) 6-4, 6-3
Doubles competition
1. Benjamin Lock/Marco Nunez (FS) def. Jesse Flores/Christian Langmo (UM) 6-1
2. Nile Clark/Piotr Lomacki (UM) vs. Aziz Dougaz/Michael Rinaldi (FS) 5-6, unfinished 
3. Jose Gracia/Terrance Whitehurst (FS) def. Max Andrews/Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-4
Match Notes:
Florida State 9-4, 1-1 ACC; National ranking #47 
Miami 6-4, 1-0 ACC
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (5,6,4,3,2,1)

Post-Match Quotes from Miami's recap
"Obviously, this is a big match for us at home against FSU, said head coach Mario Rincon. "We play in the best conference in the country and every team in the conference is so good, so its great to have an ACC win already.

"I'm so proud of the guys and the way they fought, every one of them, Rincon said.

"FSU played great doubles, Rincon said. "We just couldn't hang with them. They made a lot of first serves and they over powered us. They were just too strong and too good for us in the doubles, but it was key for us to regroup.

"These guys have worked so hard for so long, Rincon said. "We really haven't been awarded with many wins lately and they deserve this one. I'm so happy for them."

No. 2 Virginia won this year's rendition of the Commonwealth Clash with a 6-1 win over No. 53 Virginia Tech. The Hoos took the doubles point with wins at No. 2 and No. 3 while No. 1 was abandoned with Virginia Tech having match point in the tiebreak.

There were a lot of close sets in singles but Virginia won just about all of them with Ryan Shane, Collin Altarmirano, J.C. Aragone, Henrik Wiersholm, and Luca Coriniteli each picking up wins.

Virginia's Tech senior Andreas Bjerrehus picked up the Hokies lone point when Thai-Son Kwiatkowski retired down 5-2 in the second set though I was told it wasn't because he was hurt.

#2 Virginia 6, #53 Virginia Tech 1
Mar 06, 2016 at Blacksburg, Va. (Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center)
Singles competition
1. #14 Ryan Shane (VA 14.64) def. #20 Joao Monteiro (VT 14.27) 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (2)
2. Andreas Bjerrehus (VT 13.81) def. #2 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (VA 14.68) 7-6 (6), 5-2 ret.
3. #29 Collin Altamirano (VA 14.24) def. Amerigo Contini (VT 13.16) 6-2, 6-1
4. #111 J.C. Aragone (VA 13.84) def. #76 Edoardo Tessaro (VT 13.82) 7-5, 6-7 (8), 6-1
5. Henrik Wiersholm (VA 14.40) def. Mitch Harper (VT 12.88) 7-5, 7-5
6. Luca Corinteli (VA 13.53) def. Jai Corbett (VT 13.32) 6-4, 6-3
Doubles competition
1. #12 Andreas Bjerrehus/Joao Monteiro (VT) vs. #7 Luca Corinteli/Ryan Shane (VA) 6-6 (6-5) unf
2. Collin Altamirano/Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (VA) def. Amerigo Contini/Edoardo Tessaro (VT) 7-5
3. J.C. Aragone/Henrik Wiersholm (VA) def. Jai Corbett/Mitch Harper (VT) 6-4
Match Notes
Virginia 10-2; National ranking #2
Virginia Tech 8-3; National ranking #53
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (3,6,2,5,1,4)

Post-Match Quote from Virginia's recap

"Playing at Virginia Tech is really difficult and they are, without question, one of the best teams we have played this year," said Virginia head coach Brian Boland. "Our team is doing some great things and the character some of our guys showed tonight was so impressive. I see a ton of players improving in this group and we as a staff are so pleased. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are on the right track."

SMU tumbled out of the top 75 last week but they'll be coming back in with a vengeance after blanking No. 20 Tulsa 4-0.  The Mustangs took the doubles point by winning the decider at No. 1 in a tiebreak and then it came out strong in singles and took four opening sets.

Nate Lammons, Samm Butler, and Markus Kerner each picked up straight set wins at No. 2, 3, and 4 with Kerner providing the clincher.

SMU 4, #20 Tulsa 0
Mar 06, 2016 at Dallas, Texas (SMU Tennis Complex)
Singles Competition
1. Hunter Johnson (SMU 13.43) vs. Or Ram-Harel (TUL 13.75) 4-6, 4-3, unf
2. Nate Lammons (SMU 14.09) def. Carlos Bautista (TUL 13.41) 7-6 (7-3), 6-2
3. Samm Butler (SMU 13.84) def. Dylan McCloskey (TUL 12.87) 6-1, 6-2
4. Markus Kerner (SMU 12.92) def. Majed Kilani (TUL 13.71) 6-4, 6-3
5. Ronald Slobodchikov (SMU 13.68) vs. Juan Matias Gonzalez (TUL 13.39) 6-7 (1), 4-3, unf
6. Yates Johnson (SMU 13.16) vs. Francois Kellerman (TUL 12.76) 6-2, 4-6, 2-2, unf
Doubles Competition
1. Yates Johnson/Hunter Johnson (SMU) def. Matthew Kirby/Okkie Kellerman (TUL) 7-6 (9-7)
2. Nate Lammons/Arkadijs Slobodkins (SMU) def. Carlos Bautista/Juan Matias Gonzalez (TUL) 6-4
3. Dominic Bechard/Dylan McCloskey (TUL) def. Markus Kerner/Samm Butler (SMU) 7-5
Match Notes:
Tulsa 7-5; National ranking #20
SMU 10-4
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (3,2,4)
T-2:24 A-119

Post-Match Quote from SMU's recap
"Real fantastic team win, from top to bottom, singles and doubles, said Head Coach Carl Neufeld. We're improving and I'm really proud of that, but we still have a long way to go but that's good news because we just beat one of the better teams in the country.

Tulane picked up a big conference win over No. 23 Memphis and did it in impressive fashion. The Green Wave won a tight doubles point in a tiebreak No. 1 and then won all six singles matches though many of them were very close.

#35 Tulane 7, #23 Memphis 0
Mar 06, 2016 at New Orleans (City Park Pepsi Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. #1 Dominik Koepfer (TLN 14.68) def. Andrew Watson (MEM 14.06) 7-5, 7-5
2. Constantin Schmitz (TLN 13.95) def. #57 Ryan Peniston (MEM 13.84) 6-4, 0-6, 6-4
3. Sebastian Rey (TLN 13.60) def. Chris Patzanovsky (MEM 13.13) 7-6, 7-5
4. Chi-Shan Jao (TLN 13.39) def. Kai Lemke (MEM 13.46) 6-4, 3-6, 6-1
5. Alex Van Cott (TLN 12.66) def. Felix Rauch (MEM 12.72) 3-6, 7-5, 4-3, retired
6. Tyler Schick (TLN 13.03) def. Shakeel Manji (MEM 12.37) 6-3, 6-4
Doubles competition
1. #27 Dominik Koepfer/Chi-Shan Jao (TLN) def. Kai Lemke/Louis Asser (MEM) 7-6
2. Felix Rauch/Ryan Peniston (MEM) def. Constantin Schmitz/Sebastian Rey (TLN) 6-4
3. Alex Van Cott/Ian Van Cott (TLN) def. Andrew Watson/Shakeel Manji (MEM) 6-2
Match Notes
Memphis 8-4; National ranking #23
Tulane 9-3; National ranking #35
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (6,1,2,3,4,5)

Post-Match Quotes from Tulane's recap
"The match went great today, Tulane men's tennis head coach Mark Booras stated. "It was a nail biter right from the start with that doubles point coming down to a tiebreaker on the last match there at number one. Both teams put it on the line at all positions, and we expected nothing less from a team as tough as Memphis.

"To have a top 25 ranked team come in, we know they're going to put everything on the line, Booras explained. "I was happy with how our guys stepped up to the challenge. In singles we got a nice start which helped set the tone of things. Memphis turned it around, came right back on us at pretty much every position, but we dealt with the adversity well and came out with a victory.

Other Sunday scores:

Mississippi State def. South Carolina 5-2
Georgia def. Alabama 6-1
Arkansas def. Tennessee 5-2
LSU def. Auburn 5-2
Georgia Tech def. Duke 4-3
TCU def. Central Florida 7-0
Notre Dame def. Louisville 5-2
East Tennessee State def. Samford 5-2
Denver def. Penn 6-1
Washington def. Minnesota 5-2
Utah State def. Pacific 6-1

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Friday, 22 April 2016 10:37

Thursday Conference Tournament Results

Several conference tournaments got underway on Wednesday, with an abbreviated schedule, but they really got going on Thursday with the ACC and SEC having four matches each.

All four matches at the SEC Tournament in Columbia, South Carolina, were hotly contested with South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Kentucky the day's winners.

The four matches at the ACC were quite as suspenseful with Virginia Tech rolling over Miami 4-0, Georgia Tech pulling away from Louisville 4-1, Notre Dame holding off Duke 4-1, and NC State edging Clemson 4-2.

Both of the matches in Ojai were 4-0 shutouts with Cal and Stanford overwhelming Washington and Oregon.

Due to traveling down to Memphis for the AAC Tournament,  I didn't have the time to really dive
into Thursday's matches but you can let the video clips and box scores tell you the story. For all the men's schedules make sure you check out my conference tournament page and my live scoring page has links, in chronological order, for all of Friday's matches.

#50 (11) South Carolina 4, #18 (6) Arkansas 1
4/21/2016 at Columbia, S.C. (Carolina Tennis Center)
Singles Competition
1. #58 Gabriel Friedrich (SC) vs. #25 Mike Redlicki (AR) 4-6, 6-4, 5-2, unfinished 
2. Harrison O'Keefe (SC) vs. #72 Jose Salazar (AR) 6-7 (5-7), 6-6 (2-2), unfinished 
3. Andrew Schafer (SC) def. Santiago Munoz (AR) 6-1, 6-0
4. Giammarco Micolani (AR) def. Alex Fennell (SC) 6-3, 6-3
5. Thomas Mayronne (SC) def. Adam Sanjurjo (AR) 7-6 (8-6), 6-0
6. Wood Benton (SC) def. Johan den Toom (AR) 6-2, 0-6, 6-3
Doubles Competition
1. #67 Gabriel Friedrich/Harrison O'Keefe (SC) def. #19 G. Micolani/Mike Redlicki (AR) 6-4 
2. Alex Fennell/Sam Swank (SC) def. Jose Salazar/Adam Sanjurjo (AR) 6-1
3. Andrew Schafer/Yancy Dennis (SC) vs. Santiago Munoz/Johan den Toom (AR) 4-5, unfinished
Match Notes:
(6) Arkansas 19-8, 7-5 SEC; National ranking #18
(11) South Carolina 14-14, 4-8 SEC; National ranking #50 
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1); Singles (3,4,5,6)
SEC Tournament (2nd Round)

Post-Match Quotes from head coach Josh Goffi via SC's recap
"Unbelievable job by our team. The best part of the day is that they reset after doubles. They came out like warriors, and it was an absolute battle. Arkansas brought it and was a little more subdued today knowing they had to come for business on our courts. [Our guys] did a phenomenal job shutting them down. There were about three or four momentum shifts in the match, and our guys just stayed steady -- trusted the game plan, trusted matchups, trusted what they do in practice every day. They got it and absolutely deserved it."

#34 (7) Vanderbilt 4, #33 (10) LSU 2
4/21/2016 at Columbia, S.C. (Carolina Tennis Center)
Singles Competition
1. #52 Jordan Daigle (LSU) def. #34 Daniel Valent (VU) 6-4, 7-6 (7-3)
2. #70 Justin Butsch (LSU) def. #103 Cameron Klinger (VU) 7-6 (7-3), 6-3 
3. Rhys Johnson (VU) vs. Gabor Csonka (LSU) 6-2, 1-6, 5-4, unfinished 
4. Baker Newman (VU) def. Boris Arias (LSU) 6-0, 6-3
5. Kris Yee (VU) def. Andrew Korinek (LSU) 7-6, 6-3
6. Alex Ross (VU) def. Simon Freund (LSU) 7-5, 6-2
Doubles Competition
1. #14 Cameron Klinger/Rhys Johnson (VU) def. #8 Jordan Daigle/Boris Arias (LSU) 7-6 (8-6) 
2. Justin Butsch/Tam Trinh (LSU) def. Tate Allwardt/Pen Binet (VU) 6-3
3. Baker Newman/Daniel Valent (VU) def. Gabor Csonka/Andrew Korinek (LSU) 6-3
Match Notes:
(10) LSU 14-11, 5-7 SEC; National ranking #33
(7) Vanderbilt 17-12, 6-6 SEC; National ranking #34 
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (4,6,2,1,5) 
SEC Tournament (2nd Round)

Post-Match Quotes from Vandy's recap
"I think that the doubles point tuned out to be key," said head coach Ian Duvenhage. "Those guys are in the top ten, so we knew it was going to be tough close match. Last time Cam and Rhys beat them pretty badly, and we were sure that it wasn't going to be that easy again. They were up 5-4 and Rhys hit an ace that was huge for us, and we just played some clutch points there in the end to clinch the doubles point."

"We did a really good job on some courts, Baker Newman is playing really well right now. Kris Yee clinched by going a good job, and Alex Ross did a really good job at No. 6 also. It was a good win for us. We know that we played a pretty good match against the Gators in Gainesville this year, but not good enough, so we certainly feel like we can do better. We're just going to go after it tomorrow."

Post-Match Quotes from LSU's recap
"The doubles point was extremely close, head coach Jeff Brown said. "It came down to a tiebreaker and was back and forth. A few of our guys responded really well to us losing doubles; a couple didn't. Vanderbilt certainly got some momentum there.

"Things started to get a little closer, but we've got to do a better job of our whole lineup showing up everyday, Brown said. "For the rest of the way out we have to find a way to have everybody engaged in the match. Vanderbilt played well, and they deserved to win.

#29 (9) Ole Miss 4, #40 (8) Alabama 3
4/21/2016 at Columbia, S.C. (Carolina Tennis Center)
Singles Competition
1. Gustav Hansson (UM) def. #50 Mazen Osama (AL) 7-5, 6-3
2. Stefan Lindmark (UM) def. #79 Korey Lovett (AL) 7-5, 6-7 (0-7), 6-4 
3. B. O'Shaughnessey (AL) def. Filip Kraljevic (UM) 6-4, 6-4
4. Spencer Richey (AL) def. Grey Hamilton (UM) 6-3, 6-4
5. Fabian Fallert (UM) def. Matthew Rossouw (AL) 4-6, 6-3, 6-4
6. Landford Hills (AL) def. Zvonimir Babic (UM) 5-7, 6-4, 6-4
Doubles Competition
1. #28 Zvonimir Babic/Filip Kraljevic (UM) def. #4 Korey Lovett/Mazen Osama (AL) 7-5
2. Fabian Fallert/Grey Hamilton (UM) def. Grayson Goldin/B. O'Shaughnessey (AL) 6-2
3. Spencer Richey/Matthew Rossouw (AL) def. Gustav Hansson/Stefan Lindmark (UM) 6-4
Match Notes:
(9) Ole Miss 15-9, 5-7 SEC; National ranking #29 (8) 
Alabama 14-13, 5-7 SEC; National ranking #40 
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (4,3,1,6,5,2) 
SEC Tournament (2nd Round)

Post-Match Quotes from Ole Miss's recap
Quoting Head Coach Toby Hansson"We found a way to win. It wasn't pretty out there, but both teams were scrapping trying to get the win. Sometimes you have to just do whatever it takes to win. That's the most important thing.

On depth of team impacting the victory
"Stefan has been there before and he's a senior. We have a lot of faith in him. He wasn't playing his best, but he somehow found the energy at the end and was able to break the guy and then close it out.

On getting ready to play Georgia
"Physically we have to recover, get some good food and rest, to get ready for tomorrow. Everybody is excited to play Georgia and hopefully we'll see some good tennis out there.

Senior Stefan Lindmark
"When I saw that Fabi won, I knew that I had to give that extra effort to get it done for the team. I am happy I was able to serve it out and that we got the job done today. We are looking forward to playing Georgia again. It's always close when we play them. Hopefully we can play better tomorrow and with a little luck on our side come out on top.

#20 (5) Kentucky 4, (13) Tennessee 3
4/21/2016 at Columbia, S.C. (Carolina Tennis Center)
Singles Competition
1. #29 William Bushamuka (UK) def. #67 Luis Valero (UT) 6-2, 6-1 
2. Igor Smelyanski (UT) def. #39 Ryotaro Matsumura (UK) 6-4, 6-4 
3. Timo Stodder (UT) def. Nils Ellefsen (UK) 6-2, 6-4
4. Trey Yates (UK) def. Srdjan Jakoljevic (UT) 4-6, 6-2, 6-4
5. Austin Hussey (UK) def. Jack Schipanski (UT) 5-7, 6-3, 6-3 
6. Jake Stefanik (UK) def. Jack Heslin (UT) 6-3, 6-2
Doubles Competition
1. Nils Ellefsen/Enzo Wallart (UK) def. #23 Luis Valero/Jack Schipanski (UT) 6-4
2. Igor Smelyanski/Jack Heslin (UT) def. William Bushamuka/Trey Yates (UK) 6-3
3. Timo Stodder/Srdjan Jakoljevic (UT) def. Gus Benson/Ryotaro Matsumura (UK) 7-6 (7-2)
Match Notes:
(13) Tennessee 12-17, 0-12 SEC
(5) Kentucky 19-8, 7-5 SEC; National ranking #20 
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (1,6,3,2,4,5) 
SEC Tournament (2nd Round)

Post-Match Quotes from UK's recap
"It's never easy to go into the tournament and get a win against a team you've played before, head coach Cedric Kauffmann said reviewing the match. "I thought [Tennessee] came in a little confident after beating Auburn. I thought we played pretty good in doubles I think we've been beaten up all season and that Austin [Hussey] and Jake [Stefanik] really came through again for us on five and six and I'm really proud of those two boys."

Post-Match Quotes from UT's recap
"Again, I thought the effort was tremendous," Tennessee head coach Sam Winterbotham said. "They fought til the end. I'm proud that they did that. They're not quitters. They can say that and mean it. The reality is this season didn't go the way we expected or wanted. I'll own that. Preparation for next season starts now."

#16 California 4, #37 Washington 0
Thursday, April 21 | Ojai, Calif. | Libbey Park
Doubles Competition
1. No. 11 Filip Bergevi/Florian Lakat (Cal) def. Piers Foley/Wendell Watanabe (UW) 6-4
2. Andre Goransson/Oskar Wikberg (Cal) vs. Kawika Lam/Enzo Sommer (UW) 5-2 Abandoned
3. J.T. Nishimura/Mads Engsted (Cal) def. Jake Douglas/Gal Hakak (UW) 6-1
Singles Competition
1. No. 27 Florian Lakat (Cal) def. No. 91 Mitch Stewart (UW) 6-2, 6-4
2. No. 28 Andre Goransson (Cal) vs. Enzo Sommer (UW) 1-6, 6-6(2-2) Abandoned
3. No. 82 Billy Griffith (Cal) def. Gal Hakak (UW) 6-3, 6-3
4. Filip Bergevi (Cal) vs. Jake Douglas (UW) 2-6, 6-2, 3-0 Abandoned
5. No. 122 Oskar Wikberg (Cal) vs. Sebastian Hawken (UW) 7-6(5), 4-2 Abandoned
6. J.T. Nishimura (Cal) def. Kawika Lam (UW) 6-0, 6-0
Match Notes
California 16-5; National ranking #16
Washington 17-9; National ranking #37
Order of Finish: Doubles (3,1); Singles (6,3,1)
Pac-12 Championships Second Round

Post-Match Quotes from Cal's recap
"Washington is a well-coached team, and we knew we had a big challenge today, Cal head coach Peter Wright. "Winning the doubles point definitely put us on the right foot, but Washington quickly took two first sets in singles and for a moment there, things looked like they were going Washington's way. Credit our guys with digging and playing well, especially on the sudden-death deuce points. We're excited about the win, and we look forward to a rematch with USC in the semifinals tomorrow.

Post-Match Quotes from UW's recap
"Our guys played really hard today, said head coach Matt Anger. "I'm very happy with the way they played coming out of the doubles. We didn't get off to as good of a start as I had thought we would since we played yesterday and were used to the conditions.

"We were a little more tentative than I would have hoped, said Anger. "We came out stronger in singles, but unfortunately we weren't able to stay out there long enough on a couple of courts to finish off the matches and make it closer.

"They're a good team and probably a top-16 and host team in the upcoming NCAA Tournament, said Anger. "I'm definitely proud of our guys, and cannot wait to play more tennis this year.

#32 Stanford 4, #35 Oregon 0
Thursday, April 21 | Ojai, Calif. | Libbey Park
Doubles Competition
1) No. 39 Fawcett/Romanowicz (STAN) d. Amos/Armando Soemarno (ORE) 6-4
2) Paige/Wilczynski (STAN) d. Maasland/Stevens (ORE) 6-1
3) Yale Goldberg/Kumar (STAN) vs. Clissold/Laurent (ORE) 5-3, unfinished
Order of finish: 2, 1
Singles Competition
1) No. 12 Tom Fawcett (STAN) d. Daan Maasland (ORE) 6-3, 6-1
2) Michael Genender (STAN) vs. Simon Stevens (ORE) 3-6, 4-4, unfinished
3) No. 77 David Wilczynski (STAN) vs. Thomas Laurent (ORE) 1-6, 6-1, 1-3, unfinished
4) Nolan Paige (STAN) d. Jayson Amos (ORE) 6-4, 6-4
5) Maciek Romanowicz (STAN) d. Cormac Clissold (ORE) 6-4, 6-4
6) Sameer Kumar (STAN) vs. Ethan Young-Smith (ORE) 7-5, 1-1, unfinished
Match Notes
Stanford 14-9; National ranking #32
Oregon 18-7; National ranking #35
Order of finish: 1, 4, 5

#41 Notre Dame 4, #68 Duke 1
Apr 21, 2016 at Cary, NC (Cary Tennis Park) 
Singles competition
1. #32 Quentin Monaghan (ND) vs. #21 Nicolas Alvarez (DU) 6-2, 2-6, 1-4, unf
2. Josh Hagar (ND) def. Catalin Mateas (DU) 6-1, 6-0
3. Eddy Covalschi (ND) def. Vincent Lin (DU) 7-6 (7-5), 6-3
4. Alex Lawson (ND) vs. TJ Pura (DU) 6-7 (5-7), 6-2, 4-2, unf
5. Josh Levine (DU) def. Kenneth Sabacinski (ND) 6-2, 6-1
6. Grayson Broadus (ND) def. Daniel McCall (DU) 6-1, 6-7 (6-8), 6-2
Doubles competition
1. #12 Alex Lawson/Quentin Monaghan (ND) def. Catalin Mateas/Vincent Lin (DU) 6-3
2. #44 Eddy Covalschi/Josh Hagar (ND) vs. Nicolas Alvarez/TJ Pura (DU) 2-5, unf
3. Grayson Broadus/Nicolas Montoya (ND) def. Jason Lapidus/Daniel McCall (DU) 6-2
Match Notes
Duke 11-14; National ranking #68
Notre Dame 15-12; National ranking #41
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (2,5,3,6)

Post-Match Quotes from ND's recap
"This is a big win for us because we respect their program so much, the Callaghan Head Men's Tennis Coach Ryan Sachire said. "I think we're playing pretty well and doing a really good job of being calm and playing our best tennis in the biggest moments. I think that's what good teams do to separate themselves in close matches. The key over the last month or so has been to play our best tennis when we need it the most.

"Our senior leadership at No. 1 doubles was awesome, Sachire said. "Nico and Grayson played a good match at three, but for Quentin and Alex to come out against a good team, they played really well. They saw pretty early on that the doubles point would come down to their match, I think, and they stepped up and took it, and that was a big first point for our team.

"I think a big, big moment was when Eddy won the first set, Sachire said. "He was the last first set to finish and that was a big one. It was going to be either 3-3 in first sets or 4-2 in our favor and his first-set win in the long tiebreaker there gave us a little bit of separation and breathing room.

"[McCall] played a really good tiebreaker at the end of the second set, but I wasn't worried, Broadus said. "The match was even. I just came out there really energetic and did the basic things to get the win and came up better than he did.

Post-Match Quotes from Duke's recap
"It's unusual for us, head coach Ramsey Smith said. "I've never been in a situation where we haven't been in the team event. We're going to do everything we can to get Nico [Alvarez] ready for NCAAs. He's peaking at the right time and I think he can go far.

"It was a great complete match for Nico, Smith added. "I'm really disappointed for him that he didn't get to finish because he had things in control in the third set. I thought he really handled adversity really well. Quentin took the first set, but then Nico reset, refocused, stuck with it, had a good game plan and broke Quentin down. That's really, really hard to do because that's what Quentin's game is. Nico is playing great tennis.

#30 Georgia Tech 4, Louisville 1
Apr 21, 2016 at Cary, N.C. (Cary Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. Christopher Eubanks (GT) def. Alex Gornet (UL) 7-6, 6-2
2. C. Morin-Kougoucheff (UL) def. Carlos Benito (GT) 6-4, 6-4
3. Cole Fiegel (GT) vs. Jeffrey Brown (UL) 6-7, 3-4, unfinished
4. Daniel Yun (GT) def. Brandon Lancaster (UL) 6-3, 6-2
5. Nathan Rakitt (GT) def. George Hedley (UL) 6-4, 6-2
6. Michael Kay (GT) vs. Sean Donohue (UL) 7-5, 3-2, unfinished
Doubles competition
1. Casey Kay/Michael Kay (GT) def. Alex Gornet/George Hedley (UL) 6-4
2. Carlos Benito/Christopher Eubanks (GT) vs. Jeffrey Brown/C. Morin-Kougoucheff (UL) 5-4, unf
3. Andrew Li/Nathan Rakitt (GT) def. Sean Donohue/Courtney Lock (UL) 6-2
Match Notes
Louisville 15-17
Georgia Tech 16-7; National ranking #30
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (4,2,1,5)
ACC Championship first round

Post-Match Quotes from head coach Kenny Thorne via GT's recap
"We lost the doubles point against them in the regular season, but we did a good job in all three doubles matches today. They played singles much better toward the end of the season than they did against us earlier in the season, and it was a battle today and a lot tougher this time. Our guys have been resilient and fighting solid all year. It was good to see Nathan get the clinching point for us, and for Daniel to be the catalyst and get off the court quickly in singles.

"I feel like we're in a good place now with a match under our belts. Hopefully we'll get after it tomorrow and play a little more relaxed against UNC.

Post-Match Quotes from Louisville's recap
"That hurt," said UofL head coach Rex Ecarma. "We were in this match the entire time until the very end. Christopher beat a player he lost to in the regular season. Jeff (Brown) was way up in his match as well. Sean, Alex and George all had chances to win their first sets. We needed at least one of those to make it come down to the wire. But I want to take this time to thank seniors Alex Gornet and Jeff Brown for their four years of dedication to the program and me. I will miss them."

#44 NC State 4, Clemson 2
Apr 21, 2016 at Cary, N.C. (Cary Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. Alex Favrot (CU) def. #54 Simon Norenius (NCST) 6-4, 6-2
2. #102 Thomas Weigel (NCST) def. Daffra Sanon (CU) 7-6 (5), 6-2
3. Luke Johnson (CU) def. #95 Nick Horton (NCST) 7-5, 6-2
4. Igor Saveljic (NCST) def. Austin Ansari (CU) 6-4, 6-4
5. Ivan Saveljic (NCST) def. Robert Dudley (CU) 6-4, 3-6, 6-2
6. Christian Harris (CU) vs. Shoti Meparidze (NCST) 4-6, 6-1, 4-4 dnf
Doubles competition 
1. Simon Norenius/Thomas Weigel (NCST) def. Luke Johnson/Christian Harris (CU) 7-6(4)
2. Igor Saveljic/Ivan Saveljic (NCST) def. Austin Ansari/Arturo Pinazo (CU) 6-3
3. Alex Favrot/Daffra Sanon (CU) def. Nick Horton/Michael Ogden (NCST) 6-3
Match Notes
NC State 18-13; National ranking #44
Clemson 16-14
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (1,3,4,2,5)
ACC Championship first round

#36 Virginia Tech 4, Miami 0
Apr 21, 2016 at Cary, N.C. (Cary Tennis Center) 
Singles competition
1. #22 Joao Monteiro (VT) vs. #38 Piotr Lomacki (UM) 6-3, 3-2, unfinished 
2. #66 Andreas Bjerrehus (VT) vs. Max Andrews (UM) 7-5, 1-1, unfinished 
3. #107 Amerigo Contini (VT) def. Jesse Flores (UM) 6-1, 6-1
4. #74 Edoardo Tessaro (VT) def. Fermin Calvo (UM) 6-0, 6-3
5. Mitch Harper (VT) def. Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-3, 6-1
6. Jai Corbett (VT) vs. Niclas Genovese (UM) 3-6, 5-1, unfinished
Doubles competition 
1. #15 Andreas Bjerrehus/Joao Monteiro (VT) def. #72 Max Andrews/Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-2
2. Amerigo Contini/Edoardo Tessaro (VT) vs. #66 Piotr Lomacki/Nile Clark (UM) 5-5, unfinished 
3. Jai Corbett/Mitch Harper (VT) def. Jesse Flores/Kevin Bondar (UM) 6-4
Match Notes:
Miami 8-15
Virginia Tech 15-7; National ranking #36 
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (3,4,5)
ACC Championship first round
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