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It seemed like the story of the day wasn't who was playing; it was who wasn't playing as several big names were missing from their respective team's starting lineups.

The big rematch between Baylor and Virginia didn't come close to matching the level of play that we saw the first time around.  Virginia was without 2 of it's starters with neither Thai-Son Kwiatkowski or Alexander Ritschard playing.   Below is a quote from Virginia's recap that talks about the absence of the 2 players:

 "We have two losses this year and both have come at the hands of Baylor," said head coach Brian Boland. "They were the better team today but I am so pleased with our process. What a tremendous group of guys, doing things the right way. We continue to get better as this group of guys really understands and accepts the process. Dustin Taylor, Scott Brown and the rest of the staff are doing a great job with this group. The best is in front of us and we continue to get better with each day. We didn't play two starters today and that was a choice I made.

Kim Gorum, who runs the In-Match Blog for Baylor, commented that Ritschard didn't make the trip to Waco due to being ill and also mentioned that Kwiatkowski practiced with the team the last few days so I'm not sure if he picked up a last minute illness or injury or if it was something else. 

With Kwiatkowski and Ritschard out, both Mac Styslinger and Henrik Wiersholm were chosen to fill in along with Collin Altamirano and JC Aragone having to slide up a spot.   Virginia also shifted its #2 and #3 doubles teams due to the absences and inserted Jonathan Cornish into the doubles lineup which was his first action since playing against Liberty and Morgan State (big step up in competition).  It should also be noted that Baylor's usual #4, Diego Galeano, played doubles but did not play singles and according to the blog he took an injury timeout to have his left knee wrapped during the doubles point.  

Just as Baylor did in the last meeting they jumped on Virginia during the doubles point with Julian Lenz and Diego Galeano winning 6-3 at #2 while Vince Schneider and Felipe Rios won 6-1 at #3. Virginia's #1 team of Ryan Shane Luca Corinteli won by a 6-3 score.  

Baylor kept the momentum going throughout the first sets and managed to take 5 of 6 with only Collin Altamirano grabbing 1 for Virginia at #3.  

Baylor's Mate Zsiga extended the BU lead to 2-0 as he was the first to finish with a 6-0, 6-2 shellacking of JC Aragone at #5.  UVA's Collin Altamirano would get the Hoos on the board with a 6-2, 6-2 win at #3 but shortly thereafter Felipe Rios would make it 3-1 Baylor as Rios closed out Wiersholm 6-1, 6-4.  

Mitchell Frank dropped his opening set at #2 but then rallied to win 12 of the next 14 games to take out Tony Lupieri 3-6, 6-1, 6-1 and with that Virginia had closed to within 3-2.  There wouldn't be a 3rd and 4th point for Virginia because despite fighting hard at #1, Ryan Shane just couldn't get the lead wrestled away from Julian Lenz as Lenz managed to close out the match in straight sets despite Shane breaking him twice in the 2nd set.  After the clinch they played out the remaining match and within 2 or 3 minutes Vince Schneider gave Baylor its 5th point as he took out Styslinger 7-6, 6-4.  

Here some comments from Baylor's recap though it has no mention of the UVA guys missing in action.

"We are just trying to get to four points. Some guys are playing great and some guys not so great. We have got some guys that have to get going. It seems like over the course of a year, it kind of flows that way. I am sure that some of the guys that didn't win today are going to be great later and vice versa. We have to take our team win and feel great about it. The guys that played great we have to take and try to improve and those that didn't have to bounce back for Tuesday." - head coach Matt Knoll on the match

"Julian is a very experienced guy. He has been in that situation a lot. We know he is going to be a fighter and be resilient. He was able to do that today and hold serve to get us out the door. Ryan plays huge and I am proud of Julian for getting through it." - Knoll on Julian Lenz's win


"It's funny because we don't really practice doubles. We feel confident with our partners. Coach has figured out the lineup we need to win and it has worked. We don't do anything special to be honest. We try to make good decisions and it has worked so far." - senior Mate Zsiga on success in doubles

Baylor recap 
Virginia recap

#5 Baylor 5, #11 Virginia 2 - FINAL

1. #55 Ryan Shane/Luca Corinteli (UVA) def. #56 Mate Zsiga/Tony Lupieri (BU) 6-3
2. Julian Lenz/Diego Galeano (BU) def. Mitchell Frank/Collin Altamirano (UVA) 6-3
3. Vince Schneider/Felipe Rios (BU) def. Mac Styslinger/Jonathan Cornish (UVA) 6-1
Order of Finish: (3,1,2)

1. #11 Julian Lenz (BU 14.69) def. #2 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.54) 6-4, 7-5 
2. #59 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.85) def. #23 Tony Lupieri (BU 14.32) 3-6, 6-1, 6-1
3. Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.69) def. #40 Max Tchoutakian (BU 14.22) 6-2, 6-2
4. Vince Schneider (BU 13.46) def. #91 Mac Styslinger (UVA 14.02) 7-6(6), 6-4
5. Mate Zsiga (BU 13.82) def. JC Aragone (UVA 13.88) 6-0, 6-2
6. Felipe Rios (BU 13.62) def. Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 13.77) 6-1, 6-4
Order of Finish: (5,3,6,2,1,4)

Austin, TX:  Many people including me thought Wake Forest had a decent chance to pull the upset over Texas but when word spread that Noah Rubin was a no-go that changed the complexity of this match since Wake had to move everyone up a spot.  It was reported by Tennis Atlantic's Jeff McMillan that Rubin had a cast on his left wrist so that would explain him not playing.

Since there was no live scoring available (supposedly no internet?) the only scores updates during the match came from Jeff so if you want to check out his twitter for the flow of the match by all means take a look at it.

Neither team has released it's recap yet so I guess news of the win is traveling by telegraph.

Texas recap

#6 Texas 4, #12 Wake Forest 3 - FINAL
1. Hess-Olesen/Glasspool (TX) def. Seraphim/Mansouri (WF) 6-2
2. Ho/Tabrizi (WF) def. Goldhoff/Berkowicz (TX) 6-4
3. Bogaerts/Kan (WF) def. Naumann/Reichmann (TX) 6-4
1. #4 Soren Hess-Olesen (TX 14.94) def. #21 Romain Bogaerts (WF 14.29) 6-3, 6-2
2. #41 Lloyd Glasspool (TX 13.82) def. Skander Mansouri (WF 13.10) 6-7(3), 7-5, 6-2
3. #70 Jonathan Ho (WF 13.55) def. #51 Adrien Berkowicz (TX 13.75) 6-3, 4-6, 7-6(8)
4. Keivon Tabrizi (WF 12.94) def. George Goldhoff (TX 13.75) 1-6, 7-6(5), 7-6(4) 
5. Nick Naumann (TX 13.87) def. Maksim Kan (WF 13.34) 4-6, 7-5, 6-0
6. John Mee (TX 13.54) def. Christian Seraphim (WF 13.55) 3-6, 6-1, 6-3


Oxford, MS:  As with the other 2 matches above this one was played indoors at Ole Miss's 3 court facility so while that was fine during doubles it meant that only 3 singles matches could be played at once.  Ole Miss would take the doubles point by winning the deciding match at #3 in a tiebreak and then the Rebels would take each of the first 3 singles matches to go on to close out the 4-0 shutout.  Ole Miss won all 3 tiebreaks in the match and with it they took away any chance Vanderbilt had of gaining momentum.

Comments from Ole Miss's coach:
It should be a fabulous Friday of college tennis and if you happen to be in close proximity to Athens (GA), Columbus (OH), Winston-Salem (NC), or Nashville (TN) I suggest you find a way to make it over to campus and watch some great high-level tennis.

If you can't make it out in person then at least make sure you take advantage of the free live streaming video that Georgia, Wake Forest, and Ohio State will be offering up for the matches.

I think we'll see at least 1 upset in the 4 big matches though I'd be surprised if we saw more than 1.

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of today's (3/5) date and the numbers beside that are the player's dual match record for this season.  For more details about UTR check out their website.

#10 Texas A&M (6-1) at #4 Georgia (9-2) - 2:30pm est - A year ago Texas A&M handed Georgia its only regular season conference loss when the Aggies won 4-1 in College Station but this year they'll be in Athens and most likely playing outdoors. Georgia is 8-3 in doubles but 6-0 since they changed pairings before the National Indoors while Texas A&M is a perfect 7-0 and in fact the Aggies have only dropped 1 individual court. This will be the first time this season that Texas A&M has ventured away from home while it'll likely be the 1st time this year that Georgia has played a whole match outdoors at home.  There won't be any individual rematches from last year and the only pairing that will have met before at the collegiate level are Adams and Pasha at #3 - they split matches back in 2013.  Doubles is too close to call so I'll look at the singles matches. 

Projected Singles Lineups
1. #65 Shane Vinsant (TAMU 14.27 - 2-1) vs. #25 Austin Smith (UGA 14.11 - 6-3)
2. #66 Jeremy Efferding (TAMU 13.97 - 5-1) vs. #17 Wayne Montgomery (UGA 14.66 - 6-2)
3. #39 Harrison Adams (TAMU 13.85 - 0-5) vs. #16 Nathan Pasha (UGA 14.20 - 6-2)
4. Arthur Rinderknech (TAMU 14.06 - 5-1) vs. Ben Wagland (UGA 13.23 - 3-3)
5. #88 AJ Catanzariti (TAMU 13.98 - 4-2) vs. Nick Wood (UGA 13.69 - 7-4) 
6. Max Lunkin (TAMU 12.83 - 3-0) vs. Paul Oosterbaan (UGA 13.59 - 3-3)

Others who could play - Eric Diaz (UGA 12.98 - 1-0), Peter Bertran (UGA 13.40 - 1-0), Jordi Arconada (TAMU 13.59 - 0-0), Jordan Szabo (TAMU 13.28 - 1-2) 

#1 singles - Shane Vinsant would likely be 5-1 in dual match play but he's had 3 matches get halted due to the team clinch with Vinsant having big leads in each. Austin Smith ended a 2 match losing streak by winning 2 of 3 last weekend and he was up a set in the 3rd one when the Bulldogs clinched.  If this match were in College Station, with the swirling winds, I'd go with Vinsant but with it being in Athens I think Smith gets it done or is at least leading if it doesn't finish.  

#2 singles - Jeremy Efferding has been on a roll lately with the Aggie senior winning 8 of his last 9.  Last weekend was the first time he played at #1 in a conference dual since his sophomore year but he's back at #2 this week despite beating Kentucky's Beck Pennington 1 & 0 (also was on the verge of splitting sets with UT's Libietis). Wayne Montgomery was just named SEC Freshman of the week for the 3rd time this year after going 1-0 last weekend with another match that didn't finish.  Montgomery has won his last 3 matches that finished with all those coming at #1.  I like the Georgia freshman in straight sets in this one.  

#3 singles - Harrison Adams has definitely hit a rough patch lately with the Aggie junior having dropped 7 straight with all but the last one against a ranked opponent.  In 5 of those 7 losses Adams dropped a set by a 6-1 score so he hasn't been too competitive either.  Nathan Pasha has won 5 straight though he did trail in last match against Auburn before the match was stopped due to the clinch.  I would be surprised at a result of anything other than Pasha in 2.  

#4 singles - Arthur Rinderknech had had a great start to his collegiate career by starting off 8-1 including 6-1 in dual match play.  He hasn't yet beat a ranked opponent but he's knocked off several bigger names so far - Ohio State's Kevin Metka, Oklahoma's Spencer Papa, San Diego's Jordan Angus, and Tennessee's Luis Valero. Ben Wagland has been a little up and down this year alternating wins and losses but he's yet to win 2 straight.  I think Rinderknech is playing a little too well right now to drop this one so I'll take the Aggie freshman in 2  

#5 singles - AJ Catanzariti is riding a 3 match winning streak which includes a win over Oklahoma's Alex Ghilea while Nick Wood has dropped 3 of 5 but he did win in straight sets his last time out against Auburn's Dante Saleh. I think Wood plays better this time around and pushes this one to a 3rd set before it gets halted due to a clinch.

#6 singles - Max Lunkin is undefeated in dual match play including a win over Oklahoma's Jose Salazar although he was trailing in 2 other matches that went unfinished.  Paul Oosterbaan has won 3 of his last 4 and was up a set in last match against Auburn's Joseph Van Dooren before the match was halted.  I think Oosterbaan has the upper hand in this one and wins in 2.  

Texas A&M has the firepower to take out Georgia but I don't see it happening in the Dawgs backyard. Prediction:  Georgia 4-1

#12 Virginia (7-2) at #20 Wake Forest (8-3) - 4pm est - Both teams are coming off losses with Virginia falling to Baylor while Wake went down to Texas.  The biggest question mark in this one is who'll suit up for the match. Virginia had 2 notable absences from its lineup last week in ITA #1 Thai Son Kwiatkowski and Alex Ritschard while Wake had it's #1 Noah Rubin out.  If Rubin misses this match as well I don't see Wake scratching up a point anywhere in singles because Virginia is more experienced and stronger in every other spot.  Virginia has won 124 consecutive matches against ACC teams and I look for the streak to go to 125.  Prediction: Virginia 6-1

Projected Singles Lineups
1. #59 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.85 - 5-1) vs. #53 Noah Rubin (WF 14.75 - 6-2)
2. #2 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.54 - 7-1) vs. #21 Romain Bogaerts (WF 14.29 - 6-3) 
3. #1 Thai Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.84 - 5-1) vs. Skander Mansouri (WF 13.10 - 3-5) 
4. Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.69 - 5-0) vs. #70 Jonathan Ho (WF 13.55 - 9-2) 
5. Alexander Ritschard (UVA 13.89 - 3-1) vs. Keivon Tabrizi (WF 12.94 - 4-2)
4. #91 Mac Styslinger (UVA 14.02 - 2-1) vs. Maksim Kan (WF 13.34 - 3-2) 

Others who could play - JC Aragone (UVA 13.88/4-2), Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 13.78/3-1), Christian Seraphim (WF 13.55/6-3) 

#11 Florida (6-3) at #14 Vanderbilt (10-3) - 5pm est - This will be the 3rd time in the last 11 months that these teams have played in Nashville with Vandy winning the regular season meeting indoors 4-3 and Florida winning 4-3 outdoors in the SEC Tournament semifinals.  None of the individual match-ups will be repeats so last year's slate is wiped clean away.  Vandy is 8-3 in doubles while Florida is 5-4 with both teams going 1-1 in doubles last week with each losing the point in a tiebreak.  Vandy made a switch in the singles lineup and has moved Danny Valent up from 4 to 3 while dropping Kris Yee down from 3 to 4.  Florida has also swapped its 3 and 4 by moving Orkin up and Watson down so we'll get the same match-ups at 3 and 4 just in reverse order.  

Projected Singles Lineups
1. #46 Diego Hidalgo (UF 14.03 - 7-0) vs. #9 Gonzales Austin (VU 14.46 - 11-1)  
2. #103 Maxx Lipman (UF 13.73 - 2-5) vs. Rhys Johnson (VU 13.42 - 4-5)
3. #80 Elliott Orkin (UF 13.84 - 5-3) vs. Danny Valent (VU 13.67 - 10-1)
4. Gordon Watson (UF 13.73 - 4-4) vs. Kris Yee (VU 13.58 - 3-7) 
5. #123 Chase Perez-Blanco (UF 13.30 - 5-1) vs. Suresh Eswaran (VU 12.81 - 7-4)  
6. Oliver Landert (UF 13.13 - 4-4) vs. Baker Newman (VU 12.86 - 1-5) 

Other possible players: Josh Wardell (UF 13.11 - 0-1), Jordan Belga (UF 13.05 - 2-1), Jeff Offerdahl (VU 12.65 - 2-1)

The only court where I'd consider Vandy the clear favorite is at #1 but I think Florida is the favorite at 2, 4, 5, and 6. Orkin/Valent is too close to call at 3 with Valent having won 14 of his last 15 matches, though none were against ranked players, while Orkin has won 8 of his last 11 with the all 3 losses coming to players ranked inside the top 65.  I think the odds are stacked in Florida's favor in this one so I'll take the Gators.  Prediction: Florida 4-2

#1 Oklahoma (12-1) at #8 Ohio State (12-3) - 6pm est -  Everybody knows the story-lines on this one - this year's National Indoors Champ and current #1 taking on last year's National Indoors Champ who was also ranked #1 when they met in Norman. Oklahoma won that one and has to be considered the favorite to put an end to the massive Ohio State 200-match home court winning streak.  The Buckeyes are 13-2 in doubles while Oklahoma is 8-5 and if Ohio State wants to keep the streak alive they must have the doubles point.  Oklahoma has to be considered a rather large favorite at 1, 2, and 3 with the Sooner's top 3 having a combined 28-3 dual match record while Ohio State's top 3 is just 19-11.  Ohio State is the favorite at 4 and 6 with 5 likely to be a tossup.  Ohio State's bottom 3 of Callahan, Steinbach, and Metka are a combined 32-5 while Papa, Ghilea, and Bragusi are a combined 16-4.  The only potential singles rematch from last year will come at #1 with Harris and Diaz facing each other at last year at #3.  Below is the box score from last year's match and below that are Friday's projected singles lineup:

#4 Oklahoma 4, #1 Ohio State 1 - Headington Family Tennis Center | Norman, Okla. 
1. (3) Axel Alvarez (OU) vs. (9) Peter Kobelt (OSU), 7-6, 6-4 unfinished
2. (2) Guillermo Alcorta (OU) vs. (88) Herkko Pollanen (OSU), 6-2, 4-6, 0-1 unfinished
3. (25) Andrew Harris (OU) def. Chris Diaz (OSU), 6-1, 6-3
4. (24) Dane Webb (OU) def. Kevin Metka (OSU), 6-4, 7-5
5. Ralf Steinbach (OSU) def. Peerakit Siributwong (OU), 6-4, 6-2
6. Austin Siegel (OU) def. (72) Hunter Callahan (OSU), 6-2, 7-5
1. (3) Kobelt/Metka (OSU) def. (46) Harris/Webb (OU), 8-7 (2)
2. Alcorta/Alvarez (OU) def. Callahan/ Pollanen (OSU), 8-4
3. (60) Papac/Siributwong (OU) def. Steinbach/Diaz (OSU), 8-7 (3)
Order of Finish
Singles: 3, 5, 6, 4*
Doubles: 2, 1, 3
Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Projected Singles Lineups
1. #12 Andrew Harris (OU 14.72 - 8-2) vs. #43 Chris Diaz (OSU 13.80 - 5-4) 
2. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.55 - 11-0) vs. #36 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 13.96 - 7-3)
3. #18 Dane Webb (OU 14.19 - 9-1) vs. #78 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.58 - 7-4)
4. Spencer Papa (OU 13.89 - 5-3) vs. #106 Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.90 - 11-1)
5. #56 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.11 - 8-1) vs. #73 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.91 - 10-3)
6. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.54 - 3-0) vs. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.81 - 11-1)

Other possible players:  Jose Salazar (OU 13.64 - 6-4), Austin Siegel (OU 13.46 - 1-0)

#1 singles - Andrew Harris has won 3 in a row and 8 of his last 9 with all but 2 of those matches coming against a top 100 player while Chris Diaz has dropped 4 of his last 5. I don't see anyway Harris drops this one.

#2 singles - Axel Alvarez is undefeated in dual match play with 5 wins over ranked opponents while Mikael Torpegaard has won 2 straight but dropped 3 of his last 5. Torpegaard is 2-3 in dual match play against ranked opponents.  This is a match that Alvarez should win but I wouldn't be surprised to see Torpegaard hanging tough and possibly pushing this one to a 3rd set if not pulling off the stunner.  

#3 singles - Dane Webb was rolling up until a few weeks ago when he saw his 9-match winning streak get snapped by North Carolina's Brett Clark and then last time out Webb trailed Florida State's Marco Nunez when the match was stopped due to the team clinch.  Herkko Pollanen has alternated wins and losses in his last 8 matches but he's coming off a loss to Penn State's Matt Barry so a win would keep that streak going.  Dane Webb should win this match but he's going to have to play better than he has in the last 2 weeks to get the W.  

#4 singles - Spencer Papa has dropped his last 2 but had won 5 straight before that while Hunter Callahan has won 10 of his last 11 with all those matches being completed in straight sets.  I like Callahan in 2.  

#5 singles - Alex Ghilea has won 8 of his last 9 while Ralf Steinbach has won his last 2 but has split his last 6. This is another one of those matches where the numbers say Ghilea should win but I wouldn't be surprised to see Steinbach get it together and get a W.  

#6 singles - Florin Bragusi has seen action in just 5 of Oklahoma 13 matches but he's won all 3 that have finished while Kevin Metka has won 11 of his last 12 with all but 1 of the wins in straight sets.  Oklahoma's usual #6, Jose Salazar, was just 6-4 before sitting out the last 2 with an injury so it's unclear at this time if he'll play but regardless of who plays I think Metka is a heavy favorite and I see him winning in straights.  

I think Ohio State comes out fired up and grabs the doubles point then picks up wins from Metka, Callahan, and either Steinbach or Pollanen.  Long live the streak, Buckeyes in an upset.  Prediction: Ohio State 4-2

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What a match tonight in Columbus with #1 Oklahoma coming in and knocking off #8 Ohio State 4-3 and thus snapping the Buckeyes unbelievable home court winning streak at 200.

Early on it looked like the streak would live on as Ohio State came out strong and took the doubles point by winning 6-4 at #1 and 6-2 at #3.  Ty Tucker decided to change up the singles lineup a bit by moving freshman Mikael Torpegaard up from 2 to 1 while moving Chris Diaz from 1 to 2 and Tucker also switched up Ralf Steinbach and Hunter Callahan by moving Steinbach up to 4 and dropping Callahan down to 5.  
Steinbach woud be the first off the court with an impressive 6-2, 6-2 win over Spencer Papa at #4 but shortly thereafter Alex Ghilea would get Oklahoma on the board with an equally impressive 6-3, 6-3 win over Hunter Callahan.  Axel Alvarez would then even the match up at 2-2 with a 6-2, 7-5 win over Chris Diaz at #2 but it looked like Ohio State was on the verge of retaking the lead with Herkko Pollanen up a set and a break on Dane Webb at #3.  Webb would break back and then pull out the 2nd set in a tiebreak and would then cruise through the 3rd set to pull out a 3-6, 7-6(5), 6-1 win which would put Oklahoma just a point away from the finish line.  

Ohio State's Mikael Torpegaard would then tie the match back up when he pulled off the biggest win of his young collegiate career by coming back from a set down to defeat #12 Andrew Harris 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 at #1 singles.

The only remaining match left on court was at #6 singles with Ohio State's Mr. Clutch Kevin Metka taking on an untested Florin Bragusi and if you were an Ohio State fan you had to feel pretty good about this matchup.  The breaks in this match were few and far between but a big one came in the 1st set when Metka jumped out to a 5-3 lead but he was unable to serve the set out and eventually dropped the opening set in tiebreak. The 2nd set stayed on serve throughout and went to another tiebreak with Metka taking this one by a 7-2 score.  Early in the 3rd set Metka started showing signs of stress as he was forced to take a medical timeout with cramps starting to set in.  After getting stretched out for a few minutes Metka persevered and would get himself in position to win the match by going up 5-4 and up 15-40 on the Bragusi serve.   The sophomore from Romania wouldn't wilt and would came back to hold for 5-5 and then in the tiebreak Bragusi would go up 6-5.  With Metka serving Bragusi would pounce on the 2nd serve and Metka couldn't get back in play and that was it.   

Below are a couple of quotes from OU's John Roddick via the Oklahoma recap

"That was one of the best tennis matches I've ever been a part of, head coach John Roddick said. "To win four singles in here after dropping the doubles point shows that we have an incredibly tough group.

Florin stepped up in a fantastic environment and showed what he's made of, Roddick said. "I couldn't be more proud of that mental effort. I would also like to say how impressed with Metka I was. He played really well and competed great.

Ohio State recap

#1 Oklahoma 4, #8 Ohio State 3

1. #4 Ralf Steinbach/Kevin Metka (OSU) def. #6 Dane Webb/Axel Alvarez (OU) 6-4
2. #52 Andrew Harris/Alex Ghilea (OU) def. Herkko Pollanen/Mikael Torpegaard (OSU) 6-3
3. #40 Chris Diaz/Hunter Callahan (OSU) def. Austin Siegel/Spencer Papa (OU) 6-2

1. #36 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 13.96) def. #12 Andrew Harris (OU 14.72) 5-7, 6-4, 6-4
2. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.55) def. vs. #43 Chris Diaz (OSU 13.80) 6-2, 7-5
3. #18 Dane Webb (OU 14.19) def. #78 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.58) 3-6, 7-6(5), 6-1
4.  #73 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.91) def. Spencer Papa (OU 13.89) 6-2, 6-2
5. #56 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.11) def. vs. #106 Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.90) 6-3, 6-3
6. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.54) def. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.81) 7-6(5), 6-7(2), 7-6(5)

Match Notes:
Oklahoma 12-1; National ranking #1
Ohio State 12-3; National ranking #8
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (4,5,2,1,3,6)
Official: Marcus Lee T-3:56 A-757

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Athens, Ga:  In the other top 10 matchup of the day it was #4 Georgia knocking off #10 Texas 4-1.  Georgia would hand Texas A&M it's first loss of the year in doubles by taking the point with wins at 1 and 2.  In singles Georgia's Nathan Pasha was first off the court with a 7-5, 6-1 win at #3 over a struggling Harrison Adams. Adams led 5-3 in the 1st set but Pasha would win 10 of the next 11 to close out.  Texas A&M's Arthur Rinderknech would pick up the Aggies only point by knocking off Ben Wagland 6-3, 6-2 at #4 singles.  Georgia would then get a pair of straight set wins at 5 and 6 from Nick Wood and Paul Oosterbaan with Wood providing the clincher.  The 2 remaining matches were halted due to the clinch with the match at #1 singles on serve deep in the 3rd while Texas A&M's Jeremy Efferding had a break lead at #2.

Notes: Austin Smith led 4-2 in the 3rd but Vinsant got it back on serve.  Montgomery and Wagland went up early breaks in the 1st set but were quickly broken back.  Harrison Adams led 5-3 in the 1st and faded.  

Georgia recap
Texas A&M recap

Here's a comment via the Georgia recap: 

"I'm really proud of our guys," said head coach Manuel Diaz. "I thought we fought a really good fight. Texas A&M is one of the highest-ranked teams in the conference, so it was a great win for our squad. I honestly don't think we played our best, but I keep telling the guys that I haven't seen a bad win yet. These guys knew how to recognize the opportunities that were in front of them and they fought hard and played well enough to beat a very good team today."

#4 Georgia 4, #10 Texas A&M 1
March 6, 2015 at Athens, Ga. (Dan Magill Tennis Complex)
Singles competition
1. #25 Austin Smith (UGA 14.11) vs. #65 Shane Vinsant (TAMU 14.27) 6-3, 1-6, 5-4, unfinished
2. #66 Jeremy Efferding (TAMU 13.97) vs. #17 Wayne Montgomery (UGA 14.66) 6-2, 4-6, 3-0, unfinished
3. #16 Nathan Pasha (UGA 14.20) def. #39 Harrison Adams (TAMU 13.85) 7-5, 6-1
4. Arthur Rinderknech (TAMU 14.06) def. Ben Wagland (UGA 13.23) 6-3, 6-2
5. Nick Wood (UGA 13.69) def. #88 AJ Catanzariti (TAMU 13.98) 7-5, 7-5
6. Paul Oosterbaan (UGA 13.59) def. Max Lunkin (TAMU 12.83) 6-2, 7-5

Doubles competition
1. #10 Austin Smith/Ben Wagland (UGA) def. #8 Harrison Adams/Shane Vinsant (TAMU) 6-2
2. Eric Diaz/Nathan Pasha (UGA) def. #22 Jeremy Efferding/Jordan Szabo (TAMU) 6-4
3. AJ Catanzariti/Arthur Rinderknech (TAMU) def. Wayne Montgomery/Paul Oosterbaan (UGA) 6-4

Match Notes
Texas A&M 6-2 (2-1); National ranking #10
Georgia 10-2 (3-0); National ranking #4
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3,2); Singles (3,4,6,5)
Tuesday should be a terrific day of tennis with 6 of the top 12 in action with Norman (OK), Oxford (MS), and Gainesville (FL) the place to be at 3 and 6pm.  Usually matches like these are reserved for the weekend but we get 3 blockbusters early in the week.

#12 Virginia (9-2) at #1 Oklahoma (13-1) - 6pm est (Calm - Temps in 60s) - This is the premier match of the day with both of these teams expected to be national title contenders come May.  Despite the #12 ranking many consider Virginia to be a top 5, if not top 2 or 3, team because they are loaded with talent but have had a few spots in the lineup that haven't produced quite as well as originally expected.  Oklahoma of course if coming off the huge road win in Columbus that ended Ohio State's 200-match home court winning streak so the Sooners are going to be playing with a ton of confidence. Virginia is 9-2 in doubles while Oklahoma is 8-6 so you'd have to consider Virginia the favorite to take the doubles point but Oklahoma has won the point a few times when many weren't expecting it (USC 2X).

When looking through the singles lineup I think the top 3 matches could go either way, I think Altamirano is a favorite at 4 over Papa, Ghilea is a favorite over Aragone, and Ritschard should be favored at 6 over Bragusi but Ritschard hasn't played as well lately dropping 2 of his last 3 so this one's a toss-up too.  So who will win - I think John Roddick's team has been playing great in the big moments and even though they had the slip up on the road in College Station I just have a feeling that they'll find a way to pull this one out with a raucous home crowd helping them along.  OU takes the doubles point and gets singles wins from Harris, Ghilea, and Bragusi to fight off a game Virginia team.  Prediction:  Oklahoma 4-3

Projected Singles Lineup
1. #59 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.88) vs. #12 Andrew Harris (OU 14.71)
2. #2 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.56) vs. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.50)
3. #1 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.83) vs. #18 Dane Webb (OU 14.20)
4, Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.81) vs. Spencer Papa (OU 13.91)
5. JC Aragone (UVA 13.80) vs. #56 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.16)
6. Alexander Ritschard (UVA 13.91) vs. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.52)

Others who could play: Mac Styslinger (UVA 13.93), Jose Salazar (OU 13.68)

#5 Baylor (11-2) at #9 Ole Miss (9-3) - 6pm est (90% chance of rain)  - This match had a lot of buzz around it up until Saturday afternoon when Ole Miss got stunned by unranked Alabama 4-2 and in the process also had William Kallberg retire due to an injury. Kallberg's status for tomorrow is still unknown but for him to be in enough discomfort to retire has to make one believe that he probably won't play tomorrow.  If he can't go then Ricardo Jorge, Zvonimir Babic, and Vinod Gowda will fill the 4-6 spots. Baylor is a perfect 12-0 in doubles while Ole Miss is 7-5 so I expect BU to take the opening 1-0 lead.  Since the weather forecast calls for rain this match will most likely be played indoors at the Gillom Sports Center's 3 indoor courts which means it could take a while if Ole Miss is able to hold its own up top.  Nik Scholtz and Julian Lenz have met 3 times over the last 2 years with Lenz winning twice in straights last year and Scholtz winning in three sets 2 years ago.  I'm leaning towards both Scholtz and Lindmark at 1 and 2 but after that I like Baylor the rest of the way down. Prediction: Baylor 4-2

Projected Singles Lineup
1. #11 Julian Lenz (BU 14.72) vs. #60 Nik Scholtz (OM 14.32)
2. #40 Max Tchoutakian (BU 14.16) vs. #63 Stefan Lindmark (OM 14.15)
3. #23 Tony Lupieri (BU 14.31) vs. Gustav Hansson (OM 13.81)
4. Diego Galeano (BU 13.78) vs. William Kallberg (OM 13.32)
5. Vince Schneider (BU 13.51) vs. #117 Ricardo Jorge (OM 13.10)
6. Mate Zsiga (BU 13.89) vs. Zvonimir Babic (OM 12.85)

Others who could play:  Felipe Rios (BU 13.70), Vinod Gowda (OM 12.78)

#8 Ohio State (12-4) at #11 Florida (6-4) - 3pm est (Temps in 80s) - A year ago Ohio State ended Florida's season when the Buckeyes beat the Gators 4-3 in the NCAA Round of 16 in a match that saw Kevin Metka provide the clincher at 7-6 in the 3rd.  9 of the 12 projected starters participated in that match however the only potential rematch may be at #3 where Watson beat Pollanen in straight sets.  Both of these teams are coming off tough 4-3 losses with Ohio State losing to Oklahoma when Metka fell 7-6 in the 3rd while Florida rallied from 3-0 down against Vanderbilt only to lose at #6 singles in straight sets.  The warm weather will definitely be more familiar to Florida but I don't know if the Gators have enough firepower to take out Ohio State.  Ohio State is 14-2 in doubles while Florida is 5-5 so that's a huge edge to Ohio State.  I think the Buckeyes take the doubles point and pick up singles wins from Chris Diaz, Hunter Callahan, and Kevin Metka to slide past Florida. On the other courts I like Hidalgo at 1, Watson at 3, and Steinbach at 4 though I imagine they'll stop at the clinch.  Prediction: Ohio State 4-1

Projected Singles Lineup
1. #36 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 13.94) vs. #46 Diego Hidalgo (UF 14.11)
2. #43 Chris Diaz (OSU 13.87) vs. #103 Maxx Lipman (UF 13.76)
3. #78 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.56) vs. Gordon Watson (UF 13.73)
4. #73 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.89) vs. #80 Elliott Orkin (UF 13.95)
5. #106 Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.95) vs. #123 Chase Perez-Blanco (UF 13.39)
6. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.89) vs. Oliver Landert (UF 13.13)

Others who could play:  Josh Wardell (UF 13.12), Jordan Belga (UF 13.05)

My prediction record last week 4-2
My prediction record overall 32-10

Published in Blogs
The headlining match of the day lived up to its billing as #1 Oklahoma came from behind to knock off #7 Virginia 4-3.  This showdown was played using the traditional scoring system which had doubles play a pro set to 8 and had ad scoring used in both doubles and singles.

Oklahoma jumped out to early 4-2 leads at 1 and 3 doubles and would actually lead 6-3 at #1 before Virginia started turning it around.  Virginia's #1 team of Corinteli/Shane broke at 4-6 to get it back on serve and it stayed that way until the tiebreak.  In the tiebreak the UVA #1s would win the final 2 points to take it 8-6. Virginia's #2 team of Kwiatkowski/Aragone broke to go up 4-3 and never let the lead go as they finished off Harris/Ghilea 8-6.  Virginia's #3 team of Frank/Altamirano came back from 4-2 down and would lead 7-5 at the time of the clinch.

In singles play, Virginia jumped out to early leads on several courts and would take the opening sets at 1, 3, 4, and 6 while Oklahoma picked up 1st sets at 2 and 5.  Virginia freshman Collin Altamirano was the first to finish as he knocked off Spencer Papa 6-4, 6-4 at #4 singles in a match where Altamirano was never broken.  Oklahoma's Axel Alvarez would put the Sooners on the board with a 6-4, 7-5 win at #2 singles while all the other matches would head to a 3rd set.  

At #1 singles, Oklahoma's Andrew Harris would jump out to an early break lead in the 3rd but Mitchell Frank would immediately break back and hold for 3-2.  Harris would win the next 3 to go up 5-3 before a Frank hold would make it 5-4.  Harris then served it out at love to close out at 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 win.

With the match tied at 2-2 the next court to finish would be at #5 singles.  After trading a few breaks early in the 3rd, Virginia's Alexander Ritschard would pull away and get the 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 win which would put Virginia just a point away from a huge win. 

It looked like Virginia's Thai-Son Kwiatkowski was going to get off the court in straight sets at #3 but after he got broke serving for the match up 6-3, 5-4 the wheels came off and Dane Webb would take 6 straight games to close out the 2nd set 7-5 and go up 3-0 in the 3rd.  Kwiatkowski would get one break back but it wasn't enough as Webb closed out a 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 win.  

In the final match left on court it would be Oklahoma's Florin Bragusi providing the clincher for the 2nd match in a row as he came back from a set down to knock off J.C. Aragone 6-7(9), 6-2, 6-3.   

Oklahoma recap - with quotes below

"Win or lose I think we feel really good about it, head coach John Roddick said.  "Considering the schedule we've playedand I know our guys are feeling thatwe've been pushed. That's our 11th top-25 win and our fourth top-10 win. It is just a hell of an effort, especially to come back.

"We just fought hard, Roddick said. "That's what this team does. They just compete like crazy. This is the best group of competitors that I have ever been around. It's amazing how they pull matches out. They believe that they are going to do it, I believe that they are going to do it and I think everyone in the stands believes they are going to do it.

"I was incredibly excited," Harris said. "I'm more excited that when we beat Ohio State and ended their streak. For some reason this feels better. They're one of the top two or three team in the country, even though they are ranked No. 7 right now. To win four singles against a team like that is amazing. I'm so proud of all the guys, and I am just so happy.

"I have been here for four years and it just makes me feel proud to be part of this program," Webb said. "My freshman they were at the same level and they beat us 6-1. To come in and lose doubles and then beat them for the first time ever, it makes me feel great."

"Give credit to Virginia," Roddick said. "I think they played well. We've played everyone in the country and they are one of the best teams. They are incredibly talented and I know they have better tennis in them as well. They will be scary in May."

Virginia recap - with quote below

"It was another tough loss for us on the road, but we are getting better every day," said head coach Brian Boland. "This one hurts as we had momentum and then let the match get away. I have tremendous respect for coach John Roddick and the Oklahoma program. I have to give them credit for battling back from being way down in the match. We will stick to the process and keep improving. I love this team."

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of March 9th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

#1 Oklahoma 4, #7 Virginia 3

Doubles (Order of Finish: 2, 1)
1. #19 Luca Corinteli/Ryan Shane (UVA) def. #5 Axel Alvarez/Dane Webb (OU) 8-7(6)
2. Thai-Son Kwiatkowski/JC Aragone (UVA) def. #53 Andrew Harris/Alex Ghilea (OU) 8-6
3. Mitchell Frank/Collin Altamirano (UVA) vs. Spencer Papa/Florin Bragusi (OU) 7-5 DNF

Singles Order of Finish (4,2,1,5,3,6)
1. #19 Andrew Harris (OU 14.71) def. #27 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.88) 3-6, 6-3, 6-4
2. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.50) def. #3 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.56) 6-4, 7-5
3. #26 Dane Webb (OU 14.20) def. #6 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.83) 3-6, 7-5, 6-3
4, #70 Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.81) def. Spencer Papa (OU 13.91) 6-4, 6-4
5. Alexander Ritschard (UVA 13.91) def. #53 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.16) 2-6, 6-3, 6-3
6. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.52) def. JC Aragone (UVA 13.80) 6-7(9), 6-2, 6-3

Who Wins Tuesday's match in Norman

  15 (33%)
  30 (66%)

Votes so far: 45


Gainesville, FL:  After dropping an emotional match last Friday to #1 Oklahoma, Ohio State was able to rebound on a warm sunny day in Gainesville.  The Buckeyes ran its doubles record to 14-3 by picking up the point with wins at 1 and 2.  Each team would take 3 1st sets and it'd be Florida's Chase Perez-Blanco that was first off the court with a rather surprising 6-2, 6-2 rout of Ralf Steinbach at #5 singles.  Ohio State's Chris Diaz would put the Buckeyes back ahead with an equally dominating 6-3, 6-1 win at #2 singles over Maxx Lipman.   Diaz had dropped 5 of 6 coming into the match so it was a nice win for Buckeye junior.  Kevin Metka would put Ohio State just a point away as he finished off Jordan Belga 6-3, 6-3 at #6 singles and just 9 minutes later it'd be Hunter Callahan closing the door on the Gators with a 6-4, 7-5 win at #4 singles over Gordon Watson.  Ohio State's Mikael Torpegaard was just a game away from winning as well at #1 singles after winning 11 consecutive games against Diego Hidalgo but unfortunately the Buckeye freshman wouldn't get a chance to finish.

Note:  Florida has now had 5 different guys play at #6 singles this year with them combining to go 5-6.

#10 Ohio State 4, #18 Florida 1
Mar 10, 2015 at Gainesville, Fla. (Alfred A. Ring Tennis Complex)
Singles competition
1. #28 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 13.94) vs. #64 Diego Hidalgo (FLA 14.11) 4-6, 6-0, 5-0 unfinished
2. #44 Chris Diaz (OSU 13.87) def. #78 Maxx Lipman (FLA 13.76) 6-3, 6-1
3. #99 Elliot Orkin (FLA 13.95) vs. #114 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.56) 6-2, 5-6, unfinished
4. Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.95) def. Gordon Watson (FLA 13.73) 6-4, 7-5
5. Chase Perez-Blanco (FLA 13.39) def. #68 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.89) 6-2, 6-2
6. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.89) def. Jordan Belga (FLA 13.05) 6-3, 6-3
Doubles competition
1. #3 Kevin Metka/Ralf Steinbach (OSU) def. Maxx Lipman/Elliot Orkin (FLA) 6-3
2. Mikael Torpegaard/Herkko Pollanen (OSU) def. #33 Diego Hidalgo/Gordon Watson (FLA) 6-4
3. #72 Oliver Landert/Joshua Wardell (FLA) def. #34 Chris Diaz/Hunter Callahan (OSU) 6-3
Match Notes
Ohio State 13-4; National ranking #10
Florida 6-5; National ranking #18
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3,2); Singles (5,2,6,4)
T-2:14 A-218

Ohio State recap
Florida recap

Shelton's Notes Head Coach Bryan Shelton
On if the team was thinking at all about loss last year to Ohio State in the NCAA Round of 16 during today's match
I think the thing that we thought about was really just how tough that team really is. We had a great match with them in the NCAA Tournament in Athens and it came down to the wire. It was exciting. We came up a point shy of winning, so we certainly kind of look back at that. But more than anything, just saw that in order to beat a team like Ohio State you've got to walk out on the court with confidence and you've got to be able to execute under pressure for a long amount of time. They're going to push you. And that's exactly what we saw today. They just came out there ready to play and they're just a really good opponent. So it's great for us to have that opportunity to have them on our schedule this year and for the next three years. It's a good barometer for us as to where exactly we are. We're not far off. We've got to tweak some things and make some improvements for sure, but I like the direction this team is heading and this match is going to help us this weekend when we face Mississippi State and Alabama.

On how the team got better today
I think No. 3 doubles took a step in the right direction today. I'm really proud of the way Josh [Wardell] and Oliver [Landert] responded to a tough, difficult team. When the pressure was at its greatest, those guys played their best tennis. So I can't say that they did that in the last couple matches that they've played together, but certainly today they stepped up to the plate for us. I think Chase Perez-Blanco just continues to grow and get better. He talked today just about what a privilege it is to play for the University of Florida and how much it means to him and how much he's realized through the season that he's more and more thankful every day that he's here. He just really shared that with the team and I think he really gets it. He's willing to do what it takes to be successful and so it's fun to see the growth in him and the confidence growing daily.


Oxford, MS:  Despite being down a starter, Ole Miss hung tough against #2 Baylor but the Bears we're just a little too deep for the Rebels and pulled out a 4-1 win.  Ole Miss was without William Kallberg (ankle) so the Rebels had to shift its lineups since Kallberg plays at #1 doubles and #4 singles.  Baylor was undefeated (13-0) in the doubles coming into the match and they kept it that way with wins at 2 and 3 to take the early 1-0 lead.

Due to rain in Oxford the matches were moved indoors to Ole Miss's 3 court facility which meant that 1, 2, and 3 singles would start first and when the first court opened up then #4 singles would go on and so forth.

All 3 of the first matches to go on were very tight with several breaks of serve on both sides.  Ole Miss jumped out to an early break lead on all 3 courts and had chances to take the opening set on each court.  While Nik Scholtz was able to grab the 1st set at #1, Stefan Lindmark was broke at #2 serving for it up 5-4 and Lupieri would take the last 3 games of the set to take it 7-5. Baylor's Max Tchoutakian took the 1st set on 3 in a tiebreak and would then have 3 match points in the second set tiebreak to close it out in straight however Gustav Hansson would rally to take 5 straight points to push it to a 3rd.  Ole Miss now had momentum in its favor because in addition to Hansson taking the 2nd set on 3, Lindmark would also get the 2nd set on 2, and Scholtz would close out Lenz on 1.

With the match now tied at 1-1 and with the crowd's roar growing, Baylor would calm them down as both Tony Lupieri and Max Tchoutakian would cruise in the 3rd set at #2 and #3 with each taking the final set 6-1.  Baylor would now just need 1 of the bottom 3 courts and with Ole Miss down a man and shifting a few guys up it was a task Baylor had to feel pretty good about.  While Ole Miss's Ricardo Jorge was able to take the opening set at #6, Baylor would take the opening set at #4 and #5 and it would be Vince Schneider that would ultimately provide the clincher as he knocked off Zvonimir Babic 7-6, 6-2.  Good effort by Ole Miss without a key starter and a good job by Baylor to keep it together despite getting really pushed on several courts.

#2 Baylor 4, #13 Ole Miss 1
March 9, 2015 at Oxford, Mississippi (Gillom Sports Center)
Singles competition
1. #23 Nik Scholtz (OM 14.32) def. #4 Julian Lenz (BU 14.72) 7-6 (10-8), 6-3
2. #29 Tony Lupieri (BU 14.31) def. #82 Stefan Lindmark (OM 14.15) 7-5, 2-6, 6-1
3. #36 Max Tchoutakian (BU 14.16) def. Gustav Hansson (OM 13.81) 7-6 (7-3), 6-7 (6-8), 6-1
4. Vince Schneider (BU 13.51) def. Zvonimir Babic (OM 12.85) 7-6 (9-7), 6-2
5. Mate Zsiga (BU 13.89) vs. Vinod Gowda (OM 12.78) 6-2, 2-2, unfinished
6. Ricardo Jorge (OM 13.10) vs. Felipe Rios (BU 13.70) 6-4, 1-1, unfinished
Doubles competition
1. Nik Scholtz/Zvonimir Babic (OM) vs. #40 Tony Lupieri/Mate Zsiga (BU) 4-4, unfinished
2. Julian Lenz/Diego Galeano (BU) def. Gustav Hansson/Stefan Lindmark (OM) 6-4
3. Vince Schneider/Felipe Rios (BU) def. Vinod Gowda/Grey Hamilton (OM) 6-1
Match Notes
Baylor 12-2; National ranking #2
Ole Miss 9-4; National ranking #13
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (1,2,3,4)

Who Wins Tuesday's Match at Oxford

Ole Miss
  4 (11%)
  32 (88%)

Votes so far: 36 

Ole Miss recap

"It was a very close match, we were right there with them," head coach Toby Hansson said. "We were up a break at one doubles, and battling at two. I told the guys after the doubles, `we've been here before we can get four points off these guys.' They believed that they could. Everybody on the court gave it all that they had, and you can't ask for anything more as a coach.

"It was a great college match. The atmosphere in here was incredible. We would like to thank the crowd."

While some conferences are already half way through their schedules others are just beginning. Both the Big 12 and Pac 12 kickoff conference play on Friday while the ACC, SEC, and Big 10 are nearing or have already passed its half way point.  Below are the 4 biggest matches of the day so make sure you keep an eye on these.

#14 North Carolina (14-6) at #8 Virginia (12-3) - 3pm est - North Carolina's biggest problem this year has been fielding a healthy starting 6 and there's a chance that its best 6 players may be on the court on Friday.  UNC's #1 Brayden Schnur has now missed the last 5 matches but the Tar Heels hope that he'll be able to go on Friday. Virginia has battled some injuries as well but they still haven't missed a beat in conference play with its current ACC winning streak at 129.  UNC is 15-5 in doubles while Virginia is 13-2.  These teams met earlier this year in Chicago, in the consolation draw, at the National Indoors with Virginia cruising to a 4-0 win.  This one might be a little closer but Virginia will still win comfortably. I like UVA in doubles and see singles wins from Frank, Shane, Altamirano, Kwiatkowski, and Aragone.  Prediction: Virginia 6-1

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of March 26th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

Projected Lineups:
1. #12 Brayden Schnur (UNC 14.48) vs. #29 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.89)
2. #24 Ronnie Schneider (UNC 14.20) vs. #6 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.54)
3. #69 Brett Clark (UNC 13.74) vs. #55 Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.80)
4. Esben Hess-Olesen (UNC 13.03) vs. #10 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.76)
5. Jack Murray (UNC 13.95) vs. Alexander Ritschard (UVA 13.89)
6. #99 Robert Kelly (UNC 13.59) vs. J.C. Aragone (UVA 13.94)

Others who could play: Oystein Steiro (UNC 13.43), #112 Mac Styslinger (UVA 13.93)

#17 Vanderbilt (15-5) at #5 Georgia (15-2) - 5pm est - The last time these two met came in the quarterfinals of last year's SEC Tournament which happened to be in Nashville.  Vandy pulled off the upset of the #1 seeded Bulldogs winning 4-2 but so far this year Georgia has been rolling in conference play.  Georgia is 12-5 in doubles while Vanderbilt is 14-6.  Both teams have really strong #1s with Georgia's Austin Smith and Ben Wagland the new ITA #1 and Vandy's Gonzales Austin and Rhys Johnson ranked #4 though they were #1 just 2 weeks ago.

Georgia will be a pretty heavy favorite at 2, 5, and 6 singles but the other 3 courts should all be close. Gonzales Austin and Daniel Valent have been the Dores stalwarts going 32-3 in dual match play while their opponents Wayne Montgomery and Nathan Pasha are a combined 20-5.  Both teams #4 players have been up and down with Wagland currently up and Yee currently down.  Wagland has won 3 straight after dropping 4 of 5 while Yee has lost 2 straight and 6 of 8.  I like Georgia in doubles and see them picking up wins from Smith, Wood, and Oosterbaan.  Prediction:  Georgia 4-0

Projected Lineups:
1. #7 Gonzales Austin (VU 14.47) vs. #28 Wayne Montgomery (UGA 14.59)
2. Rhys Johnson (VU 13.51) vs. #31 Austin Smith (UGA 14.17)
3. Daniel Valent (VU 13.88) vs. #18 Nathan Pasha (UGA 14.36)
4. Kris Yee (VU 13.59) vs. Ben Wagland (UGA 13.25)
5. Suresh Eswaran (VU 12.86) vs. Nick Wood (UGA 13.83)
6. Baker Newman (VU 12.90) vs. Paul Oosterbaan (UGA 13.63)

Others who could play: Jeff Offerdahl (VU 12.60)

#11 Ohio State (15-6) at #19 Northwestern (12-6) - 6pm est - This matchup lost a little steam when Northwestern got upset Wednesday night by Rice which snapped the Wildcats 6 match winning streak. Ohio State has won 96 straight regular season Big 10 matches dating back to 2005 which happened to be the last time that Northwestern beat Ohio State.  The Buckeyes have won 12 straight in the series but this hasn't been the best year for Ohio State and its streaks because so far this year the Buckeyes 200-match home court winning streak and its 294-match top 10 streak have both been snapped.  I think the doubles point will be a key in this one because right now I see the singles courts split.  I like Torpegaard, Steinbach, and Metka at 1, 5, and 6 and Kirchheimer, Zieba, and Staggs at 2, 3, and 4.

Ohio State is a stout 17-4 in doubles though the Buckeyes have dropped the point 2 of the last 3 times out.  Northwestern is 10-8 in doubles but just 4-7 against ranked opponents.  I'll take Ohio State in doubles and therefore the match.  Prediction: Ohio State 4-3

Projected Lineups:
1. #32 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 14.03) vs. #92 Sam Shropshire (NW 13.85)
2. #44 Chris Diaz (OSU 14.01) vs. #124 Strong Kirchheimer (NW 13.75)
3. Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.88) vs. Konrad Zieba (NW 13.70)
4. #116 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.49) vs. Logan Staggs (NW 13.26)
5. #83 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.84) vs. Mihir Kumar (NW 12.93)
6. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.79) vs. Fedor Baev (NW 12.97)

Others who could play: Alp Horoz (NW 12.87)

#10 TCU (14-5) at #1 Oklahoma (17-1) - 6:30pm est - TCU brings a 5-match winning streak into this one while Oklahoma has won 7 straight.  Neither team has been too hot in doubles with Oklahoma 9-9 and TCU 10-7.  Oklahoma's strength has been its top 3 with Alvarez, Harris, and Webb a combined 37-5 in dual match play while TCU's top 3 of Chappell, Norrie, and Nunez is a combined 31-8.  Axel Alvarez has a team best 15-0 record for OU while Guillermo Nunez leads the way for TCU with a 14-0 record.  TCU has the talent to keep this one close but Oklahoma is still stronger top to bottom.  I like OU in doubles and Alvarez, Harris, and Papa in singles.  Prediction: Oklahoma 4-1

Projected Lineups:
1.  #36 Nick Chappell (TCU 13.82) vs. #2 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.59)
2.  #37 Cameron Norrie (TCU 14.30)  vs. #13 Andrew Harris (OU 14.74)
3.  #76 Guillermo Nunez (TCU 13.72) vs. #23 Dane Webb (OU 14.32)
4.  Arnau Dachs (TCU 13.91) vs. #65 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.15)
5.  Will Stein (TCU 13.30) vs. Spencer Papa (OU 13.81)
6.  Facundo Lugones (TCU 13.64) vs. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.51)

Others who could play: Trevor Johnson (TCU 13.36), Jose Salazar (OU 13.72)

Other Friday storylines:

Can #23 Louisville follow up its big win over #14 North Carolina by winning in Atlanta against an upstart #73 Georgia Tech team?

Can #13 Ole Miss rebound from its loss to #34 Mississippi State by winning in Baton Rouge or does #24 LSU make it 3 conference wins in a row?

Will #3 Illinois show any mercy on #50 Penn State or will the Illini put the hammer down to make sure Penn State can't challenge anything this year?

#22 Oklahoma State has had some decent wins this year but they've yet to beat anybody in the top 25 - do they get over the hump against #7 Texas or do the Horns take it to them?

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Oklahoma got pushed by TCU in singles but ultimately the Sooners had too much depth and outlasted TCU 4-1.  After OU took the doubles point they picked up 4 1st sets and ended up getting wins from Andrew Harris, Alex Ghilea, and Spencer Papa at 1, 4, and 5.  TCU's lone point came from freshman Guillermo Nunez as he hammered Dane Webb 6-3, 6-2 at #3.  The 2 remaining matches were abandoned with each early in the 3rd set.  

Oklahoma recap

"It was a good match, head coach John Roddick said. "TCU played very well and they played hard.  We got a pretty good lead on them and they forced us into third sets. Our guys competed well. Doubles was a lot better. We are really coming around there. All in all it's a good day.

Head Coach John Roddick
"Spencer did a great job getting off the court in straight sets like that, Roddick said. "I won't say that it was easy but he did a great job of taking care of business and getting us a 2-1 lead. That really put us in a good spot because we had other first sets. That gives them very little wiggle room and that was probably the biggest key to winning today.

"I think we were in good position on two courts and I'll never doubt Axel until he loses the last point, Roddick said. "We have been good at putting teams in position where they have very little margin for error. When you do that you will come out on top more often than not. We don't have a clock so you have to close them out and our guys did that.

TCU recap

"That was a good college match," head coach David Roditi said. "We played well in all our matches. When we play the No. 1 team on the road, we must capitalize on our opportunities. We lost eight games at deuce at No. 1 and No. 2 doubles and we will learn from that and it will make us a better team next time out. Maybe it's the fact Oklahoma has forgotten how to lose that helped them in those situations, so they deserve credit for that.

"I thought Guillermo and Nick (Chappell) were competing exceptionally well. We have never beaten Dane Webb in a dual match and Guillermo was able to give us that point to even the match at 1-1. Now we must prepare for a tough Oklahoma State on Sunday."

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of March 26th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

#1 Oklahoma 4, #10 TCU 1
March 27, 2015 at Norman, OK
Singles competition
1. #19 Andrew Harris (OU 14.74) def. #37 Cameron Norrie (TCU 14.30) 7-6(5), 6-4
2. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.59) vs. #36 Nick Chappell (TCU 13.82)  5-7, 6-4, 2-3 DNF
3. #76 Guillermo Nunez (TCU 13.72) def. #26 Dane Webb (OU 14.32) 6-3, 6-2
4. #65 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.15) def. Arnau Dachs (TCU 13.91) 6-2, 4-6, 6-4
5. Spencer Papa (OU 13.81) def. Will Stein (TCU 13.30)  6-4, 6-3
6. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.51) vs. Facundo Lugones (TCU 13.64) 6-3, 6-7(5), 3-2 DNF

Order of finish: 3, 5, 1, 4
Doubles competition
1. #6 Webb/Alvarez (OU) def. #19 Chappell/Stein (TCU)  6-1
2. Harris/Ghilea (OU) def. Norrie/Johnson (TCU)  6-3
3. Papa/Bragusi (OU) vs. Blake/Lugones (TCU) 3-4 DNF
Order of finish: 1, 2

Athens, GA:  Georgia stayed unbeaten in SEC play with a 4-1 win over Vanderbilt. Georgia took the doubles point when its #2 team of Eric Diaz and Nathan Pasha snapped a 5-match losing streak with a 6-3 win and then the Bulldogs picked up singles from Austin Smith, Paul Oosterbaan, and Nick Wood with Wood providing the clincher.  Vanderbilt's Daniel Valent picked up his first career win over a top 20 opponent when he rallied from a set down to win 12 of the final 13 games to knock off #18 Nathan Pasha 4-6, 6-0, 6-1.  Valent got off the court just moments before the Wood clinch.  All other matches were abandoned with #1 singles on serve in the 3rd and #4 just splitting sets.  

The big doubles match at #1 also went unfinished.  

Georgia recap

"We faced windy conditions today, but I told the guys coming in that it was an equalizer and we needed to be tough," said Georgia coach Manuel Diaz. "I thought we did a super job out there. We played great doubles, especially at No. 3, and it was wonderful to see our No. 2 team clinch for us. The singles matches were all competitive, and I'm proud of the effort everywhere."

Said Diaz: "Austin gave us a quick point, and Paul gave us the third point to set up Nick, who lost the first set and turned that around in such a quick manner. He won the second set and got ahead 3-0 in no time, and that was tremendous and showed a lot of composure, tenacity and maturity on his part. He went on to clinch and now we'll have a day or two off before we get ready for a big road trip next week."

Vanderbilt recap

#5 Georgia 4, #17 Vanderbilt 1
March 27, 2015 at Athens, Ga. (Dan Magill Tennis Complex)
Singles competition
1. #28 Wayne Montgomery (UGA 14.59) vs. #7 Gonzales Austin (VAN 14.47) 4-6, 7-5, 0-1, unf
2. #31 Austin Smith (UGA 14.17) def. Rhys Johnson (VAN 13.51) 6-4, 6-3
3. Daniel Valent (VAN 13.88) def. #18 Nathan Pasha (UGA 14.36) 4-6, 6-0, 6-1
4. Ben Wagland (UGA 13.25) vs. Kris Yee (VAN 13.59) 3-6, 6-3, unf
5. Nick Wood (UGA 13.83) def. Suresh Eswaran (VAN 12.86) 3-6, 6-2, 6-1
6. Paul Oosterbaan (UGA 13.63) def. Baker Newman (VAN 12.90) 6-1, 6-4
Doubles competition
1. #1 Austin Smith/Ben Wagland (UGA) vs. #4 Gonzales Austin/Rhys Johnson (VAN) 3-4, unf
2. Eric Diaz/Nathan Pasha (UGA) def. #71 Pen Binet/Baker Newman (VAN) 6-3
3. Wayne Montgomery/Paul Oosterbaan (UGA) def. Suresh Eswaran/Daniel Valent (VAN) 6-1
Match Notes:
Vanderbilt 15-6 (5-4); National ranking #17
Georgia 16-2 (8-0); National ranking #5
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (2,6,3,5)

Official: Clark Weaver T-2:08 A-587

Virginia extended its ACC record winning streak to 130 with a 6-1 win over #14 North Carolina in a match that was played indoors with just 3 courts available due to a women's match being played at the same time.  Virginia took the doubles point and picked up singles wins from Ryan Shane and Mitchell Frank to lead 3-0 before North Carolina made a small push.  UNC's Jack Murray was up 2-1 in the 3rd on 3, Robert Kelly was serving for the first set on 4, and Oystein Steiro was a break up early on 5. Unfortunately for North Carolina, Virginia would respond with Collin Altamirano taking the final 5 games at #3 and Thai-Son Kwiatkowski taking 10 of the final 12 games to win on 4. UNC's lone point would come from Steiro at 5.  

Virginia recap

"In a difficult situation, playing on only three courts, the guys handled it well," said head coach Brian Boland. "I was really impressed with North Carolina. They played some great doubles. Luca Corinteli carried the day for us in the doubles and that was a big point at the start of the match. We played well from top to bottom of the lineup and we continue to improve with each match. We look forward to the next challenge, which is Sunday against a great Duke team."

North Carolina recap

#8 Virginia 6, #14 North Carolina 1                    
Doubles Competition
1. #8 Shane/Corinteli (UVA) def. #27 Steiro/Hess-Olesen (UNC) 8-6                     
2. #54 Styslinger/Kwiatkowski (UVa) def. Murray/Schneider (UNC) 8-2               
3. Frank/Altamirano (UVa) vs. Clark/Kelly (UNC) 6-7 DNF
Singles Competition
1. #6 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.54) def. #24 Ronnie Schneider (UNC 14.20) 7-5, 6-3 
2. #29 Mitchell Frank (UVa 14.89) def. #69 Brett Clark (UNC 13.74) 6-0, 6-1               
3. #55 Collin Altamirano (UVa 14.80) def. Jack Murray (UNC 13.95) 6-3, 4-6, 6-2      
4. #10 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVa 14.76) def. #99 Robert Kelly (UNC 13.59) 7-5, 6-2   
5. Oystein Steiro (UNC 13.43) def. Henrik Wiersholm (UVa 13.55) 6-3, 6-4                 
6. J.C. Aragone (UVa 13.94) def. Stuart DePaolo (UNC 12.49) 7-5, 6-1  
Match Notes:
North Carolina 14-7, 3-2; National ranking #14
Virginia 13-3, 6-0; National ranking #8
Sunday should be a fabulous day of tennis with 4 matches taking place between top 15 teams with Champaign, Charlottesville, College Station, and Norman the hot places to be.  3 of the 4 will take place outdoors with only the Ohio State/Illinois match likely headed indoors due to crummy weather.

I see at least 1 lower ranked team winning but I definitely wouldn't call it an upset. Check out the stats and projected lineups and see if you can figure out who wins each match.

#11 Ohio State (16-6) at #3 Illinois (16-3) - 1pm est - This will be the 2nd meeting of the year between these two with Illinois taking the first one 4-2 in the consolation draw at the National Indoors back in February.  This match is all but guaranteed to be played indoors due to Sunday's forecast of rain, high winds, and cooler temps.  Both teams are coming off nice wins with Illinois beating Penn State 6-1 and Ohio State winning at Northwestern 5-2.  Ohio State is 18-4 in doubles while Illinois is 10-9 so you've got to like the Buckeyes to take the early lead.  The top 3 singles matches should be repeats from February while the bottom 3 will be different.   Below is the box score from the 1st meeting and further down below we'll look at the singles match-ups.

Illinois 4, Ohio State 2
Sunday, February 15th, 2015 - Chicago, IL (National Indoors Consolation)
Singles competition
1. #41 Farris Gosea (ILL) vs. #53 Chris Diaz (OSU) 6-2, 5-1, unfinished
2. #23 Jared Hiltzik (ILL) def. #30 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU) 6-2, 6-4
3. #37 Tim Kopinski (ILL) def. Herkko Pollanen (OSU) 6-1, 6-2
4. #69 Aron Hiltzik (ILL) def. #68 Ralf Steinbach (OSU) 6-4, 6-4
5. #46 Aleks Vukic (ILL) def. #110 Hunter Callahan (OSU) 6-3, 6-3
6. Kevin Metka (OSU) def. Brian Page (ILL) 6-3, 6-2
Doubles competition
1. #7 Steinbach/Metka (OSU) def. #11 Kopinski/ Ross Guignon (ILL) 6-0
2. Jared Hiltzik/Gosea (ILL) vs. #36 Callahan/Diaz (OSU) 2-5, unfinished
3. Torpegaard/Pollanen (OSU) def. Blake Bazarnik/Brian Page (ILL) 6-3
Match Notes:
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (3,6,5,2,4)

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of March 26th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

Projected Singes Lineup
1. #32 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 14.03) vs. #22 Jared Hiltzik (ILL 14.46)
2. #44 Chris Diaz (OSU 14.01) vs. #64 Farris Gosea (ILL 14.50)
3. #116 Herkko Pollanen (OSU 13.49) vs. #42 Tim Kopinski (ILL 13.98)
4. Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.88) vs. #52 Aron Hiltzik (ILL 13.94)
5. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.79) vs. #50 Aleks Vukic (ILL 14.27)
6. #83 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.84) vs. Toshiki Matsuya (ILL 13.11)

Dual match singles records:
1. Torpegaard 10-5 vs. J Hiltzik 14-1
2. Diaz 9-7 (won 3 straight) vs. Gosea 5-5
3. Pollanen 9-6 vs. Kopinski 13-3
4. Callahan 15-4 vs. A Hiltzik 11-3 (won 9 straight)
5. Metka 15-4 vs. Vukic 12-1 (won 10 straight)
6. Steinbach 15-5 (won 4 straight) vs. Matsuya 8-2

Like I mentioned above I like Ohio State in doubles and I think Steinbach is the biggest favorite in all the 6 singles match-ups so I expect him to win in straight sets.  I'd give Illinois the edge at 1, 2, 3, and 5 though if Chris Diaz plays like he did against Northwestern (won 6-0, 6-1) he could give Gosea some trouble.  I think the match at 4 between Callahan and Aron Hiltzik is going to be a tight one and if this was earlier in the year I'd have taken Callahan but he's just 2-2 the last 4 times out while Hiltzik has won 9 straight against some tough customers.  Ohio State will keep it close but Illinois should pull it out.  Prediction:  Illinois 5-2

#4 Duke (17-2) at #8 Virginia (13-3) - 2pm est - Virginia is 14-2 in doubles while Duke is 14-5 though the Blue Devils have dropped the point the last 2 times out.  Duke has won 4 straight since losing to Virginia Tech though the last 3 have all been tight. Virginia is also riding a 4 match winning streak with all 4 being blowout wins.  Duke's Chris Mengel, which usually plays at 5, has been in and out of the lineup and if he's out for this one that won't bode well for the Dukies.  It should be sunny and right around 50 so this one should be played outdoors.

Projected Singles Lineup
1.  #11 Nicolas Alvarez (DU 14.41) vs. #6 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.54)
2.  #41 Jason Tahir (DU 13.84) vs. #29 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.89)
3. #101 Raphael Hemmeler (DU 14.14) vs. #55 Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.75)
4. Bruno Semenzato (DU 13.94) vs. #10 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.76)
5. Josh Levine (DU 12.71) vs. J.C. Aragone (UVA 13.94)
6. TJ Pura (DU 13.55) vs. Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 13.55)

Others who could play: Chris Mengel (DU 13.64), Mac Styslinger (UVA 13.93), Alexander Ritschard (UVA 13.89)

Dual match singles records:
1. Alvarez 11-2 vs. Shane 10-4
2. Tahir 7-9 vs. Frank 10-2
3. Hemmeler 14-3 vs. Altamirano 12-0
4. Semenzato 9-4 vs. Kwiatkowski 11-2
5. Levine 9-6 vs. Aragone 9-3
6. Pura 9-2 vs. Wiersholm 6-2

Virginia may the lower ranked team but a loss would be a rather large upset.  Duke has to win the doubles point to have a puncher's chance but I look for Virginia to claim the doubles point and then I like the Cavs to pick up singles wins at 2, 3, 4, and 5 from Frank, Altamirano, Kwiatkowski, and Aragone.  I like Nicolas Alvarez's chances against Shane and think Pura will do well against Wiersholm should they be matched up.  Duke usually plays Virginia pretty close however Virginia always seems to come out on top against them and anybody else in the ACC.  Prediction: Virginia 5-2 

#7 Texas (15-2) at #1 Oklahoma (18-1) - 2pm est - Texas got all it wanted on Friday just getting past Oklahoma State 4-3 in a match that came down to a 3rd set at #6 singles while Oklahoma was pushed by TCU but still prevailed 4-1.  OU is 10-9 in doubles while Texas is 9-8 though both won the doubles point on Friday.  Texas #1 Soren Hess-Olesen suffered his first dual-match loss of the year on Friday going down meekly in straight sets to Jakob Sude.  The Texas recap said Soren had been under the weather leading up to the match so you've got to assume he'll still be less than 100% for this one.  The temperature should be around 70 at the start of this match.

Projected Singles Lineup:
1. #1 Soren Hess-Olesen (TX 15.14) vs. #19 Andrew Harris (OU 14.74)
2. #37 Lloyd Glasspool (TX 13.95) vs. #7 Axel Alvarez (OU 14.59)
3. #72 Adrien Berkowicz (TX 13.81) vs. #26 Dane Webb (OU 14.31)
4. George Goldhoff (TX 13.65) vs. #65 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.15)
5. Nick Naumann (TX 13.78) vs. Spencer Papa (OU 13.83)
6. Clement Homs (TX 13.36) vs. Floin Bragusi (OU 13.51)

Dual match singles records:
1. Hess-Olesen 15-1 vs. Harris 11-4
2. Glasspool 9-2 vs. Alvarez 15-0
3. Berkowicz 13-3 vs. Webb 12-3
4. Goldhoff 4-4 vs. Ghilea 13-2
5. Naumann 7-6 vs. Papa 8-5
6. Homs 4-0 vs. Bragusi 7-1

Texas has a chance in this one but in my opinion it's a small chance.  I like Oklahoma in doubles and then look for the Sooners to get wins from Alvarez, Webb, and Ghilea. The match at 1 will probably go unfinished but if Hess-Olesen is less than 100% he'll likely go down to Harris.  I'd say that Naumann and Homs have the best chance to win for Texas but those could each be matches that go 3 sets and also go unfinished. Prediction: Oklahoma 4-1

#13 Ole Miss (13-5) at #9 Texas A&M (12-3) - 1pm est - Ole Miss had a huge comeback on Friday coming back from 3-0 down to LSU with Nik Scholtz fighting off 6 match points in the decider. Texas A&M sat 2 starters against Arkansas but still cruised to a 4-0 shutout.  Ole Miss is 10-8 in doubles but has lost the point the last 2 times out while Texas A&M is 12-3. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s for this one.

Projected Singles Lineup:
1. #15 Nik Scholtz (OM 14.18) vs. #59 Jeremy Efferding (aTm 14.23)
2. #84 Stefan Lindmark (OM 14.19) vs. #67 Shane Vinsant (aTm 14.16)
3. Gustav Hansson (OM 13.76) vs. Arthur Rinderknech (aTm 14.11)
4. William Kallberg (OM 13.35) vs. #51 Harrison Adams (aTm 13.59)
5. Ricardo Jorge (OM 13.11) vs. #79 AJ Catanzariti (aTm 14.27)
6. Vinod Gowda (OM 12.85) vs. Jordi Arconada (aTm 13.36)

Dual match singles records:
1. Scholtz 11-3 vs. Efferding 9-2
2. Lindmark 12-3 vs. Vinsant 5-2
3. Hansson 7-7 vs. Rinderknech 8-2
4. Kallberg 5-6 vs. Adams 0-8
5. Jorge 5-3 vs. Catanzariti 10-3
6. Gowda 6-2 vs. Arconada 3-2

Texas A&M is always tough at home while Ole Miss is just 1-2 on the road in conference play and it was nearly 0-3.  I think the Aggies get the doubles point to jump out to the early 1-0 lead and then lean on the Rebels and pick up wins from Vinsant, Rinderknech, and Catanzariti.  I think Scholtz will win at 1 and Adams and Arconada will both be leading for Texas A&M at the time of the clinch. Prediction: Texas A&M 4-1

What does everybody think - can someone other than Virginia pull the "upset"?

Other Sunday Storylines:

Can #14 North Carolina recover from 2 straight conference losses and win in Blacksburg or does #16 Virginia Tech avenge the earlier 4-1 loss during the Kickoff weekend?

#27 Tulsa just got past Central Florida on Friday can they do the same in Tampa against #18 South Florida or will the Bulls gore them?

#52 Tennessee put together its most impressive performance of the season on Friday against #62 Alabama.  #34 Mississippi State followed up its upset of #13 Ole Miss by just squeaking past Kentucky 4-3 which happened to be State's 1st win over Kentucky since 2007.  Does the same Tennessee team show up on Sunday or does Mississippi State make it 3 conference wins this week?

#17 Vanderbilt put up a good fight in Athens on Friday against #5 Georgia but still lost 4-1.  Will Vandy rebound and win at #42 South Carolina or will the Gamecocks get their biggest win of the year?

#22 Oklahoma State came close to get a top 10 win on Friday before falling to #7 Texas 4-3.  #10 TCU gave #1 Oklahoma a really good shot but came up short 4-1. Which team will come back from the loss and get the win?

Below are all the live scoring/twitter links for Sunday's matches - I plan on being in Champaign but I'll have a few of these matches queued up on my phone so I can keep tabs on them.

Notre Dame at Florida State - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Kennesaw State at Georgia Tech - 12pm est - Live Scoring & Streaming
Boston College at Miami - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Michigan State at Iowa - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Tulsa at South Florida - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Louisville at Clemson - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Ohio State at Illinois - 1pm est - Live Scoring & Streaming
Penn State at Northwestern - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Indiana at Minnesota - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Michigan at Nebraska - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Purdue at Wisconsin - 1pm est - Wisconsin Twitter & Streaming
Mississippi State at Tennessee - 1pm est - Live Scoring & UT Blog
Vanderbilt at South Carolina - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Alabama at Kentucky - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Ole Miss at Texas A&M - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Arkansas at LSU - 2pm est - Live Scoring
Duke at Virginia - 2pm est - Live Scoring & Streaming
North Carolina at Virginia Tech - 2pm est - Live Scoring & Video
Incarnate Word at Baylor - 2pm est - Live Scoring & Video (if outdoors) & Blog
Texas at Oklahoma - 2pm est - Live Scoring & Streaming w subsc.
TCU at Oklahoma State - 2pm est - Live Scoring
UT San Antonio at Texas A&M - 5pm est - Live Scoring
Santa Clara at San Diego - 5:30pm est - Live Scoring
The Citadel at South Carolina - 6pm est - Live Scoring
UT Arlington at Baylor 7pm est - Live Scoring & Video (if outdoors) & Blog
IUPUI at Northwestern - 7:30pm est - Live Scoring

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It was expected to be a dynamite day with 4 matches taking place between top 15 teams but in the end we got 4 lopsided matches with 3 of the 4 wrapped up in under 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Illinois put an end to Ohio State's 97 match regular season Big 10 winning streak with a 4-0 win.  The Illini surprised many by taking the doubles point with wins at 2 and 3 doubles.  Illinois' #2 team of Aron Hiltzik and Ross Guignon got a break to start the match and never looked and rolled to an 8-5 win.  Below is match point which includes a swing and miss by Diaz.

The Illinois' #3 team of Farris Gosea and Aleks Vukic fell behind 3-1 before taking the next 5 games to go up 6-3.  A couple of service hold later and Illinois had the doubles point.

Ohio State made a last minute change to the singles lineup as Ty Tucker removed its #3 Herkko Pollanen which moved everyone from 4 down up a slot with Matt Mendez coming in at #6.  I was told it was a coaches decision by Tucker and it may have had something to do with Pollanen's play in doubles.

Illinois jumped out to early break lead at 1, 2, 3, and 5 singles and really never looked back as Jared Hiltzik, Tim Kopinski, and Aleks Vukic completed the shutout with the singles portion taking just under an hour and twenty minutes.  Play was stopped after the clinch, which isn't typically the norm for the Big 10, but considering how lopsided the match was I think Ohio State wanted to call it a day and get back on the road to head home.

Below are the clinching points in each singles match plus this youtube link has some other highlights that I shot most from my phone - most of the singles is Vukic/Steinbach:

Illinois recap with interviews from Brad Dancer and Ross Guignon and a highlight package they put together via Illinois Sports Dept.

Ohio State recap

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of March 29th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

#3 Illinois 4, #11 Ohio State 0
Mar 29, 2015 at Urbana, Ill. (Atkins Tennis Center)
Singles competition
1. #22 Jared Hiltzik (ILL 14.46) def. #32 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU 14.03) 6-2, 6-4
2. #64 Farris Gosea (ILL 14.50) vs. #44 Chris Diaz (OSU 14.01) 6-2, 4-3, unfinished
3. #42 Tim Kopinski (ILL 13.98) def. Hunter Callahan (OSU 13.88) 6-1, 6-3
4. Kevin Metka (OSU 13.79) vs. #52 Aron Hiltzik (ILL 13.94) 7-6 (1), 1-2, unfinished
5. #50 Aleks Vukic (ILL 14.27) def. #83 Ralf Steinbach (OSU 13.84) 6-2, 6-1
6. Matt Mendez (OSU 12.97) vs. Toshiki Matsuya (ILL 13.11) 6-0, 5-2 unfinished
Doubles competition
1. #75 Jared Hiltzik/Tim Kopinski (ILL) vs. #5 Kevin Metka/Ralf Steinbach (OSU) 7-7
2. Aron Hiltzik/Ross Guignon (ILL) def. #55 Hunter Callahan/Chris Diaz (OSU) 8-5
3. Farris Gosea/Aleks Vukic (ILL) def. #74 Torpegaard/Herkko Pollanen (OSU) 8-5
Match Notes:
Ohio State 16-7, 4-1; National ranking #11
Illinois 17-3, 5-0; National ranking #3
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3); Singles (5,1,3)

Who Wins On Sunday in Champaign

  33 (68%)
Ohio State
  15 (31%)

Votes so far: 48 


#8 Virginia extended its ACC winning streak to 131 matches with a 6-1 win over #4 Duke in a match that was closer than the final score indicated.  The doubles portion wasn't close at all with Virginia crushing Duke on all 3 courts but singles was much tighter with Duke getting 3 1st sets and having a break lead at 1 and 2 before Mitchell Frank and Ryan Shane rallied to take the opening set.  Virginia did a much better job closing out its matches with Frank, Shane, and Collin Altamirano each winning in straight sets. Both J.C. Aragone and Henrik Wiersholm would rally from a set down to win in 3. Duke's lone point came from Raphael Hemmeler who came back from 5-3 down in the 1st to win 10 of the next 11 games and take the match at #3 singles 7-5, 6-1 over Thai-Son Kwiatkowski. 

Virginia recap

"I really want to thank the crowd that gave us a great atmosphere to play in today," said head coach Brian Boland. "It was a great day of tennis and we are happy to get a win over a tremendous Duke team. I am glad that we were able to get to play at Snyder in front of what I consider the best fans in college tennis."

The win extended Virginia's win streak against conference opponents (regular season and tournaments) to 131 consecutive matches, the longest streak in ACC history in any sport.

"We played some tremendous doubles," said Boland. "We continue to get better every day in doubles. The guys have really embraced that part of our program. Luca continues to lead our team in doubles and he and Ryan are playing at a really high level at No. 1."

"I was really impressed with a lot of players today," said Boland. "Mitchell is such a great leader and gave us a lot of energy on the court today. I was pleased with how Ryan stayed composed at the end. He was serving to close out the match, had triple-matchpoint and got broken, but came right back and broke to serve it out again. That isn't easy to do. It was also great to see Henrik get the win at the end as he played an impressive tiebreaker."

Duke recap

#8 Virginia 6, #4 Duke 1
Mar 29, 2015 at Charlottesville, VA (Snyder Tennis Center) 
1. #8 Shane/Corinteli (UVa) def. #12 Alvarez/Hemmeler (Duke) 8-3
2. #54 Styslinger/Kwiatkowski (UVa) vs. Levine/Tahir (Duke) 7-2 DNF
3. Altamirano/Frank (UVa) def. Mengel/Semenzato (Duke) 8-1
Order of Finish: 3,1
1. #29 Mitchell Frank (UVa 14.89) def. #11 Nicolas Alvarez (Duke 14.41) 7-5, 6-3
2. #6 Ryan Shane (UVa 14.54) def. #41 Jason Tahir (Duke 13.84) 7-6(3), 7-5
3. #101 Raphael Hemmeler (Duke 14.14) def. #10 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVa 14.76) 7-5, 6-1
4. #55 Collin Altamirano (UVa 14.75) def. Bruno Semenzato (Duke 13.94) 6-1, 6-4
5. J.C. Aragone (UVa 13.94) def. Josh Levine (Duke 12.71) 4-6, 6-1, 6-2
6. Henrik Wiersholm (UVa 13.55) def. TJ Pura (Duke 13.55) 6-7(2), 6-3, 10-2
Order of Finish: 4,3,5,2,1,6
T-3:20 - clinched in 2:52

Who Wins on Sunday in Charlottesville

  47 (90%)
  5 (9%)

Votes so far: 52

Who Ends Virginia's ACC Record 127 Match Conference Winning Streak

  8 (10%)
Virginia Tech
  3 (3%)
North Carolina
  5 (6%)
Wake Forest
  9 (11%)
Not Happening in 2015
  54 (68%)

Votes so far: 79
Poll closed

Oklahoma just keeps on winning as the #1 Sooners rolled over arch rival Texas 4-1.   The doubles point came down to a tiebreak at 2 but OU's Andrew Harris and Alex Ghilea would pull it out 7-3 to give Oklahoma the 1-0 lead.  Oklahoma would take the opening set on 5 of 6 courts and would get straight set wins from Andrew Harris, Axel Alvarez, and Spencer Papa at 1, 2, and 5.  Texas got its lone point at #3 singles when Adrien Berkowicz knocked off Dane Webb 6-4, 6-3.

Oklahoma recap

"I think it is special, head coach John Roddick said. "We always seem to get our biggest crowd of the year, and we had another big one today. I think it means a lot to our lettermen and some of the other guys who took a pounding from them for years. I know they enjoy that and our guys enjoy playing in front of that many people.

"That was huge to get doubles, Roddick said. "We have been getting better each match. On three we had three or four break points that could have evened that one up. When it is that short you have to give yourself a chance and I liked what I saw. We played great at one again. Our doubles has come miles from four or five weeks ago.

"In the end there was a lot of energy, sophomore Andrew Harris said. "It pumped us all up. We know once we win the doubles point we are very very hard to beat. That gave us confidence.

"Axel went out and took care of business, Roddick said. "He played the way he needed to play to make the guy feel like he didn't have a chance.

"I was just really excited, Harris said. "I knew leading up to this match it would be a great opportunity. You don't get to play No. 1 in the country very often. I just really focused and took every chance I got. I was really focused and it showed. "

"Andrew beating the no. 1 player in the countrythat's how he can play when he really focuses and doesn't give any free points away, Roddick said. "That was a great effort.

"Spencer closed it out well, Roddick said. "He dealt with a little bit of adversity, but he handled it really well. He was able to close it out. The first three chances we had to close matches out, we did it. That's what we want to do.


Texas recap

#1 Oklahoma 4, #7 Texas 1
03/29/15 at Norman, OK (Headington Family Tennis Center)
Singles competition
1. #13 Andrew Harris (OU 14.74) def. #1 Soren Hess-Olesen (UT 15.14) 6-1, 6-3
2. #2 Axel Alvarez Llamas (OU 14.59) def. #34 Lloyd Glasspool (UT 13.95) 6-1, 6-2
3. #72 Adrien Berkowicz (UT 13.81) def. #23 Dane Webb (OU 14.31) 6-4, 6-3
4. #65 Alex Ghilea (OU 14.15) vs. George Goldhoff (UT 13.65) 7-5, 5-2, unfinished
5. Spencer Papa (OU 13.83) def. Nick Naumann (UT 13.78) 6-4, 7-5
6. Florin Bragusi (OU 13.51) vs. Clement Homs (UT 13.36) 6-2, 3-6, 1-0, unfinished
Doubles competition
1. #6 Axel Alvarez Llamas/Dane Webb (OU) def. #41 Lloyd Glasspool/Soren Hess-Olesen (UT) 6-3
2. Andrew Harris/Alex Ghilea (OU) def. Adrien Berkowicz/George Goldhoff (UT) 7-6 (7-3)
3. Nick Naumann/Michael Riechmann (UT) def. Florin Bragusi/Spencer Papa (OU) 6-3
Match Notes
Texas 15-3, 1-1; National ranking #7; Regional ranking #2
Oklahoma 19-1, 2-0; National ranking #1
Order of finish: Doubles (3,1,2); Singles (2,1,3,5)
Sunday brings us 2 Top 20 showdowns with Virginia hosting Virginia Tech while Florida hosts Texas A&M.  Below are the breakdowns of those 2 matches along with a schedule of play for the day.

#13 Virginia Tech (15-2) at #4 Virginia (15-3) - 1pm est - This will be the first time these two have ever met when both have been ranked inside the top 15. Virginia puts its 131 match ACC winning streak on the line as well as its 11 match winning streak against Virginia Tech.  The doubles point will be huge for VT because I don't see anyway they come close without taking that point.  Virginia Tech is 10-7 in doubles while Virginia is 16-2.

FYI, the number beside the player's school is the player's Universal Tennis Rating as of April 4th.  For more details about UTR check out their website. 

Projected Singles Lineup:
1. #63 Amerigo Contini (VT 14.26) vs. #29 Mitchell Frank (UVA 14.96)
2. #45 Andreas Bjerrehus (VT 13.79 vs. #6 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.60)
3. #109 Joao Monteiro (VT 13.76) vs. #55 Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.80)
4. Hunter Koontz (VT 13.65) vs. #10 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.66)
5. Edoardo Tessaro (VT 13.29) vs. J.C. Aragone (UVA 13.95)
6. Jai Corbett (VT 12.87)  vs. #112 Mac Styslinger (UVA 13.94)

Others who could play: Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 13.46), Florian Nicoud (VT 13.27), Aaron Gomez (VT 12.94)

Dual-Match Singles Records:
1.  #63 Contini 10-3 (lost 2 of 3) vs. #29 Frank 11-2 (won 4 straight and 7 of 8)
2.  #45 Bjerrehus 13-3 (won 2 straight and 11 of 13) vs. #6 Shane 11-4 (won 3 of 4)
3.  #109 Monteiro (won 4 of 6) 9-3 vs. #55 Altamirano 14-0 (won 14 straight)
4.  Koontz 13-2 (split last 4) vs. #10 Kwiatkowski 12-3 (won 5 of 6)
5.  Tessaro 13-2 (won 11 of 12) vs. Aragone 11-3 (won 5 straight and 7 of 8)
6.  Corbett 8-1 (won 2 straight and 8 of 9) vs. #112 Styslinger 3-1 or Wiersholm 8-2 (won 5 of 6)

Projected Doubles Lineup - W-L in ( ):
1. #64 Bjerrehus/Koontz (VT 3-2) vs. #8 Corinteli/Shane (UVA 11-1)
2. Contini/Corbett (VT 3-0) vs. #54 Styslinger/Kwiatkowski (UVA 8-1)
3. Monteiro/Tessaro (VT 6-3) vs. Frank/Altamirano (UVA 9-2)

Virginia Tech surprised Louisville by taking the doubles point but I don't see them taking it against Virginia. Mitchell Frank will be a heavy favorite at 1 over Amerigo Contini as will Collin Altamirano at 3 over Joao Monteiro.  Virginia will be favored on the other 4 courts as well but I think Virginia Tech has a chance at the bottom 3 courts and I think Bjerrehus has an outside shot at Shane too.  If Virginia Tech were to pull the upset I'd say it'd come at 2, 4, 5, and 6.  In the end I'll take Frank, Shane, Altamirano, and Kwiatkowski for UVA and Tessaro and Corbett for VT.  Prediction: Virginia 5-2 

#8 Texas A&M (16-3) at #16 Florida (11-6) - 12pm est - Texas A&M has had Florida's number lately.  Last year the Aggies beat the Gators twice - once during the regular season in College Station and once in the finals of the SEC Tournament in Nashville with both ending in a 4-2 final. Texas A&M is 16-3 in doubles while Florida is 9-8.

Projected Singles Lineup:
1. #59 Jeremy Efferding (aTm 14.26) vs. #71 Diego Hidalgo (UF 14.12)
2. #67 Shane Vinsant (aTm 14.23) vs. #115 Elliott Orkin (UF 14.21)
3. Arthur Rinderknech (aTm 14.17) vs. Gordon Watson (UF 13.76)
4. #51 Harrison Adams (aTm 13.60) vs. #118 Maxx Lipman (UF 13.49)
5. #79 AJ Catanzariti (aTm 14.25) vs. Chase Perez-Blanco (UF 13.54)
6. Jordi Arconada (aTm 13.39) vs. Jordan Belga (UF 12.99)

Also could play:  Max Lunkin (aTm 13.07), Jordan Szabo (aTm 13.12), Joshua Wardell (UF 13.10), Oliver Landert (UF 13.09)

Dual-Match Singles Records:
1. #59 Jeremy Efferding 9-3 (split the last 4) vs. #71 Diego Hidalgo 9-2 (split the last 4)
2. #67 Shane Vinsant 6-2 (won 4 in a row) vs. #115 Elliott Orkin 10-5 (won 5 of 6)
3. Arthur Rinderknech 10-2 (won 10 of last 11) vs. Gordon Watson 8-6 (won 3 in a row)
4. #51 Harrison Adams 1-8 (won the last match) vs. #118 Maxx Lipman 3-9 (lost 4 straight)
5. #79 AJ Catanzariti 14-3 (won 10 in a row) vs. Chase Perez-Blanco 11-1 (won 8 in a row)
6. Jordi Arconada 5-2 (won 3 in a row) vs. Jordan Belga 3-2 (split the last 2)

Projected Doubles Lineup -  W-L in ( ):
1. #13 Adams/Vinsant (aTm 6-6) vs. #42 Watson/Hidalgo (UF 7-7)
2. #33 Efferding/Jordan Szabo (aTm 13-4) vs. Lipman/Orkin (UF 11-6)
3. Rinderknech/Catanzariti (aTm 13-2) vs. #62 Wardell/Landert (UF 7-6)

This is a big match for both teams with Texas A&M looking to stay at the top of the standings while Florida is looking to stay inside the top 16 which would likely guarantee a spot as a host of a NCAA Regional.  Texas A&M has been better at doubles all year but I think Florida finds a way to take the point to grab the early lead. 2 of Florida's biggest horses have been Elliott Orkin and Chase Perez-Blanco but I think Shane Vinsant and A.J Catanzariti will be too tough and I look for A&M to take both 2 and 5 singles.  I like Hidalgo's chance at #1 for Florida but think Rinderknech and Arconada pull through at 3 and 6 for A&M.  Picking a winner at #4 singles is nearly impossible because both Adams and Lipman are going through huge slumps.  I wouldn't be shocked if Florida won but I'm not expecting it.  Prediction: Texas A&M 4-2

Other Storylines for Sunday:

#35 Notre Dame gave #5 Duke a good match on Friday, can they do the same today and possibly knock off #19 North Carolina even though the Tar Heels have their #1 Brayden Schnur back in the lineup?

#28 Columbia really hammered #50 Dartmouth on Saturday while #36 Harvard barely got past #55 Cornell.  Will this one be competitive or will Columbia win going away?

#26 Mississippi State is riding high after the upset of #6 Georgia, will they have a letdown on Sunday against #45 South Carolina or will State prove that Friday wasn't a one-time thing?

Can #6 Georgia put the loss to #26 Mississippi State in its rear view mirror and take out its frustrations on #71 Alabama or will the Crimson Tide rally the troops like they did early this year against Ole Miss?

Illinois at Michigan - 12pm est - Live Scoring & Video
Notre Dame at North Carolina - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Miami at Louisville - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Wisconsin at Ohio State - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Minnesota at Penn State - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Texas A&M at Florida - 12pm est - Live Scoring
Virginia Tech at Virginia - 1pm est - Live Scoring & Streaming
Columbia at Harvard - 1pm est - Columbia Twitter & Harvard Twitter
Cornell at Dartmouth - 1pm est - Dartmouth Twitter
Princeton at Yale - 1pm est - Streaming Video & Princeton Twitter
Penn at Brown - 1pm est - Penn Twitter
VCU at Memphis - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Wake Forest at Clemson - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Nebraska at Purdue - 1pm est - Live Scoring
Iowa at Indiana - 2pm est - Live Scoring
South Carolina at Mississippi State - 2pm est - Live Scoring
Georgia at Alabama - 2pm est - Live Scoring
LSU at Auburn - 2pm est - Live Scoring
Stanford at Washington - 3pm est - Live Scoring 
NJIT at Penn State - 5pm est - Live Scoring

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