Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight

The 2015-16 season officially came to a close on Sunday afternoon in Tulsa with both doubles finals ending in pretty lopsided matches (Photos Courtesy of Bill Kallenberg/Captured In Action).

UCLA junior Mackenzie McDonald and sophomore Martin Redlicki won the men's doubles final with a straight set win over Texas A&M senior Jackson Withrow and sophomore Arthur Rinderknech. McDonald and Redlicki broke Rinderknech at love to go up 2-1 in the opening set and then after a series of holds Redlicki served out the opening set at love to take it 6-4.

McDonald and Redlicki broke Withrow on the deciding point to go up 2-1 in the second after McDonald hit a nice lob over Rinderknech's head which then put the Aggie duo on the defensive. Play was stopped for roughly two minutes due to a few stray sprinkles but once play restarted McDonald held from 40-15 to put UCLA up 3-1. McDonald and Redlicki broke Rinderknech from 15-40 after a Rinderknech double fault and then Redlicki held at love for 5-1. McDonald and Redlicki went up 0-40 on Withrow's serve but A&M worked the game back to the deciding point after a service winner and a pair of McDonald errors. McDonald redeemed himself on the deciding point by hitting a backhand return winner to give UCLA the 6-4, 6-1 win.

McDonald became the first guy to win both the singles and doubles titles in the same year since Georgia's Matias Boeker did it in 2001.

On the feeling of being a national champion...
"There's a lot of emotion running right now. On the court you tell yourself all the time one point at a time, just focus on every point and don't let the moment get to you' but it's challenging especially when you're in a championship match against a great team like the guys from A&M, and just being able to keep my composure down the stretch, Mackie (McDonald) as well. For him in singles and both of us in doubles I think it was just an incredible couple of weeks for us here in Tulsa and I'm really glad we were able to come up with the title. 
Words can't describe it.

On takeover to win the first set...
"Honestly, I don't think we changed much I just think we made more balls, were more consistent, placed our shots better, played smarter doubles and down the stretch we just turned it up a notch and were able to get it done.

Where does this rank as far as accomplishment in your life...
"This has to be, if not the most special, one of the top 5 most special moments in my tennis career. With overcoming adversity yes- terday, being able to fight it out, then coming out here and playing some of our best doubles in the championship match you just can't really beat that and I'm just really happy and excited. I'm ecstatic right now.

On getting this win for his doubles teammate after winning the singles title earlier today...
"I know how much we wanted this win. We really came out and took care of business. When I got back Marti got me in the right mindset and we did what we needed to do before the match and took care of it on the court.

On the last set...
"We played well. I feel like as the tournament progressed we played better and better with each match. We really didn't play doubles much after the team event. We focused on the singles a little bit and didn't practice that much in doubles with other people. Like I said,
I think we got better with each match and at the end I think we played our best tennis there and it showed with the score line. I'm really happy with how Marti returned and I really improved. We just played percentage tennis, made a lot of balls, and I served pretty well. We started using I-formation on me more, and it was good.

On being the 38th player since 1883 to win in both doubles and singles...
"It sounds pretty cool, I like it. I'm really happy with this accomplishment. This is unbelievable. I have always wanted to win something for UCLA and to bring back two trophies for them is really cool to me. I've always been a Bruin and this means a lot to me.

On where this day stacks up in this life...
"This is way up there for sure. It'll be even better if Steph Curry wins the NBA championship.

This is the 11th time that a UCLA doubles team has won the NCAA doubles championship, and the first time since 1996 (Justin Gimelstob and Srdjan Muskatirovic).
Mackenzie McDonald won both the singles title and the doubles championships. It's the 38th time that a player has won the singles and doubles championship since 1883.
The last time a player won both the singles and doubles titles was in 2001 when Georgia's Matias Boeker won the singles and teamed with Travis Parrott to win the doubles crown.

Total attendance for the 12-day tournament was 9,783 fans.

Men's Doubles Finals
#2 [2] Mackenzie McDonald-Martin Redlicki (UCLA) def. #8 Arthur Rinderknech-Jackson Withrow (Texas A&M) 6-4, 6-1

Florida sophomore Brooke Austin and junior Kourtney Keegan won the women's doubles final with a quick 54 minute win over Cal juniors Maegan Manasse and Denise Starr.

Austin and Keegan broke Manasse to start the match and then Keegan held for 2-0. Starr held for 1-2, Austin held for 3-1, and then Florida broke Manasse to go up 4-1. Starr held a few games later for 2-5 but Austin served out the set to make it 6-2. Austin and Keegan won all six games in the second set including a love hold by Keegan to seal the 6-2, 6-0 win.

On the feeling of being a national champion...
"I really don't know what to say. I'm speechless. We have worked so hard ever since we lost in the semis last year and were up 4-1, 30 love in the third. I think that was in the back of our minds today especially towards the end once we got up 4-0 and I think that definitely propelled us to the end. We've worked so hard the whole year and I'm just so happy that we won and I really can't believe it.

On the thoughts going into this year's tournament after being eliminated when up 4-1 in the semifinals last year...
"Ever since match number one here, it's definitely been in the back of our minds especially once we got further on in the tournament. Definitely yesterday, obviously once we got into the third set, but even in practice at home since then, every day we hear something about it. Our coach will be like 4-1 in the third you did this', so I think every day we worked on something towards getting to this goal here and trying to let go of that 4-1 in the third last year.

On confidence going forward into second set after winning the first set...
"We started off really well and got up 2-0 pretty quickly and I thought we were poaching a lot and being aggressive doing all the plays Roland (Head Coach) told us to do and it was obviously working. I think that gave us a lot of confidence and we just kept doing it throughout the match and they made some errors and that gave us more confidence and we just tried to stay focus and it ended up working out for us.

On capturing the first doubles championship since 2001 for the traditional tennis rich University of Florida...
"I'm just speechless. Until yesterday I didn't even know it had been 15 years since the last Florida team had been in the finals or won the tournament. So I'm just shocked that we won to be honest and I'm just so happy that we won.

On realization when you thought you would win during the match today...
"I knew at 5-0 once we got up 30 love in the game I was like alright we got this' and then Maegan missed the next return and we had match point and I was like okay we can do this' and then we won the next point.

On winning the national championship...
"I'm pretty speechless right now, honestly. It's a dream come true. We just went out there and tried our hardest. We were confident in ourselves and we really wanted it. We've worked so hard throughout the year that it just all came together.

On how much thought they gave to losing in the semifinals last year...
"In this tournament? Every single match. It was kept in the back of our minds, because we were heart-broken last year. We really wanted it, and we were that close. Thinking about the finish line isn't always the best idea. I think that was able to propel us forward and make us want it more and make us work harder. We came through with it.

On their first set...
"Especially in this kind of a match, everyone is going to be nervous on the court. I think going out there with a lot of confidence and starting out well early was key to the success throughout that whole set. Then in the second set, we started with a big lead as well, so that propelled us forward.

On winning the first doubles championship for Florida since 2001...
"Florida has always been known for their women's tennis players. I think that being a part of something like the University of Florida is better than anyone can imagine. Being a part of that, and making history and being the first doubles team since 2001 is ... I mean you can't beat it.

On when they knew on the court today that they would win...
"For me, it was when she hit the ball out for match point, after we officially won it. It's not over til it's over. Going up 5-0 and serving, I was serving well all week, and I knew that I was going to be able to pull it out.

Additional Quotes from head coach Roland Thornqvist via Florida's recap
On Austin and Keegan's NCAA Doubles Championship today... 
"Obviously, I am incredibly proud of the performance today. They played like pros. They were very focused. They made virtually every return and cool under pressure. It really started coming together when they were down 4-1 in the first set against Arizona State. After that point, they locked in, they made first serves, they were poaching and they were really good in return games. 

I am really proud of them. Anytime you win a National Championship, you have to play well and play with courage and I am proud to say that is exactly what Kourtney and Brooke did today."

Post-Match Quotes from Cal's recap
"It's a testament to the fantastic year our program had to compete on the last day of the season, Cal head coach Amanda Augustus said. "It's a big honor to compete in an NCAA championship final. Denise and Maegan had a fantastic season, winning a doubles championship in the fall and a team national championship indoors in the spring. It's been a fantastic year. I'm proud of everything Maegan and Denise accomplished this season as well as everything our entire team and program accomplished.

"Florida just played a little bit better than us today. Credit to them; they're a good team.

"They came out really strong and aggressive, and we started out maybe a little too passive, Starr added. "We had a lot of close games. We competed well today regardless of the score. It feels great we were well represented here for another year.

"We had such a great tournament, Manasse said. "There were a couple of matches that were really close, and we stayed mentally tough like in the 10-point tiebreaker in the semifinal. What we take away from this is we had a such a great tournament and have one more year to represent Cal. We're excited to move on to next year. We're going to take a couple days off and enjoy how well we did winning a doubles national championship, winning an indoor team championship, getting to the semifinals of the NCAA team tournament and getting to the finals of doubles.

Florida won its fifth NCAA doubles title and first since the 2001 season. Florida's first NCAA doubles crown came in 1991, while also winning titles in 1996, 1997.

It's the third straight season that a team from the SEC has won the doubles title. The Alabama team of Maya Jansen and Erin Routliffe won the doubles title in both 2014 and 2015.

Women's Doubles Finals
#3 [3] Brooke Austin-Kourtney Keegan (Florida) def. #4 [4] Maegan Manasse-Denise Starr (California) 6-2, 6-0

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 12:37

Final Men's Team Rankings

The ITA actually put these final team rankings out last week on May 25th but I didn't make a release because I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle with the NCAA Tournament still in progress.

The national champion Virginia Cavaliers finished at the top spot while UCLA finished at No. 2 and TCU finished at No. 3. Oklahoma made the biggest jump in the top 10 by rising four spots from No. 10 to No. 6 after making a run to the finals. Cal moved up four spots as well by coming up from No. 13 to No. 9 after making it all the way to the semifinals.

Stanford and SMU had the biggest increases with each coming up eight spots to No. 21 and No. 22 respectively after each made it to the NCAA Round of 16.

Teams were able to earn bonus points based on performance at the NCAA Tournament - below is the chart that shows how many points were earned for each round.

Bonus points for NCAA Team Championship
Advance to second Round - 1 point added to overall average
Round of 16 - 2 points
Quarterfinals - 3 points
Semifinals - 4 points
Final - 6 points
Champion - Automatically ranked No. 1

Texas moved up two spots to No. 16 while Illinois fell three spots No. 18 which means Texas should have the chance to host an ITA Kick-Off Weekend regional in January while Illinois will have to go on the road. The Kick-Off Weekend regionals determine which teams get to play at the National Team Indoors which will take place in Charlottesville in mid-February. The draft for the Kick-Off Weekend will take place on June 8th so look for a post in the coming days.

The only team to drop out of the top 75 was St. John's while Portland came in at No. 74.

Final Men's Team Rankings

RankAvgSchoolPrevious Rank
180.64University of Virginia1
471.38Ohio State University5
571.02North Carolina3
670.12University of Oklahoma10
770.10University of Georgia7
865.82Wake Forest University6
1061.21University of Florida9
1159.34Texas Tech University8
1258.22University of Southern California11
1350.04Oklahoma State University16
1447.58Texas A&M University12
1545.29Northwestern University14
1644.55University of Texas18
1744.46University of South Florida17
1843.88University of Illinois15
1940.60Mississippi State University21
2040.06University of Arkansas19
2136.00Stanford University29
2335.22University of Kentucky20
2432.98University of Tulsa23
2531.85University of Michigan24
2630.61Florida State University22
2730.06University of Mississippi27
2829.77Columbia University25
2929.65University of San Diego28
3028.58Rice University26
3128.10Tulane University31
3227.79Baylor University35
3327.19Virginia Tech33
3427.04University of Oregon38
3626.16Penn State University37
3725.60Georgia Tech32
3822.35Vanderbilt University34
3920.60University of Washington39
4018.98University of Memphis42
4118.85University of Alabama43
4218.52University of Notre Dame40
4318.37Dartmouth College41
4417.06UC Santa Barbara44
4516.74University of South Carolina45
4616.58North Carolina State46
4715.73University of Denver47
4814.93Old Dominion University48
4914.73Drake University51
5013.94Purdue University49
5112.91Harvard University52
5212.76Princeton University53
5412.50Cornell University50
5511.36Boise State University58
5611.24Indiana University-Bloomington59
5711.13University of Wisconsin57
5810.96Lamar University56
5910.91East Tennessee State University55
6010.86Utah State University60
6110.82Brigham Young University61
6210.35Cal Poly64
639.95Georgia State University62
649.42Auburn University63
658.52University of Iowa65
668.34University of Nebraska66
678.19Loyola Marymount University70
688.16Wichita State University67
698.09University of New Mexico68
707.97University of the Pacific (California)69
717.77UC Davis74
727.64University of Utah73
737.52UNC Wilmington72
747.07University of PortlandNR
757.03Duke University75

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Final Women's Team Rankings

The national champion Stanford Cardinal made the jump from No. 15 all the way up to No. 1 after defeating Oklahoma State 4-3 to win the NCAA Championship. Oklahoma State moved up four spots from No. 12 to No. 8 but anyone who saw them play would say without a doubt they were a top 5 team.

Cal stayed at No. 2 after a semifinal appearance while Florida, who was No. 1, dropped to No. 3 after losing in the Round of 16 to Stanford. North Carolina fell one spot to No. 4 and Vanderbilt came up one spot to No. 5.

There were several teams that made big jumps or falls with Baylor coming up eight spots to No. 32, Rice coming up seven spots to No. 41, and TCU coming up six spots to No. 31. Duke and NC State took the biggest tumbles inside the top 50 with each falling five spots to No. 14 and No. 40 respectively.

Teams were able to earn bonus points based on performance at the NCAA Tournament - below is the chart that shows how many points were earned for each round.

Bonus points for NCAA Team Championship
Advance to second Round - 1 point added to overall average
Round of 16 - 2 points
Quarterfinals - 3 points
Semifinals - 4 points
Final - 6 points
Champion - Automatically ranked No. 1

These rankings are also used to to determine who will host ITA Kick-Off Weekend regionals though many of the top program usually opt out which means teams in the 20s will probably have a chance at hosting. I'll have more information on the Kick-Off Draft, which takes place on June 9th, as they become available.

Final Women's Team Rankings

RankAvgSchoolPrevious Rank
373.59University of Florida1
470.92North Carolina3
570.51Vanderbilt University6
670.30Ohio State University4
768.37University of Georgia5
867.83Oklahoma State University12
1060.01University of Miami (Florida)7
1158.74University of Michigan10
1252.41Auburn University11
1352.21University of Virginia14
1449.61Duke University9
1548.08Texas Tech University16
1645.89Georgia Tech17
1745.68University of South Carolina13
1939.12Texas A&M University19
2038.57University of Texas at Austin24
2138.42University of Southern California20
2236.59Arizona State University23
2335.27Mississippi State University21
2432.23University of Kentucky22
2629.20University of Tulsa28
2728.18Syracuse University25
2826.46Northwestern University30
2924.98Wake Forest University26
3023.90Wichita State University29
3223.04Baylor University40
3321.92University of Kansas32
3421.13Rice University41
3520.29Clemson University31
3620.09University of Arkansas33
3719.72Columbia University36
3819.49Virginia Tech34
3918.85College of William and Mary38
4018.73North Carolina State35
4118.51Princeton University39
4216.73University of Mississippi42
4315.77Fresno State44
4414.59University of Notre Dame43
4514.38Dartmouth College47
4614.13Florida International University (FIU)45
4714.08University of Pennsylvania49
4813.66Georgia State University46
4913.43University of Illinois51
5013.40University of Denver48
5113.19University of Washington53
5312.59University of South Alabama52
5412.32University of Alabama54
5512.12Harvard University56
5611.62UC Santa Barbara74
5711.47Cornell University59
5811.46University of Oregon58
5911.16University of Utah61
6011.14Brown University60
6110.90University of South Florida57
6210.57Long Beach State University62
6310.46Florida State University55
6410.40University of New Mexico63
658.84Univ. of Missouri, Columbia64
668.79DePaul University65
678.33Old Dominion University68
688.26Washington State University70
698.16Boston College66
708.13Xavier University67
718.05Yale University72
728.04Purdue University75
737.82University of North Texas73
747.72University of Arizona71
757.61University of Texas at Arlington69

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Final Men's Singles Rankings

The final singles rankings were released on Wednesday with NCAA singles champion Mackenzie McDonald finishing the year at No. 1.

The NCAA Champion Virginia Cavaliers had all six singles starters ranked in the top 125 while no other team had more than four. There were nine teams that had four ranked starters with another five that had three ranked.

I'll do a comparison of the ITA rankings versus Universal Tennis Ratings in the coming days.

Teams with at least 4 ranked players

Virginia (1)
#7 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (Jr)
#15 Ryan Shane (Sr)
#34 Collin Altamirano (Soph)
#84 Alexander Ritschard (Soph)
#110 J.C. Aragone (Jr)
#116 Henrik Wiersholm (Soph)

UCLA (2)
#1 Mackenzie McDonald (Jr)
#35 Martin Redlicki (Soph)
#63 Gage Brymer (Jr)
#97 Karue Sell (Sr)

Ohio State (4)
#2 Mikael Torpegaard (Soph)
#52 Hugo Di Feo (Fr)
#67 Chris Diaz (Sr)
#104 Herkko Pollanen (Jr)

North Carolina (5)
#23 Ronnie Schneider (Jr)
#30 Brayden Schnur (Jr)
#53 Brett Clark (Sr)
#121 Robert Kelly (Soph)

Oklahoma (6)
#22 Axel Alvarez (Sr)
#41 Andrew Harris (Jr)
#65 Alex Ghilea (Jr)
#79 Spencer Papa (Soph)

Georgia (7)
#12 Austin Smith (Sr)
#31 Wayne Montgomery (Soph)
#66 Paul Oosterbaan (Soph)
#124 Walker Duncan (Fr)

California (9)
#27 Florian Lakat (Jr)
#32 Andre Goransson (Jr)
#95 Billy Griffith (Soph)
#119 Filip Bergevi (Jr)

Florida (10)
#13 Diego Hidalgo (Sr)
#38 Elliott Orkin (Jr)
#58 Alfredo Perez (Fr)
#118 Chase Perez-Blanco (Soph)

USC (12)
#24 Max de Vroome (Sr)
#45 Nick Crystal (Jr)
#77 Logan Smith (Fr)
#100 Jake DeVine (Fr)

Virginia Tech (33)
#9 Joao Monteiro (Sr)
#61 Andreas Bjerrehus (Sr)
#82 Edoardo Tessaro (Sr)
#114 Amerigo Contini (Sr)

Teams with 3 ranked players

TCU (3)
#3 Cameron Norrie (Soph)
#21 Alex Rybakov (Fr)
#87 Guillermo Nunez (Soph)

Northwestern (15)
#26 Konrad Zieba (Jr)
#51 Sam Shropshire (Jr)
#71 Strong Kirchheimer (Jr)

Illinois (18)
#6 Aleks Vukic (Soph)
#16 Jared Hiltzik (Sr)
#75 Aron Hiltzik (Soph)

Mississippi State (19)
#43 Mate Cutura (Jr)
#59 Rishab Agarwal (Jr)
#70 Nuno Borges (Fr)

NC State (46)
#62 Simon Norenius (Sr)
#64 Nick Horton (Jr)
#107 Thomas Weigel (Sr)

Ranking Breakdown By Class
Freshmen - 13 (Chrysochos 18)
Sophomore - 38 (Torpegaard 2)
Junior - 37 (McDonald 1)
Senior - 37 (Koepfer 4)

RankAvgPlayerSchoolPrv RankClass
163.56Mackenzie McDonaldUCLA6Jr
259.43Mikael TorpegaardOhio State University1Soph
352.54Cameron NorrieTCU5Soph
452.17Dominik KoepferTulane University3Sr
552.03Roberto CidUniversity of South Florida2Sr
647.69Aleks VukicUniversity of Illinois4Soph
744.77Thai-Son KwiatkowskiUniversity of Virginia9Jr
841.85Christopher EubanksGeorgia Tech7Soph
939.92Joao MonteiroVirginia Tech14Sr
1037.86Tom FawcettStanford University15Soph
1137.7Julian LenzBaylor University12Sr
1237.44Austin SmithUniversity of Georgia17Sr
1336.6Diego HidalgoUniversity of Florida10Sr
1436.31Skander MansouriWake Forest University13Soph
1535.45Ryan ShaneUniversity of Virginia8Sr
1632.63Jared HiltzikUniversity of Illinois16Sr
1732.43Benjamin LockFlorida State University11Sr
1828.92Petros ChrysochosWake Forest University27Fr
1928.23Felipe SoaresTexas Tech University19Sr
2027.19Arthur RinderknechTexas A&M University18Soph
2125.09Alex RybakovTCU24Fr
2223.92Axel Alvarez LlamasUniversity of Oklahoma25Sr
2323.79Ronnie SchneiderNorth Carolina28Jr
2423.77Max de VroomeUniversity of Southern California23Sr
2523.3Mike RedlickiUniversity of Arkansas21Jr
2623.24Konrad ZiebaNorthwestern University20Jr
2722.69Florian LakatCalifornia30Jr
2822.35Nicolas AlvarezDuke University22Soph
2921.94William BushamukaUniversity of Kentucky29Soph
3020.24Brayden SchnurNorth Carolina26Jr
3119.89Wayne MontgomeryUniversity of Georgia32Soph
3219.68Andre GoranssonCalifornia31Jr
3318.34Gustav HanssonUniversity of Mississippi39Soph
3416.72Collin AltamiranoUniversity of Virginia33Soph
3516.52Martin RedlickiUCLA38Soph
3616.06Quentin MonaghanUniversity of Notre Dame35Sr
3715.73Daniel ValentVanderbilt University36Soph
3815.25Elliott OrkinUniversity of Florida37Jr
3914.74Dominic CotroneUniversity of South Florida47Sr
4014.64George GoldhoffUniversity of Texas68Jr
4113.87Andrew HarrisUniversity of Oklahoma97Jr
4213.82Or Ram-HarelUniversity of Tulsa48Jr
4313.44Mate CuturaMississippi State University34Jr
4413.42Shane VinsantTexas A&M University52
Friday, 03 June 2016 10:45

Final Women's Singles Rankings

The final singles rankings were released on Wednesday with NCAA singles champion Danielle Collins finishing the year at No. 1.

Cal, Florida, and Ohio State each had five ranked singles players while NCAA Champion Stanford was one of six teams that had four ranked players. There were ten teams that had three ranked players including national runner-up Oklahoma State.

There were more juniors ranked in the top 125 than any other class. It was interesting to see 22 freshmen in the top 125 while the guys only had 13 freshmen ranked.

I'll do a comparison of the ITA rankings versus Universal Tennis Ratings in the coming days.

Teams with at least 4 ranked players

California (2)
#9 Maegan Manasse (Jr)
#16 Klara Fabikova (Sr)
#88 Denise Starr (Jr)
#93 Lynn Chi (Sr)
#121 Olivia Hauger (Fr)

Florida (3)
#8 Brooke Austin (Soph)
#15 Belinda Woolcock (Jr)
#43 Kourtney Keegan (Jr)
#63 Anna Danilina (Soph)
#119 Brianna Morgan (Sr)

Ohio State (6)
#4 Francesca Di Lorenzo (Fr)
#95 Sandy Niehaus (Jr)
#96 Anna Sanford (Soph)
#110 Gabriella De Santis (Jr)
#111 Olivia Sneed (Soph)

Stanford (1)
#24 Carol Zhao (Jr)
#35 Taylor Davidson (Jr)
#73 Caroline Doyle (Jr)
#123 Krista Hardebeck (Sr)

Georgia (7)
#5 Ellen Perez (Soph)
#22 Kennedy Shaffer (Soph)
#34 Caroline Brinson (Jr)
#115 Silvia Garcia (Sr)

Miami (10)
#6 Sinead Lohan (Soph)
#10 Stephanie Wagner (Sr)
#50 Yolimar Ogando (Soph)
#81 Wendy Zhang (Soph)

Virginia (13)
#1 Danielle Collins (Sr)
#13 Julia Elbaba (Sr)
#82 Stephanie Nauta (Sr)
#83 Skylar Morton (Sr)

Mississippi State (23)
#11 Jasmine Lee (Jr)
#37 Georgiana Patrasc (Sr)
#105 Anastasia Rentouli (Fr)
#117 Madison Harrison (Soph)

#42 Ole Miss
#26 Arianne Hartono (Soph)
#72 Natalie Suk (Soph)
#106 Mai El Kamash (Sr)
#112 Tea Jandric (Fr)

Teams with 3 ranked players

North Carolina (4)
#2 Hayley Carter (Jr)
#41 Whitney Kay (Sr)
#49 Jessie Aney (Fr)

Vanderbilt (5)
#14 Frances Altick (Sr)
#20 Sydney Campbell (Jr)
#32 Astra Sharma (Soph)

Oklahoma State (8)

#17 Katarina Adamovic (Jr)
#40 Vladica Babic (Soph)
#58 Viktoriya Lushkova (Jr)

Michigan (11)
#12 Ronit Yurovsky (Sr)
#19 Brienne Minor (Fr)
#61 Kate Fahey (Fr)

Auburn (12)
#21 Andie Dikosavljevic (Soph)
#39 Alizee Michaud (Soph)
#69 Pleun Burgmans (Sr)

Duke (14)
#46 Beatrice Capra (Sr)
#52 Kaitlyn McCarthy (Fr)
#59 Chalena Scholl (Jr)

Georgia Tech (16)
#33 Johnnise Renaud (Soph)
#38 Paige Hourigan (Soph)
#108 Rasheeda McAdoo (Jr)

South Carolina (17)
#71 Caroline Dailey (Jr)
#76 Ingrid Gamarra Martins (Fr)
#97 Paige Clin (Fr)

Southern California (21)
#31 Giuliana Olmos (Sr)
#116 Rianna Valdes (Fr)
#124 Madison Westby (Soph)

Notre Dame (44)
#57 Quinn Gleason (Sr)
#89 Monica Robinson (Jr)
#109 Allison Miller (Soph)

Ranking Breakdown By Class
Freshmen - 22 (Stefani 3)
Sophomore - 30 (Perez 5)
Junior - 40 (Carter 2)
Senior - 33 (Collins 1)

RankAvgPlayerSchoolPrv RankClass
164.57Danielle CollinsUniversity of Virginia2Sr
263.78Hayley CarterNorth Carolina1Jr
354.33Luisa StefaniPepperdine6Fr
453.31Francesca Di LorenzoOhio State University3Fr
552.4Ellen PerezUniversity of Georgia5Soph
651.4Sinead LohanUniversity of Miami (Florida)8Soph
748.47Breaunna AddisonUniversity of Texas at Austin10Sr
847.02Brooke AustinUniversity of Florida4Soph
945.63Maegan ManasseCalifornia7Jr
1044.36Stephanie WagnerUniversity of Miami (Florida)9Sr
1142.81Jasmine LeeMississippi State University13Jr
1239.44Ronit YurovskyUniversity of Michigan15Sr
1339.22Julia ElbabaUniversity of Virginia12Sr
1437.41Frances AltickVanderbilt University14Sr
1536.88Belinda WoolcockUniversity of Florida11Jr
1633.25Klara FabikovaCalifornia16Sr
1730.54Katarina AdamovicOklahoma State University47Jr
1826.73Catherine HarrisonUCLA17Sr
1926.56Brienne MinorUniversity of Michigan19Fr
2025.02Sydney CampbellVanderbilt University18Jr
2124.6Andie DikosavljevicAuburn University20Soph
2224.42Kennedy ShafferUniversity of Georgia28Soph
2323.85Saska GavrilovskaTexas A&M University24Jr
2422.38Carol ZhaoStanford25Jr
2521.39Joana Vale CostaLSU22Jr
2620.89Arianne HartonoUniversity of Mississippi33Soph
2720.65Yuliya LysaUniversity of Arkansas21Sr
2820.26Desirae KrawczykArizona State University35Sr
2919.29Erin RoutliffeUniversity of Alabama23Fr
3019.02Joana EidukonyteClemson University26Sr
3119.01Giuliana OlmosUniversity of Southern California27Sr
3218.44Astra SharmaVanderbilt University32Soph
3317.67Johnnise RenaudGeorgia Tech34Soph
3417.45Caroline BrinsonUniversity of Georgia30Jr
3516.92Taylor DavidsonStanford46Jr
3616.76Aldila SutjiadiUniversity of Kentucky29Jr
3716.59Georgiana PatrascMississippi State University36Sr
3816.48Paige HouriganGeorgia Tech39Soph
3916.35Alizee MichaudAuburn University31Soph
4014.97Vladica BabicOklahoma State University44Soph
4113.83Whitney KayNorth Carolina41Sr
4213.5Daneika BorthwickFlorida State University38Sr
4313.35Kourtney KeeganUniversity of Florida40Jr
Summer time means a slew of college guys/gals hit the road to play in Pro Circuit events all across the world so I'll start doing a weekly recap each Sunday of the top performers. 

Nick Chappell (TCU '15) was playing in his first career singles final at the Kiryat Shmona, Israel, F9 Futures but he came up short falling to #638 Edan Leshem 6-3, 6-3. Leshem broke Chappell from 30/40 to go up 3-1 in the first and then held three more times to take the opening set 6-3. Leshem broke Chappell to go up 2-1 in the second on a three-deuce game but Chappell broke back from 15/40 to even it at 2-2. Leshem broke on a one-deuce game to go up 4-3 and then broke again on a three-deuce game to seal the win. Chappell's semifinal appearance a week ago earned him a new career high ranking of 823 and this finals appearance should bump him up even higher next week. 

Nik Scholtz (Ole Miss '15) was seeking his first singles title of the year, and eighth overall, but he ran into a buzzsaw named Marc Sieber in the finals of the Antalya, Turkey F22 Futures. Sieber was appearing in his fifth Futures final of the year, having won three of four, and really took it to Nik winning 6-0, 6-1 in one hour and thirteen minutes. Despite the lopsided score 5 of 13 games went to deuce and 9 of 13 went to at least 40/30 or 30/40. 

Finn Tearney (Pepperdine '13) was trying to win his second career singles title but he came up short falling to Mitchell Krueger in the finals of the Jinan, China, F9 Futures. Krueger was a 2012 Texas A&M commit but he chose the pro route instead and this win today was his third career singles title. Tearney broke on a two-deuce game to go up 2-1 in the first but Krueger broke back from 15/40 to even it at 2-2. Tearney broke from 30/40 to go up 4-3 and then he held for 5-3. Krueger held at love for 4-5 and then broke from 30/40 to tie it at 5-5. The first set went to a tiebreak with Tearney going ahead 3-1 but Krueger won 6 of the next 7 points to take the tiebreak 7-4. Krueger broke on a one-deuce game to go ahead 2-1 in the second and he made the break lead hold up to take it 7-6(4), 6-3.

Illinois rising junior Aron Hiltzik defeated his Illini teammate Julian Childers 6-3, 6-0 in the finals of the Decatur, Illinois, Ursula Beck Wildcard Shootout. The win earned Hiltzik a main draw wild card in the August Futures event while Childers was awarded a qualifying wild card for his runner-up finish. Full results are available here.  

My coaching carousel page should be current with all Division I men's and women's head coaching openings listed on this page. I'm currently showing 13 men's and 16 women's jobs open including some higher profile ones like Oklahoma (M&W), Arizona State (M), Auburn (M), Illinois (W), and Miami FL (M). There are a few places that had an interim coach this year so it's possible the interim coach could land the full time position. 

It's draft time!!! This Wednesday afternoon the 2017 ITA Division I Men's Kick-Off Weekend draft will begin at noon eastern and last until roughly 3 p.m. There will be 15 teams hosting four-team regionals during the Kick-Off Weekend which will take place next January with the winners advancing to the 2017 Men's National Team Indoors in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Women's K-O Weekend Draft will take place on Thursday with Yale set to host the 2017 Women's NTI.

The Virginia men and Yale women get an automatic berth as the NTI hosts but everyone else has to earn their spots. The regional hosts and the order of selection are determined by the final rankings which were released the day after the NCAA Finals.

All the teams ranked from #1 through #60 has the opportunity to participate but several usually pass for a variety of reasons - warm weather schools that doesn't see the value of playing indoors, academic schedule that doesn't align with the Kick-Off Weekend, would rather play matches against teams that it has a better chance of beating, etc.

Last year there were five women's teams in the top 20 that passed but this season #1 Stanford was the only one to opt-out; the highest ranked men's team to pass was #44 UC Santa Barbara.

Men's teams that opted out - #44 UC Santa Barbara, #45 South Carolina, #51 Harvard, #52 Princeton, #54 Cornell
Women's teams that opted out - #1 Stanford, #32 Baylor, #41 Princeton, #44 Notre Dame, #59 Utah, #62 Long Beach State

The way the draft works is the first team up gets to choose which of the 15 regional sites they'd like to play at. After they make their selection then the next team gets to choose and so forth. It's a fascinating concept because unlike the NCAA Tournament where you are placed by the committee in this draft each team sets its own path.

#16 South Florida will have the first choice so what they have to do is look at each of the hosts and make its decision based off these factors:
  • What will the host's roster look like next season (who is coming back/who is departing)?
  • Its strengths/weaknesses versus others hosts - i.e if we have a strong 1 and 2 can we find a team that doesn't have as strong a 1 and 2 so we can at least count on those 2 courts and like wise if we have a weak bottom 2 can we find a team that also has a weaker bottom 2.
  • Indoor or outdoor - if we don't like indoor tennis then we pick an outdoor site and vice-versa. 
  • Travel expenses - probably not an issue for the Power 5 schools but something that a mid-major might look at. 
In my opinion you'll see South Florida end up going to either Gainesville or Lubbock because they are both outdoor regionals and Texas Tech has to replace its top two players, Soares/Dojas, while Florida has to replace its #1 and #5. I'll make my projections tomorrow with where I think everyone will go.

Here are the 15 men's regional hosts and even though it's an INDOOR tournament 7 of the regionals will be played outdoors. I also listed how many starters are expected to return on each of the hosts.

1. UCLA (outdoors) - most likely will have to replace #1 and #4 (McDonald/Sell)
2. TCU (outdoors) - if Norrie and Rybakov return everyone will be back
3. Ohio State - replace #2 and #4 (Diaz/Steinbach)
4. North Carolina - most likely will have to replace #1 and #3 (Schnur/Clark)
5. Oklahoma - replace #1 and #2 (Harris/Alvarez)
6. Georgia - replace #1 and #6 (Smith/Wood)
7. Wake Forest - replace #3 and #4 (Ho/Bogaerts)
8. Cal (outdoors) - replace #5 (Wikberg)
9. Florida (outdoors) - replace #1 and #5 (Hidalgo/Watson)
10. Texas Tech (outdoors) - replace #1 and #2 (Soares/Dojas)
11. USC (outdoors) - replace #1 (de Vroome)
12. Oklahoma State - return everyone
13. Texas A&M (outdoors) - replace #2, #4, #5 Withrow (Vinsant/Adams/Withrow)
14. Northwestern - replace #4 (Baev)
15. Texas - replace #5 (Riechmann)

Here are the 15 women's regional hosts with 6 being played outdoors:

1. Cal (outdoors) - replace #2 and #3 (Fabikova/Chi)
2. Florida (outdoors) - replace #3 (Morgan)
3. North Carolina - replace #2, #4, #6 (Kay/Vialle/Dai)
4. Vanderbilt - replace #2 and #4 (Altick/Colton)
5. Ohio State - return everyone
6. Georgia - replace #3 (Garcia)
7. Oklahoma State - replace #4 (Laurente)
8. Pepperdine (outdoors) - replace #5 and #6 (Cutura/Capannolo)
9. Miami FL (outdoors) - replace #1 (Wagner)
10. Michigan - replace #1 (Yurovsky)
11. Auburn (outdoors) - replace #3 and #5 (Burgmans/de Man)
12. Virginia - replace #1, #2, and #3 (Collins/Elbaba/Nauta)
13. Duke - replace #1 (Capra)
14. Texas Tech (outdoors) - return everyone
15. Georgia Tech - replace #4 and #6 (Woodard/Prokhnevska)

I'll my projections on each women's regional as well - here is a list of which teams are picking and in which order.

    Below is how last year's draft went:

    Below is where the results from this year's draft will go:

    ITA Kick-off Weekend Draft Procedures and Policies 

    Participating Teams (60) 
    1. The top 3 teams per region (36 teams) according to the final ITA Division I national team rankings (if ranked in Top 75). 
    2. Remaining 24 teams in order based on the final ITA national rankings. 
    3. Participation is not mandatory. 
    4. Information/Entry forms will be sent by e-mail to the Top 75 schools in the final year-end 
      rankings. The Information/Entry form must be submitted to the ITA by May 25. The form requests 5 phone numbers for the school's coaching staff and administration that will be used to make contact with each institution during the draft. It is not a commitment to play. 
    5. ITA National Team Indoor Championship host schools receive automatic invitation to final 16. (Women: Yale Univerity; Men: University of Virginia) 
    1. 15 host teams are displayed on ITA website. A link to each site's schedule of play and whether it is an indoor or outdoor site will also be displayed. The web page will be instantly updated each time a school selects a site. Teams will be expected to follow the draft's progress on the website prior to their call time. 
    2. The ITA will call out to each school, in rank order, at predetermined times. The order and call out times will be sent out on June 1st. If the ITA cannot reach anyone at the 5 phone numbers (or total number of those) provided the call administrator will REMOVE THE TEAM FROM THE DRAFT. Coaches will have a maximum of 10 minutes to select what site they would like to play at. 
    3. Highest ranked team not a host/on the board selects which of the 15 sites they want to go to. When called they will choose where they want to play, then the next highest team is called and chooses, and so on. 
    4. A team is allowed to choose wherever it wants to go until a site is filled with 4 teams. The only exception, in order to maintain the integrity of the final 16 draw, will be if a top 8 seeded team(s) select(s) not to host and is/are first in the draft order they cannot choose a site that has a top 7 seed in it, it must select sites with the No. 8-15 seeds. 
    5. The draft will be complete when all 60 places in the draw are occupied. 
    6. Pairings will be determined as the draft progresses. For example: If No. 1 Georgia is a host and the three teams that choose to go there are No. 20 NC State, No. 25 Michigan and No. 41 Wisconsin, the first round match-ups would be: No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 2 
      NC State vs. No. 3 Michigan. 
    7. A team can decide not to participate during the draft. For example a coach can elect not to 
      participate based on the sites/matches available at his/her team's time in the Draft. 
    8. A list of alternate teams will be notified that while they are not in the original 60 selected for the draft, invitations could be sent to them if teams elect to "pass during their draft turn. A ranking list to No. 125 will be used (in order) for this. If it is necessary to go beyond No. 125, invitations will be sent based on the geography of the remaining sites and selected 
      by committee. 
    9. Teams are responsible for all travel costs to the 15 opening round sites. 
    10. All participating teams (including host sites) must pay a $100 entry fee to the ITA. 
    11. If a team participates in the draft, then later elects to withdraw from the event it will receive 
      2 unranked losses in the ITA Rankings for the duration of the season as penalty. An alternate will be selected in order of final national ranking (using the same method as in No. 8). If this team is a host site, the invitations to host will be extended to the next highest seed at that site. The seeding match-ups will also be changed at that site.
    Host Site Selections
    1. Top 15 teams according to the final ITA national rankings; 
    2. Hosting is not mandatory. If a team declines the opportunity to host, it may still participate and the next highest ranked site will be invited to host. 
    Host Site Requirements
    1. Host Sites (HS) will be required to distinguish themselves as indoor or outdoor sites prior to the draft, i.e. matches at a site that submits itself as an indoor site prior to the draft will be played indoors regardless of the weather during that event. An outdoor site may play indoors in case of inclement weather per ITA Rule II.B.13. 
    2. HS will turn in proposed schedule of play (included practice court schedule) by May 22 for Operating Committee review. Once the schedule has been approved, the dates of play may not be changed. The times may only be changed if agreed upon by all 4 participating coaches and the head referee. 
    3. HS agrees to chair every match in all 4 team dual matches. 
    4. HS is responsible with all costs associated with hosting the 4 matches (balls, trainers, officials, promotions, etc.). 
    5. Sites that do not have indoor backup are required to have access to 12 outdoor courts in the event of inclement weather. 
    6. HS is required to designate a hotel(s) within 15 miles of site where matches are played. 
    7. For dual gender sites that require play to start on Friday, January 27, the men will play first in 2017 (on a rotational basis that will mirror the rotation for the round of 16 at NCAA tournament the same year) 
    8. Practice courts will be made available at the event site for all participating teams the day prior to the event for a minimum of 3 courts for 90 minutes per team. At dual gender sites, the HS can request permission for warm-up courts for all teams playing on day 2 to be at an alternate site with a similar surface. 
    9. All participating teams (including host sites) must pay a $100 entry fee to the ITA. 
    Tuesday, 07 June 2016 19:58

    Men's Kick-Off Weekend Draft Projections

    We are less than 24 hours away from the men's draft so I thought I'd try to pick where everyone will go. I did the same thing last year and got some right so we'll see how I do this year.

    Usually you figure that the first 15 to 20 teams will try to find a regional where they think they can win the whole thing but then the rest are making picks off based who else is in the regional so they can try to pick up at least one quality win. By the time you get to the bottom of the barrel you have to what's left which usually are the toughest spots that everyone else is avoiding.

    Here are the regional hosts with a notation about whether the matches will be played indoors or outdoors along with who the hosts will have to replace next season:

    1. UCLA (outdoors) - most likely will have to replace #1 and #4 (McDonald/Sell)
    2. TCU (outdoors) - if Norrie and Rybakov return everyone will be back
    3. Ohio State - replace #2 and #4 (Diaz/Steinbach)
    4. North Carolina - most likely will have to replace #1 and #3 (Schnur/Clark)
    5. Oklahoma - replace #1 and #2 (Harris/Alvarez)
    6. Georgia - replace #1 and #6 (Smith/Wood); replace #1 doubles (Smith/Wagland)
    7. Wake Forest - replace #3 and #4 (Ho/Bogaerts)
    8. Cal (outdoors) - replace #5 (Wikberg)
    9. Florida (outdoors) - replace #1 and #5 (Hidalgo/Watson)
    10. Texas Tech (outdoors) - replace #1 and #2 (Soares/Dojas)
    11. USC (outdoors) - replace #1 (de Vroome)
    12. Oklahoma State - return everyone
    13. Texas A&M (outdoors) - replace #2, #4, #5 Withrow (Vinsant/Adams/Withrow)
    14. Northwestern - replace #4 (Baev)
    15. Texas - replace #5 (Riechmann)

    South Florida will be up first and I originally thought they might choose Texas Tech because Tech has to replace its top two but then I figured it'd probably be more convenient to go up to Florida. Florida has to replace a pair of starters plus USF would be much more familiar with the court conditions and of course travel would be a piece of cake compared to having to get to Lubbock. South Florida has to replace Roberto Cid, Dominic Cotrone, and Ignacio Gonzalez-Muniz so it's going to be tough for them regardless of where they go.

    Illinois will have an interesting selection because they can go anywhere but I think they'll stay close to home and go up to Evanston to play in the Northwestern regional. However I wouldn't be surprised if they chose the Oklahoma, Texas Tech, or Texas A&M regionals because those are the teams that have to replace a lot of top-end talent.

    I think Mississippi State definitely chooses an outdoors location with Texas A&M and Texas Tech the likeliest landing spots.

    Arkansas is probably just as comfortable outside as they are inside so they have plenty of options to choose from but I think they go to Oklahoma to try and beat the Sooners for the second year in a row.

    I have the Oklahoma State regional filling up first mainly based off SMU choosing to go there as a #2 seed. The reason I think SMU would go there as #2 seed is because they shutout Oklahoma State in Stillwater last season. I think Kentucky would like its chances against SMU so they'd follow suit and then Tulsa would think they'd have a fighting chance against Oklahoma State so they'd go there as the #4 seed. Of course if SMU goes elsewhere then the rest of those might choose another spot.

    I think Ohio State fills up last because they are the best indoor team that will be hosting a regional indoors.

    Texas may have slid in as the last regional host but they should be very tough next year with five returning starters plus they'll add two top-notch recruits (Yuya Ito 14.95 UTR & Christian Sigsgaard UTR 14.12).

    There is also a tab below that has the my projections in grid format.

    All the picks will show up on the ITA's page as they come in and I'll have a recap tomorrow afternoon.

    So what's everyone else think - which regional will fill up first and last?
    Wednesday, 08 June 2016 19:58

    Men's Kick-Off Draft Is Complete

    The 2017 Men's Kick-Off Weekend draft is in the books with the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Regionals filling up first and the Ohio State and Florida Regionals filing up last.

    South Florida picked first and choose to go to Florida and then Illinois through a little curve and decided to go to Oklahoma.  A few picks later Arkansas and Michigan also choose the Oklahoma Regional which meant it was filled up after just nine picks. The allure of an Oklahoma team that will have to replace its coach and top two players was just too much for teams to pass on.

    Oklahoma State is expected to return everyone from a top 15 team but that didn't stop Kentucky, Tulsa, and Columbia from jumping on board rather quickly.

    I had Stanford pegged to play in an outdoors site but they opted to go back to Northwestern and play indoors. Stanford of course played in the Northwestern regional during the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament though both of those matches were played outdoors.

    I think any of the four teams in the Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State regionals can win and the only one in the Texas Tech regional that is probably too big of a long shot is Iowa.

    I'd say there is a 0% chance of UCLA, TCU, Ohio State, or Wake Forest losing with Georgia, Cal, Florida, USC, and Texas all heavily favored (>95%) as well. North Carolina should be a pretty heavy favorite with the percentage probably above 90% assuming Simon Soendergaard (14.79 UTR) plays in the top three.

    Texas A&M and Baylor have a lot of firepower to replace but A&M had a good amount of bench strength this year. Probably won't know who to pick on this one until we see the completed rosters in January and some of the newcomers results do in the fall. SMU and Ole Miss will be a good match with Ole Miss head coach Toby Hansson being a 2000 SMU graduate. Texas A&M will have the home court advantage but this regional will be up for grabs.

    I can't really handicap the Oklahoma regional until I see who OU brings in as coach and see what the roster looks like in the fall/spring. Illinois should be tough IF Aleks Vukic returns and IF at least two of the three newcomers (Zeke Clark, Gui Gomes, Kristopher Ortega) can be strong contributors. If those ifs don't happen then it could be a tough weekend. Arkansas brings back four of its six singles starters with Munoz and Micolani departing (#3/#4 singles) but if they can add another starter in the fall or if a few of the guys that didn't play as much this year can step up next year they'll be a force. Michigan brings back everyone from a team that came extremely close to taking out Wake Forest in the second round of the NCAAs so they've got to taken as real threat to run the table as well.

    Five more teams took a pass with the most surprising being NC State. When the Pack's turn came up the Wake Forest Regional was still empty plus they could have gone to play Georgia or Florida with a decent chance to win a consolation match. They must have decided there would be better options available against other teams not participating in the Kick-Off Weekend - i.e South Carolina, Tennessee, William & Mary, College of Charleston, North Florida etc.

    Dartmouth will probably end up playing the ECAC Tournament the weekend of the National Team Indoors against Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, St. John's, Brown, etc which will be just as good a test.

    *Asterisk denotes a dual-gender site 

    TCU head coach David Roditi added another title today when he was named captain of the Mexico Davis Cup team. Roditi who just finished his sixth year at the helm of his alma mater played in several Davis Cup ties for Mexico from 1997 to 2000. Roditi's first tie will take place on July 15-17 when Mexico travels to Peru.

    Clemson made a coaching change on Tuesday with eight year assistant John Boetsch taking over for Chuck McCuen who had been head coach for the last eight years. McCuen, who went 110-96 in those eight seasons with two NCAA appearances, will remain on as the Director of Tennis Operations.

    The US Open National Playoffs are well underway with four sectionals already completed. Many of the names below should be familiar to those that follow college tennis and I'm sure that plenty of the upcoming winners will be as well. You can look at all upcoming events at this link.

    May 3-5: NCAA First/Second Rounds (Campus Sites)
    May 10-12: NCAA Super Regionals (Campus Sites)