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Bobby Knight

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 19:58

Men's Kick-Off Weekend Draft Projections

We are less than 24 hours away from the men's draft so I thought I'd try to pick where everyone will go. I did the same thing last year and got some right so we'll see how I do this year.

Usually you figure that the first 15 to 20 teams will try to find a regional where they think they can win the whole thing but then the rest are making picks off based who else is in the regional so they can try to pick up at least one quality win. By the time you get to the bottom of the barrel you have to what's left which usually are the toughest spots that everyone else is avoiding.

Here are the regional hosts with a notation about whether the matches will be played indoors or outdoors along with who the hosts will have to replace next season:

1. UCLA (outdoors) - most likely will have to replace #1 and #4 (McDonald/Sell)
2. TCU (outdoors) - if Norrie and Rybakov return everyone will be back
3. Ohio State - replace #2 and #4 (Diaz/Steinbach)
4. North Carolina - most likely will have to replace #1 and #3 (Schnur/Clark)
5. Oklahoma - replace #1 and #2 (Harris/Alvarez)
6. Georgia - replace #1 and #6 (Smith/Wood); replace #1 doubles (Smith/Wagland)
7. Wake Forest - replace #3 and #4 (Ho/Bogaerts)
8. Cal (outdoors) - replace #5 (Wikberg)
9. Florida (outdoors) - replace #1 and #5 (Hidalgo/Watson)
10. Texas Tech (outdoors) - replace #1 and #2 (Soares/Dojas)
11. USC (outdoors) - replace #1 (de Vroome)
12. Oklahoma State - return everyone
13. Texas A&M (outdoors) - replace #2, #4, #5 Withrow (Vinsant/Adams/Withrow)
14. Northwestern - replace #4 (Baev)
15. Texas - replace #5 (Riechmann)

South Florida will be up first and I originally thought they might choose Texas Tech because Tech has to replace its top two but then I figured it'd probably be more convenient to go up to Florida. Florida has to replace a pair of starters plus USF would be much more familiar with the court conditions and of course travel would be a piece of cake compared to having to get to Lubbock. South Florida has to replace Roberto Cid, Dominic Cotrone, and Ignacio Gonzalez-Muniz so it's going to be tough for them regardless of where they go.

Illinois will have an interesting selection because they can go anywhere but I think they'll stay close to home and go up to Evanston to play in the Northwestern regional. However I wouldn't be surprised if they chose the Oklahoma, Texas Tech, or Texas A&M regionals because those are the teams that have to replace a lot of top-end talent.

I think Mississippi State definitely chooses an outdoors location with Texas A&M and Texas Tech the likeliest landing spots.

Arkansas is probably just as comfortable outside as they are inside so they have plenty of options to choose from but I think they go to Oklahoma to try and beat the Sooners for the second year in a row.

I have the Oklahoma State regional filling up first mainly based off SMU choosing to go there as a #2 seed. The reason I think SMU would go there as #2 seed is because they shutout Oklahoma State in Stillwater last season. I think Kentucky would like its chances against SMU so they'd follow suit and then Tulsa would think they'd have a fighting chance against Oklahoma State so they'd go there as the #4 seed. Of course if SMU goes elsewhere then the rest of those might choose another spot.

I think Ohio State fills up last because they are the best indoor team that will be hosting a regional indoors.

Texas may have slid in as the last regional host but they should be very tough next year with five returning starters plus they'll add two top-notch recruits (Yuya Ito 14.95 UTR & Christian Sigsgaard UTR 14.12).

There is also a tab below that has the my projections in grid format.

All the picks will show up on the ITA's page as they come in and I'll have a recap tomorrow afternoon.

So what's everyone else think - which regional will fill up first and last?
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 19:58

Men's Kick-Off Draft Is Complete

The 2017 Men's Kick-Off Weekend draft is in the books with the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Regionals filling up first and the Ohio State and Florida Regionals filing up last.

South Florida picked first and choose to go to Florida and then Illinois through a little curve and decided to go to Oklahoma.  A few picks later Arkansas and Michigan also choose the Oklahoma Regional which meant it was filled up after just nine picks. The allure of an Oklahoma team that will have to replace its coach and top two players was just too much for teams to pass on.

Oklahoma State is expected to return everyone from a top 15 team but that didn't stop Kentucky, Tulsa, and Columbia from jumping on board rather quickly.

I had Stanford pegged to play in an outdoors site but they opted to go back to Northwestern and play indoors. Stanford of course played in the Northwestern regional during the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament though both of those matches were played outdoors.

I think any of the four teams in the Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State regionals can win and the only one in the Texas Tech regional that is probably too big of a long shot is Iowa.

I'd say there is a 0% chance of UCLA, TCU, Ohio State, or Wake Forest losing with Georgia, Cal, Florida, USC, and Texas all heavily favored (>95%) as well. North Carolina should be a pretty heavy favorite with the percentage probably above 90% assuming Simon Soendergaard (14.79 UTR) plays in the top three.

Texas A&M and Baylor have a lot of firepower to replace but A&M had a good amount of bench strength this year. Probably won't know who to pick on this one until we see the completed rosters in January and some of the newcomers results do in the fall. SMU and Ole Miss will be a good match with Ole Miss head coach Toby Hansson being a 2000 SMU graduate. Texas A&M will have the home court advantage but this regional will be up for grabs.

I can't really handicap the Oklahoma regional until I see who OU brings in as coach and see what the roster looks like in the fall/spring. Illinois should be tough IF Aleks Vukic returns and IF at least two of the three newcomers (Zeke Clark, Gui Gomes, Kristopher Ortega) can be strong contributors. If those ifs don't happen then it could be a tough weekend. Arkansas brings back four of its six singles starters with Munoz and Micolani departing (#3/#4 singles) but if they can add another starter in the fall or if a few of the guys that didn't play as much this year can step up next year they'll be a force. Michigan brings back everyone from a team that came extremely close to taking out Wake Forest in the second round of the NCAAs so they've got to taken as real threat to run the table as well.

Five more teams took a pass with the most surprising being NC State. When the Pack's turn came up the Wake Forest Regional was still empty plus they could have gone to play Georgia or Florida with a decent chance to win a consolation match. They must have decided there would be better options available against other teams not participating in the Kick-Off Weekend - i.e South Carolina, Tennessee, William & Mary, College of Charleston, North Florida etc.

Dartmouth will probably end up playing the ECAC Tournament the weekend of the National Team Indoors against Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, St. John's, Brown, etc which will be just as good a test.

*Asterisk denotes a dual-gender site 

TCU head coach David Roditi added another title today when he was named captain of the Mexico Davis Cup team. Roditi who just finished his sixth year at the helm of his alma mater played in several Davis Cup ties for Mexico from 1997 to 2000. Roditi's first tie will take place on July 15-17 when Mexico travels to Peru.

Clemson made a coaching change on Tuesday with eight year assistant John Boetsch taking over for Chuck McCuen who had been head coach for the last eight years. McCuen, who went 110-96 in those eight seasons with two NCAA appearances, will remain on as the Director of Tennis Operations.

The US Open National Playoffs are well underway with four sectionals already completed. Many of the names below should be familiar to those that follow college tennis and I'm sure that plenty of the upcoming winners will be as well. You can look at all upcoming events at this link.

I meant to get these projections out sooner but better late than never.

Usually you figure that the first 15 to 20 teams will try to find a regional where they think they can win the whole thing but then the rest are making picks off based who else is in the regional so they can try to pick up at least one quality win. By the time you get to the bottom of the barrel you have to what's left which usually are the toughest spots that everyone else is avoiding.

Here are the regional hosts with a notation about whether the matches will be played indoors or outdoors along with who the hosts will have to replace next season:

1. Cal (outdoors) - replace #2 and #3 (Fabikova/Chi)
2. Florida (outdoors) - replace #3 (Morgan)
3. North Carolina - replace #2, #4, #6 (Kay/Vialle/Dai)
4. Vanderbilt - replace #2 and #4 (Altick/Colton)
5. Ohio State - return everyone
6. Georgia - replace #3 (Garcia)
7. Oklahoma State - replace #4 (Laurente)
8. Pepperdine (outdoors) - replace #5 and #6 (Cutura/Capannolo)
9. Miami FL (outdoors) - replace #1 (Wagner)
10. Michigan - replace #1 (Yurovsky)
11. Auburn (outdoors) - replace #3 and #5 (Burgmans/de Man)
12. Virginia - replace #1, #2, and #3 (Collins/Elbaba/Nauta)
13. Duke - replace #1 (Capra)
14. Texas Tech (outdoors) - return everyone
15. Georgia Tech - replace #4 and #6 (Woodard/Prokhnevska)

South Carolina will almost definitely go to Virginia because of how much Virginia has to replace but after that it's pretty wide open. There aren't a lot of teams that have to replace much and most of the ones that are losing players will reload with strong recruiting classes. 

There is also a tab below that has the my projections in grid format.

All the picks will show up on the ITA's page as they come in and I'll have a recap tomorrow afternoon.

The 2017 Women's Kick-Off Weekend draft is complete with none of the regionals filling up quickly while the Cal Regional filled up last with no one choosing to go to Berkeley until pick 44 of 47.

I thought Virginia would fill up quickly with most of the team graduating but it took 24 picks to fill up the three spots in Charlottesville. Both the Vanderbilt and Duke Regionals filled up first followed by Virginia, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Michigan.

Cal, Florida, Ohio State, and Georgia will roll through their regionals while North Carolina Vanderbilt, Oklahoma State, Pepperdine, and Duke will be heavy favorites. Miami, Michigan, Auburn, and Georgia Tech will be favored as well with the Virginia and Texas Tech regionals likely to be the ones where the #2 seeds will have the best chance at running the table.

Of course with the way rosters change we won't know for sure what will happen until closer to the season once all the new recruits and transfers are on campus.

Saturday, 11 June 2016 01:29

College on Tour - 6/10 Update

Summer time is a great time for many guys with pro aspirations to earn some ATP points before they head out on the tour after graduation or before they start college in the fall. Let's take a look at some guys that have performed well this week.

ATP 250
Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) - Dennis Novikov (UCLA '13) qualified for the main draw at the  by defeating Austin Krajicek (Texas A&M '11) 7-6, 7-6 in the final round of qualies before falling in the first round to #68 Dudi Sela 7-5, 6-7, 7-6(5).

Moscow (Russia) $75K+H Clay - Emilio Gomez (USC '13) is into the semis; Aleksandr Nedovyesov (Oklahoma State '10) made it to the quarters in Moscow before falling to the #1 seed, #61 Mikhail Kukushkin 6-1, 2-1. ret.

Caltanissetta (Italy) $106.5K+H Clay - Marcelo Arevalo (Tulsa '11) lost in the quarterfinals to #172 Alessandro Giannessi 6-4, 6-1

Lyon (France) $64K+H Clay - James McGee (NC State '08) qualified and defeated the #1 seed, ATP #108 Taro Daniel, 7-6, 6-0 in R1 before falling to Jordi Samper-Montana 6-2, 6-2 in R2.

Huelva (Spain) $25K Clay - Maxime Tabatruong (UCLA '13) is into the semis 

Charlottesville (USA) $25K Hard - Dennis Nevolo (Illinois '12) is into the semifinals; Tennys Sandgren (Tenn '11) is into the semifinals; Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA Rising Sr) is into the semifinals; Mac Styslinger (UVA '16) lost in the quarterfinals to Dennis Nevolo 6-3, 6-4, Eric Quigley (Kentucky '12) lost in the quarterfinals to Tennys Sandgren 6-4, 6-2

Akko (Israel) $10K Hard - Nick Chappell (TCU '15) is into the finals, Jarryd Chaplin (Tennessee '14) lost to Chappell 5-7, 6-3, 6-2 in the semifinals

Plovdiv (Bulgaria) $10K Clay - Alexandar Lazarov (Wake Forest Commit) is into the semis; Catalin-Ionut Gard (Ole Miss '05) lost in the quarterfinals to #970 Martin Beran 6-4, 4-6, 6-3

Hong Kong $10K Hard - Aaron Addison (San Diego '14) lost in the quarters to #523 Yecong He 7-6, 7-6.

Maputo (Mozambique) $10K Hard - Aziz Dougaz (Florida State Rising Soph) lost in the quarterfinals to #311 Lloyd Harris 6-2, 6-2; John Lamble (Santa Clara '14) lost in the quarterfinals to #1042 Julian Ocleppo 7-6, 6-7, 6-3; Tucker Vorster (Ole Miss '11) lost in the quarterfinals to #853 Matias Franco Descotte 6-1, 3-2 ret. 

Tokyo (Japan) $10K Hard - Evan King (Michigan '13) is into the finals; Yuya Ito (Texas commit) lost to Evan King 7-6, 6-4 in the semifinals

Arad, Romania $10K Clay - Andre Biro (Oklahoma Rising Soph) made it to the quarterfinals before falling to #391 Petru-Alexandru Luncanu 6-4, 6-2.

Antalya, Turkey $10K Hard - Nik Scholtz (Ole Miss '15) is into the semis

Sunday, 12 June 2016 02:37

Edwardsville Open Semifinals

There are several pro events that take place in July and August in Illinois and several of them have tournaments in advance to help determine wild cards. Last week Illinois rising junior Aron Hiltzik won the Ursula Beck Wildcard Shootout in Decatur, Illinois and this weekend Edwardsville High School is hosting the Edwardsville Open with the winner getting a wild card in the late July Futures event

I made the 45 minute drive north to watch today's semifinal matches which included three current college guys and one 16 year-old that will be a force in years to come. Both semifinal matches started shortly after 11 a.m. and with temperatures in the mid 90s the guys were all in a hurry to get on court so they could try to get off as soon possible.

Michael Peters/Carson Haskins

The No. 1 seed, Carson Haskins, is a 16 year-old from Ballwin, Missouri who has now won the Class 2 Missouri High School state championship two years in a row. Haskins won the ASICS Easter Bowl in the Boys 16 division in April and is currently ranked #1 by the USTA in the 16 and under division. Haskins's opponent in the semifinals was Harvard rising sophomore Michael Peters who was also a St. Louis native. Peters saw limited action last season going 4-4 overall including 1-1 in dual-match play.

Haskins jumped out to an early 3-0 lead before Peters held and broke to pull within 3-2. Haskins broke back and held for 5-2 and would eventually take the opening set 6-3. 

Haskins broke to start the second set but Peters would break back and hold for 2-1. Haskins then won three straight to go up 4-2 before Peters held for 4-3. Haskins held for 5-3 and then went up 15-40 on the Peters serve but Peters won the next four points to hold for 5-4. Peters broke to even it at 5-5 but Haskins broke back from 15-40 to go ahead 6-5. Haskins had another two match points after going up 40-15 but Peters once again won four straight points to break and send it to a tiebreak. Haskins won the first four points in the tiebreak and cruised to take it 7-2 to book his spot in Sunday's final.

The other semifinal matched up Illinois State rising senior Dylan Steffens and Washington University-St. Louis rising junior Johnny Wu. Steffens was coming off a year in which he went 26-7 overall including 19-2 in dual-match play with all but three of those matches coming at No. 6. Wu went 17-7 on the year including 15-6 in dual-match play with all but one match coming at No. 2.

Dylan Steffens/Johnny Wu

Wu needed less than 30 minutes to take the opening set 6-0 but something unfortunate happened when he was receiving up 2-1 in the second. Wu broke a string on his racquet, which normally wouldn't have been a big deal, but it was a huge deal in this instance because he only had two racquets with him and he broke a string on the other one early in the first set. Wu was going to borrow a racquet from someone else when Steffens offered up one of his own. Wu excepted the offer so he could continue the match but it became pretty apparent that all his confidence went out the window with the unfamiliar racquet in his hands. Steffens won five of the next six games, with most of them coming rather quickly, to take the set 6-3.

There was supposed to be a stringer on the way but unfortunately for Wu they wouldn't get there in time. After Wu held for 1-1 in the third, Steffens would take the finals five games to close it out 0-6, 6-3, 6-1.

I didn't get as much footage from this match and most of it came before Wu broke his last string.

The final is set for Sunday morning at 8 a.m.

I wanted to start off by giving a congratulations to Texas Tech assistant James Wilson on landing his first heading coaching job at Utah State. Wilson, who had been an assistant for the last three years at his alma mater, replaced Clancy Shields who recently took the head coaching job at Arizona. I'm still showing there are 13 D1 men's head coaching jobs open and another 16 on the women's side. If anyone knows of another opening or one that's been filled let me know.

6 of the 15 US Open National Playoff Sectionals have been completed with all 6 men's singles winners and 5 of the 6 women's singles winners having college ties. The New England sectional is scheduled to wrap up today while the Midwest will wrap up tomorrow. To view all current winners you can check out this sheet which also lists any college ties and this link has more details about the USONP.

Evan King (Michigan '13) and Tennys Sandgren (Tennessee '11) each won ITF Pro Circuit Futures singles titles on Sunday while Dennis Nevolo (Illinois '12) and Nick Chappell (TCU '15) came up short.

King won his fourth career Futures singles title, and first this year, with a 6-2, 7-6(1) win over #603 Sho Katayama in the finals of the Tokyo, Japan F7 Futures. King broke Katayama at love to start the match and then broke him at love again to go up 5-2 before serving out the opening set. There were no breaks in the second set but King cruised through the tiebreak by going up 6-0 before winning it 7-1. King entered the tournament with a new career high singles ranking of 367 so when these points are added in next week he will have another career high.

Sandgren won his tenth career Futures singles title, and first this year, by repeating as champion at the $25K Charlottesville, Virginia USA F17 Futures with a 6-3, 6-3 win over 2012 Illinois graduate Dennis Nevolo. Sandgren broke Nevolo from 15-40 to go up 4-2 in the opening set and then he served the set out from 40-15 to take the set 6-3. Sandgren broke Nevolo in a one-deuce game to go up 2-1 in the second and he made the break lead hold up and took it in one hour and thirteen minutes. Nevolo was making his first appearance in a Futures final since winning the Irvine USA F26 back in September 2014. This week marked the fourth time this year that Nevolo had made it to at least the semifinals at a Futures event while Sandgren was making his second finals appearance of the year (L to Shapovalov in Memphis in April). Sandgren, currently ranked 307, was ranked as high as 183 back in 2013 before a hip injury wiped out most of 2014. Nevolo, currently ranked 480, achieved a career high singles ranking of 345 in late 2014.

Chappell was seeking his first career singles title but came up short to the same guy for the second week in a row. Chappell, who entered the week with a career high ranking of 823, fell to #573 Edan Leshem 6-2, 6-1 in one hour and fourteen minutes in the finals of the $10K Akko, Israel, F10 Futures. Leshem broke Chappell in a two-deuce game to go up 2-0 in the first and then broke him from 15-40 to go up 5-1. Chappell broke back from 30-40 to pull within 5-2 but Leshem broke back in a one-deuce game to take the set 6-2. Leshem won the first five games of the second set before Chappell fought off three match points to hold in a three-deuce game for 1-5. Leshem served it out from 40-30 to get the 6-2, 6-1 win. Chappell's points from last week's final were just added in so he now has another career high ranking of 721.

Other Notable Performances on the Tour
  • Emilio Gomez (USC '13) made the semifinals at the $75K+H Hoff Open Challenger in Moscow before retiring with a neck injury while trailing #83 Mikhail Kukushkin 6-1, 2-1. The semifinal finish evened his career best result at the Challenger level (Manta & Salinas, Ecuador 2014; Rio 2013)
  • Dennis Novikov (UCLA '13) qualified for the main draw at the ATP 250 Ricoh Open in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands before falling to #68 Dudi Sela 7-5, 6-7, 7-6(5). It was Novikov's fifth career main draw appearance at an ATP-level event and the fourth time that he came through qualies to get there (2015 Indian Wells, 2016 Delray Beach, 2016 Miami)  
  • James McGee (NC State '08) came through the qualies at the $64K+H Open Sopra-Steria De Lyon (France) Challenger and defeated the #1 seed, #108 Taro Daniel, 7-6, 6-0 in the opening round before falling in the second round.
  • Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (Virginia Rising Sr) made it to his first career Futures semifinal in Charlottesville before falling to Tennys Sandgren 6-4, 6-4. 
  • Jarryd Chaplin (Tennessee '14) made it to his first career Futures semifinal in Israel before falling to Nick Chappell 5-7, 6-3, 6-2. 
  • Alexandar Lazarov (Wake Forest Commit) made it to his second Futures semifinal in the last month before falling to #314 Dimitar Kuzmanov 6-2, 6-4 at the $10K Plovdiv, Bulgaria, F4 Futures. 
  • Yuya Ito (Texas Commit) made it to his second Futures semifinal in the last month before falling to Evan King 7-6(4), 6-4 in Tokyo. 
  • Nik Scholtz (Ole Miss '15) made the semifinals at the $10K Antalya, Turkey, F23 Futures before falling to the eventual champ #394 Marc Sieber 6-1, 4-6, 7-6(4) in a match where Scholtz led 2-0 in the third set. 
  • Maxime Tabatruong (UCLA '13) made the semifinals at the $25K Heulva, Spain, F16 Futures before falling to the eventual champion, Joao Domingues, 7-5, 6-1. 

16-year old Carson Haskins won the Edwardsville Open to earn a main draw wild card into the July Futures event in Edwardsville, Illinois. Haskins defeated Illinois State rising senior Dylan Steffens 6-4, 6-1 in the final. Steffens and Harvard rising sophomore Michael Peters won the doubles title with a 6-4, 7-5 win over Illinois rising sophomore Asher Hirsch and Illinois commit Kristopher Ortega so they'll earn a wild card into the main draw of the doubles portion of the Edwardsville Futures.

The ITA announced its 2016 All-Star Team which included the year-end number one in the singles and doubles rankings, the NCAA D1 Singles and Doubles Champions, and the winners from last fall's National Indoor Intercollegiates. UCLA junior Mackenzie McDonald was named the ITA National Men's Player of the Year while Virginia's Danielle Collins was named the ITA National Women's Player of the Year. I have all the winners listed below and for the full release from the ITA which includes more information about the winners you can click here.

Division I
Mackenzie McDonald, Jr., UCLA
Dominik Koepfer, Sr., Tulane
Mikael Torpegaard, So., Ohio State
Mackenzie McDonald (Jr.)/Martin Redlicki (So.), UCLA
Hugo Dojas (Sr.)/Felipe Soares (Sr.), Texas Tech
Arthur Rinderknech (So.)/Jackson Withrow (Sr.), Texas A&M
Danielle Collins, Sr., Virginia
Francesca Di Lorenzo, Fr., Ohio State
Hayley Carter, Jr., North Carolina
Brooke Austin (So.)/Kourtney Keegan (Jr.), Florida
Hayley Carter (Jr.)/Whitney Kay (Sr.), North Carolina
Aldila Sutjiadi (Jr.)/Mami Adachi (So.), Kentucky

Division II
Thibaud Berland, Sr., Hawaii Pacific
Alberto Barroso-Campos (Fr.)/Alex Theiler (Sr.), Saint Leo
Dallas Zhang, Jr., BYU-Hawaii
Dallas Zhang (Jr.)/Summer Wen (Jr.), BYU-Hawaii

Division III
Skyler Butts, Sr., Claremont-Mudd Scripps
Sam Geier (Sr.)/Tristan Kaye (Jr.), Kenyon
Eudice Chong, So., Wesleyan
Juli Raventos (So.)/Linda Shin (Jr.), Williams

Kevin Konfederak, So., Georgia Gwinnett
Jordan Cox (Jr.)/Kevin Konfederak (So.), Georgia Gwinnett
Valeria Podda, Jr., Georgia Gwinnett
Valeria Podda (Jr.)/Sophie Feller (Fr.), Georgia Gwinnett

Guy Iradukunda, So., Seminole State College (Transferring to Florida State)
Ismael Mzai (So.)/Guy Iradukunda (So.), Seminole State College
Gabrielle Andrews, Fr., Tyler Junior College
Macarena Olivares (So.)/Megane Bianco (So.), ASA Miami

Three more US Open National Playoff Sectionals have wrapped up in the last two days with Cameron Silverman (Elon '14), Martin Joyce (Ohio State Rising Soph), and Hunter Koontz (Virginia Tech '15) winning the men's singles titles in the New England, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic Sectionals. The women's singles winners were Margaryta Bilokin (HS Class of '19), Sara Daavettila ('16 UNC Commit), and Nika Kukharchuk (Ole Miss '08). For a full list of winners from all the sectionals including the doubles winners check out my google doc.  The Hawaii sectional gets started tomorrow with former Kentucky All-American Jesse Witten the No. 1 seed on the men's side while Eva Raszkiewicz, who played a year at Syracuse, is No. 1 on the women's side. 

The Harvard men's and women's teams will be featured on the next segment of College Tennis Weekly hosted by former LSU head coach Tony Minnis. The show will debut tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:30 p.m. eastern on Fox College Sports Atlantic which is a channel in the sports tier of most cable TV packages. It will be rebroadcast another seven times over the coming weeks so make sure you give it a view. The last CTW feature was on SMU so if you missed that one you can check it on YouTube or down below.

Georgia rising sophomore Emil Reinberg earned his first ATP point today when he defeated former Wake Forest No. 1 David Hopkins 7-6(4), 6-2 in the first round of the Winston-Salem USA F18 Futures. Reinberg's second round opponent will be the winner of the Dennis Nevolo/Thai-Son Kwiatkowski match so picking up another point won't be easy at all.

Below are all the guys with college ties that came through qualies at Futures/Challengers/ATP events across the globe.

London, England ATP 500 (Grass) - Kevin Anderson (Illinois '07)

Halle, Germany ATP 500 (Grass) - Benjamin Becker (Baylor '05)

Perugia, Italy Challenger (Clay) - Nicolas Barrientos (West Florida '08), Yannick Maden (Clemson '13)

Blois, France Challenger (Clay) - Jose Hernandez-Fernandez (North Carolina '12)

Winston-Salem USA F18 (Hard) - Reinberg, Austin Smith (Georgia '16), Dominik Koepfer (Tulane '16), Aron Hiltzik (Illinois Rising Jr), Zeke Clark (Illinois Commit), Korey Lovett (Alabama Rising Jr), Rhyne Williams (Tennessee '11), Daniel Manlow (UAB '12)

Buffalo USA F19 (Clay) - Myles Schalet (Michigan Rising Soph), Jeremy Langer (Indiana '12), Evan Zhu (UCLA Commit), Tim Kopinski (Illinois '15), Justin Roberts (South Florida Rising Jr), Dragos Ignat (Columbia '16), Andrew Watson (Memphis Rising Jr)

Warsaw, Poland F4 (Clay) - Jan Zielinski (Georgia Rising Soph)

Cartagena, Columbia F1 (Hard) - Boris Arias (LSU '16), Peter Bertran (South Florida Rising Jr), Samuel Serrano (Utah State Rising Soph)

Antalya, Turkey F24 (Hard) - Bjoern Petersen (Baylor Commit)

Martos, Spain F17 (Hard) - Alberto Barroso Campos (St. Leo Rising Soph)

Buzau, Romania F6 (Clay) - Max Andrews (Miami Rising Sr)

Alkmaar, Netherlands F1 (Clay) - Yannick Born (Middle Tennessee St '15)

Maputo, Mozambique F2 (Hard) - Ruben Alberts (UNLV Rising Jr), Mitchell Frank (Virginia '15)

Hong Kong F2 (Hard) - Francis Alcantara (Pepperdine '14)

Mont-de-marsan, France F10 (Clay) - Nick Horton (NC State Rising Sr)

Binche, Belgium F1 (Clay) - Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M Rising Jr)

On May 4th it was announced that Arizona State was bringing back its men's tennis program and today came the announcement that Adam Steinberg was leaving Michigan to become the Sun Devils new head coach. Steinberg, who had coached Michigan for the last two years and Pepperdine the 12 prior including the 2006 NCAA Championship team, will have a full year to build the program from scratch. Here is Arizona State's release which lists all his past accomplishments.

Stanford junior Carol Zhao announced that she is foregoing her senior season to turn pro. Zhao went 76-16 in three years at Stanford and was a three-time all-conference selection. Zhao currently has a WTA ranking of 317 and reached a career high of 247 last summer. Zhao wrote about her time at Stanford and thanked several people in this piece that she wrote.

It was a good day out on the pro tour with several guys with college ties moving forward at events across the world.

Here are a few (well many) highlights:

Steve Johnson (USC '12) moved into the quarterfinals at the ATP 500 Aegon Championships (Grass) in London after defeating Adrian Mannarino 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. Johnson earned his first top 10 win on Monday when he knocked out #10 Richard Gasquet 7-6(2), 6-2. Next up for Stevie is a match again #13 Marin Cilic with Cilic holding a 1-0 H2H record after winning in straight sets in Tokyo last October.

John Isner (Georgia '07) moved into the second round in London with a 7-6(2), 6-4 win over former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro. Isner banged out 25 aces, won 80% of the points on his first serve, and was not broken all match. John will face Luxembourg's finest, Gilles Muller, tomorrow with the big man holding a 3-1 H2H edge though Muller won in straights the last time out in Australia in January 2015.

2013 NCAA Champion Blaz Rola (Ohio State '13) moved into the quarterfinals in Perugia, Italy, at the Blue Panorama Airlines Tennis Cup $42K Challenger (Clay). Rola beat Santiago Giraldo, former top 30 player, in the opening round and then defeated Yannick Maden (Clemson '13) 7-6(4) in the third in today's second round. Next up for Blaz is the top seed #82 Rogerio Dutra Silva with Dutra Silva holding a 2-1 H2H edge though Blaz won the last meeting two months ago.

10 of the final 16 at the Winston-Salem USA F18 (Hard) Futures have college ties with the most intriguing second round matchup being between a pair of former Tennessee teammates - Tennys Sandgren and Rhyne Williams.

Other Thursday matches:
Sekou Bangoura (Florida '11) vs. Jared Hiltzik (Illinois '16)
Dennis Nevolo (Illinois '12) vs. Emil Reinberg (Georgia Rising Soph)
Jonathan Ho (Wake Forest '16) vs. Alex Kuznetsov
Dennis Uspensky (Wake Forest Rising Soph) vs. Peter Polansky
Eric Quigley (Kentucky '12) vs. Reilly Opelka
Aron Hiltzik (Illinois Rising Jr) vs. Darian King.

13 of the final 16 at the Buffalo USA F19 (Clay) Futures have college ties including four that came through qualies. A couple of notable first round scores were Mikael Torpegaard routing #414 Kaichi Uchida 6-0, 6-3 and William Bushamuka beating Dominic Cotrone 7-6, 4-6, 6-3.

Thursday Round of 16 Schedule:
[Q] Evan Zhu (UCLA Commit) vs. Gavin Van Peperzeel
[Q] Justin Roberts (South Florida Rising Jr) vs. Hans Hach (Abilene Christian '13)
Mikael Torpegaard (Ohio State Rising Jr) vs. Sebastian Korda
Farris Gosea (Illinois '15) vs. Hunter Callahan (Ohio State '15)
Nathan Pasha (Georgia '15) vs. William Bushamuka (Kentucky Rising Jr)
Juan Benitez Chavarriaga (Baylor '15) vs. Tigre Hank
[Q] Andrew Watson (Memphis Rising Jr) vs. Winston Lin (Columbia '15)
[Q] Dragos Ignat (Columbia '16) vs. Evan King (Michigan '13)

Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M Rising Jr) came through qualies at the Binche, Belgium, F1 Futures (Clay) and also won his opening round match against #1001 Maxime Petel. He will face #395 Juan Carlos Saez on Thursday morning with a chance to earn his first-ever spot in a Futures quarterfinal.

Nick Horton (NC State Rising Jr) has come through qualies and made his first-ever quarterfinal at the Mont-de-marsan, France F10 (Clay). Nick will face #789 Romain Arneodo on Thursday morning for a shot at his first-ever semifinal. Alexis Musialek (Kentucky '12) is also into the quarterfinals and will face #466 Maxime Hamou.

Rishab Agarwal (Mississippi State Rising Sr) and Mikelis Libietis (Tennessee '15) are both into the second round at the Hong Kong F2 Futures (Hard). Agarwal will face the top seed #282 Andrew Whittington while Libietis, who is the #4 seed, will face #635 Arata Onozawa.

Yuya Ito (Texas Commit) has made it past the first round for the sixth time in eight tournaments and will face qualifier #1723 Sho Shimabukuro in the second round at the Akishima, Japan, F8 Futures (Carpet).

Aziz Dougaz (Florida State Rising Jr) and Tucker Vorster (Ole Miss '11) will face each other in the quarterfinals at the Maputo, Mozambique F2 Futures (Hard). John Lamble (Santa Clara '14) has also booked his spot in the quarterfinals and whoever wins the match between Mitchell Frank (Virginia '15) and Michael Grant (USC '14) will be in the quarterfinals as well.

Connor Smith (Ohio State '13) is into a Futures quarterfinal for the second tournament in a row and will face #346 Yann Marti at the Alkmaar, Netherlands F1 (Clay).

Peter Nagy (Texas A&M Corpus Christi '15) is into the quarterfinals at the Warsaw, Poland, F4 Futures (Clay) and will next face #984 Patrik Niklas-Salminen.

Roberto Cid (South Florida '16) and Peter Bertran (South Florida Rising Jr) are into the quarterfinals at the Cartagena, Columbia, F1 Futures (Hard). Cid will next face the top seed #379 Facundo Mena while Bertran's opponent will be determined later. Boris Arias (LSU '16), Alejandro Gomez ('14), and Luis Valero (Tennessee Rising Jr) still have second round matches to play.