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National Signing Day

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National Signing Day was this past Wednesday with hundreds of high school seniors signing their national letters of intent. The Tennis Recruiting Network has been doing a tremendous job with its Fall Signing Week coverage with article after article profiling several of the signees so if you haven't visited their site recently I highly recommend doing so.

It's always interesting to look back at the recruiting rankings from years past to see who excelled and who did not. If you look back at TRN's Blue Chips from 2014 several of them are top of the lineup players, some are solid contributors in the middle to lower part of the lineup, and a few quit playing. 

I put all the blue chip, five-star, and some of the known international signees from TRN into a spreadsheet and added their respective Universal Tennis Ratings. There aren't any sure things but several of these guys and girls look like can't miss prospects. 

Name TRN Stars UTR School Conference
Sam Riffice Blue Chip 14.39 Florida SEC
Patrick Kaukovalta International 14.06 Alabama SEC
Alexandre Rotsaert Blue Chip 14.03 Stanford Pac-12
Guido Marson International 14.00 Texas A&M SEC
Lukas Greif Blue Chip 13.85 Florida SEC
Brian Cernoch Blue Chip 13.76 North Carolina ACC
Ryan Goetz Blue Chip 13.75 Virginia ACC
Andrew Fenty Blue Chip 13.71 Michigan Big Ten
Trey Hilderbrand Blue Chip 13.63 Central Florida American
Alejandro Vedri Asensi International 13.52 Texas A&M SEC
Brian Shi Blue Chip 13.48 Harvard Ivy League
Gregor Ramskogler International 13.43 Mississippi State SEC
Jake Sands Blue Chip 13.43 USC Pac-12
Nicaise Muamba International 13.34 Tennessee SEC
Carson Haskins Blue Chip 13.33 Indiana Big Ten
Harris Walker Blue Chip 13.18 Harvard Ivy League
Patrick Maloney Blue Chip 13.13 Michigan Big Ten
Mason Beiler Blue Chip 13.08 Oklahoma Big 12
Noah Schachter 5-star 13.06 Texas A&M SEC
Kevin Zhu Blue Chip 13.02 Penn Ivy League
Boris Kozlov Blue Chip 13.01 LSU SEC
Robert Maciag Blue Chip 12.97 Duke ACC
Justin Barki International 12.95 Princeton Ivy League
William Peters Blue Chip 12.94 Princeton Ivy League
Patrick Fleischhauer International 12.89 Iowa Big Ten
Nicholas Watson 5-star 12.86 South Carolina SEC
William Woodall 5-star 12.85 Virginia ACC
Roger Chou 5-star 12.82 Brown Ivy League
Eric Hahn 5-star 12.82 UCLA Pac-12
Matthew Tsolakyan 5-star 12.82 UCLA Pac-12
Rafael Bejar Levy 5-star 12.81 Louisville ACC
Keenan Mayo 5-star 12.81 Illinois Big Ten
Mason Meier Blue Chip 12.76 Nebraska Big Ten
Jared Pratt Blue Chip 12.76 Wisconsin Big Ten
Michael Sun 5-star 12.76 Yale Ivy League
Arnav Dhingra 5-star 12.72 Yale Ivy League
Bill Duo Blue Chip 12.71 Princeton Ivy League
Bradley Frye 5-star 12.71 USC Pac-12
Austin Abbrat 5-star 12.67 Texas A&M SEC
Jake Fishkin 5-star 12.66 Navy Patriot League
Siddharth Chari 5-star 12.60 Dartmouth Ivy League
Steven Forman 5-star 12.60 Michigan Big Ten
Steven Sun 5-star 12.60 Harvard Ivy League
Ryan Fu 5-star 12.52 Michigan Big Ten
Trice Pickens 5-star 12.49 Northwestern Big Ten
Robert Baylon Blue Chip 12.48 Air Force Mountain West
Blake Croyder 5-star 12.46 Georgia SEC
Patrick Fletchall 5-star 12.43 Indiana Big Ten
Daniel Nuzhny 5-star 12.42 Wisconsin Big Ten
Maximilian Wild 5-star 12.39 UCLA Pac-12
Harry Cacciatore 5-star 12.37 Florida SEC
Daniel Pellerito 5-star 12.36 William & Mary Colonial
Nicklas Oberg 5-star 12.33 Portland West Coast
Joseph Brailovsky 5-star 12.32 South Carolina SEC
Matthew Rodriguez 5-star 12.32 Oklahoma Big 12
Jake Beasley 5-star 12.31 South Carolina SEC
Marcus Ferreira 5-star 12.31 Vanderbilt SEC
Joseph Gandolfo 5-star 12.28 Georgia Tech ACC
Robert Siniakowicz 5-star 12.22 Brown Ivy League
Grey Cacciatore 5-star 12.21 Florida SEC
Nikita Larichev 5-star 12.16 Army Patriot League
Lucas Horve 5-star 12.13 Illinois Big Ten
Ian Sturgill 5-star 12.12 Liberty Big South
Lluis Miralles International 12.12 Winthrop Big South
Jordan Nickerson 5-star 12.11 Penn State Big Ten
Karapet Vardanyan 5-star 11.94 Cal Poly Big West


Name TRN Stars UTR School Conference
Ann Li Blue Chip 12.10 LSU SEC
Maria Mateas Blue Chip 11.92 Duke ACC
Elysia Bolton Blue Chip 11.58 UCLA Pac-12
Meg Kowalski Blue Chip 11.10 Georgia SEC
McCartney Kessler Blue Chip 10.95 Florida SEC
Salma Ewing Blue Chip 10.91 USC Pac-12
Cali Jankowski Blue Chip 10.82 Arizona State Pac-12
Alyvia Jones Blue Chip 10.79 Michigan Big Ten
Sara Choy Blue Chip 10.78 Stanford Pac-12
Laura Lopez Giese International 10.76 Boston College ACC
Sophia Graver Blue Chip 10.75 Auburn SEC
Anna Brylin 5-star 10.71 Wake Forest ACC
Jayci Goldsmith Blue Chip 10.69 Texas A&M SEC
Hannah Zhao Blue Chip 10.66 Duke ACC
Carolyn Campana Blue Chip 10.63 Vanderbilt SEC
Melissa Sakar Blue Chip 10.57 Columbia Ivy League
Amber O'Dell Blue Chip 10.56 Virginia ACC
Nell Miller International 10.53 Texas Tech Big 12
Rachel Lim Blue Chip 10.47 Harvard Ivy League
Luisa Hrda International 10.47 Ga Southern Sun Belt
Shelly Yaloz 5-star 10.46 Boston U Patriot League
Ivana Corley Blue Chip 10.39 Oklahoma Big 12
Katya Townsend Blue Chip 10.37 Texas A&M SEC
Sophia Patel 5-star 10.36 North Carolina ACC
Vanessa Streng 5-star 10.34 Northwestern Big Ten
Solymar Colling 5-star 10.33 San Diego West Coast
Julia Lilien 5-star 10.28 Oregon Pac-12
Julia Deming 5-star 10.27 Kansas Big 12
Kolie Allen Blue Chip 10.26 Ohio State Big Ten
Kianah Motosono 5-star 10.20 Oklahoma Big 12
Megan Forster International 10.19 Colorado Pac-12
Peyton Pesavento 5-star 10.18 Wake Forest ACC
Clarissa Hand 5-star 10.14 Northwestern Big Ten
Risa Fukutoku International 10.12 Missouri SEC
Olivia Peet International 10.10 Texas Tech Big 12
Ava Markham 5-star 10.08 Wisconsin Big Ten
Erin Chratian 5-star 10.06 Rhode Island Atlantic 10
Chloe Hamlin 5-star 10.05 Miami (FL) ACC
Raissa Lou 5-star 10.05 Yale Ivy League
Kirsten Prelle International 10.05 UTEP CUSA
Jessica Aragon 5-star 10.04 Nebraska Big Ten
Yekaterina Alferova 5-star 10.02 Columbia Ivy League
Maeve Koscielski 5-star 10.02 Notre Dame ACC
Jolene Coetzee 5-star 10.01 CSUN Big West
Tia Mukherjee 5-star 9.97 Michigan State Big Ten
Nicole Roc 5-star 9.85 West Virginia Big 12
Sydney Jones 5-star 9.84 Texas Tech Big 12
Lauren Lemonds 5-star 9.83 Michigan State Big Ten
Alexis Merrill 5-star 9.83 Kentucky SEC
Samantha Mannix 5-star 9.78 Iowa Big Ten
Regina Pitts 5-star 9.77 Seton Hall Big East
Maja Pietrowicz 5-star 9.75 Michigan State Big Ten
Michelle Bacalla 5-star 9.73 Iowa Big Ten
Sophia Reddy 5-star 9.71 Brown Ivy League
Luba Vasilyuk 5-star 9.68 LSU SEC
Nicole Stephens 5-star 9.66 Michigan State Big Ten
Tatum Burger 5-star 9.63 Denver Summit League
Jingyi Peng 5-star 9.63 Dartmouth Ivy League
Danielle Willson 5-star 9.63 USC Pac-12
Taylor Gruber 5-star 9.61 Missouri SEC
Thea Rice 5-star 9.52 Arkansas SEC
Kate Paulus 5-star 9.50 TCU Big 12


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