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2015 National Indoor Intercollegiate

The National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships (NIIC) will take place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York from November 12th through 15th. There will be a 32-player singles draw and a 20-team doubles draw.

Qualifications to gain entry:
Regional Singles/Doubles Champions (12)
National Small College Super Bowl Singles/Doubles Champions (1)
All-American Singles/Doubles Champions (1)
All-American Singles/Doubles Runner-ups (1)
All-American Singles Semifinals (2)
All-American Singles Quarterfinals (men only) (4)
All-American Consolation Champion (1)
At-Large (6-men; 10-women)
Oracle/ITA Masters Champion (1)
ITA Wild Cards (1)
USTA Wild Card (1)
Host Wild Card (1)
The following have already earned their bid:
Men’s Singles (32-draw):
1. Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (Virginia) – AA Champion
2. Dominik Koepfer (Tulane) – AA Runner-Up
3. Tom Fawcett (Stanford) – AA Semifinalist
4. Andre Goransson (Cal) – AA Semifinalist
5. Uros Petronijevic (San Diego) – AA Quarterfinalist
6. Ronnie Schneider (North Carolina) – AA Quarterfinalist
6. Konrad Zieba (Northwestern) – AA Quarterfinalist
7. Hugo Di Feo (Ohio State) – AA Quarterfinalist
8. Mikael Torpegaard (Ohio State) – AA Consolation Champion
9. Cameron Norrie (TCU) – Oracle/ITA Masters Champion
10. Kevin Konfederak (Georgia Gwinnett) – Small College Champion
11. Max Hinnisdaels (Auburn) – Southern Regional Champion
12. Roberto Cid (South Florida – Southeast Regional Champion
13. Sam Monette (Indiana) – Ohio Valley Regional Champion
14. Alex Ghilea (Oklahoma) – Central Regional Champion
15. Martin Redlicki (UCLA) – Southwest Regional Champion
16. Skander Mansouri (Wake Forest) – Carolina Regional Champion
17. Joao Monteiro (Virginia Tech) – Atlantic Regional Champion
18. Diogo Rocha (Denver) – Mountain Regional Champion
19. Herkko Pollanen (Ohio State) – Midwest Regional Champion
20. David Wilczynski (Washington) – Northwest Regional Champion
21. Dovydas Sakinis (Dartmouth) – Northeast Regional Champion
22. Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M) – Texas Regional Champion
23. At-Large (High UTR) – Austin Smith (Georgia/14.43)
24. At-Large – Quentin Monaghan (Notre Dame)
25. At-Large – Guillermo Nunez (TCU)
26. At-Large – Christopher Eubanks (Georgia Tech)
27. At-Large – Benjamin Lock (Florida State)
28. At-Large – Chris Diaz (Ohio State)
29. At-Large – Diego Hidalgo (Florida) – replaced Ronnie Schnedier
30. ITA Wild Card – Nicolas Alvarez (Duke)
31. USTA Wild Card – Jared Hiltzik (Illinois)
32. Host Wildcard (Columbia) – Shawn Hadavi (Columbia)

I think Pham gets the host wild card since he made the deepest run at the Regional and had the best fall results on the team although Timothy Wang had a nice fall too.

The USTA wild card goes to a higher ranking American so if Ryan Shane wants to play it’d be his but he may choose to play a challenger instead. The next highest ranked American who hadn’t already qualified was Chris Diaz but he’s in line for an at-large based on his ranking. Sam Shropshire would be next up if they go solely off preseason ranking with he being ranked 1 spot higher than Shane Vinsant.

The ITA wild card normally goes to the highest ranked guy that makes it to the finals of a regional but isn’t ranked high enough to earn an at-large. If they look at guys that fit that criteria then #33 Diego Hidalgo, #51 Brett Clark, and #62 Mitch Stewart are the likely candidates.

The at-large selection criteria states that preseason rankings will be used for all players that at least make the quarterfinals of their respective regionals (also 1 spots goes to player with highest UTR of the pool). Here are the highest ranked players that have achieved at least a quarterfinal showing at a regional but fell short and didn’t win the title:

#5 Quentin Monaghan (Notre Dame) – IN
#17 Austin Smith (Georgia) – IN
#19 Guillermo Nunez (TCU) – IN
#24 Christopher Eubanks (Georgia Tech) – IN
#25 Benjamin Lock (Florida State) – IN
#29 Chris Diaz (Ohio State) – IN
#33 Diego Hidalgo (Florida) – OUT
#35 Shane Vinsant (Texas A&M) – OUT
#40 Ben Lott (Drake) – OUT
#42 Nick Crystal (USC) – OUT
#53 Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M) – Won Texas Regional – highest UTR

Men’s Doubles (20-draw):
1. Thai-Son Kwiatkowski/Mac Styslinger (Virginia) – AA Champion
2. Brett Clark/Robert Kelly (North Carolina) – AA Runner-Up
3. Julian Cash/Arjun Kadhe (Oklahoma State) – AA Consolation Champion
4. Kevin Konfederak/Jordan Cox (Georgia Gwinnett) – Small College Champion
5. Christian Coetzee/Luiz Felipe Pinto (UAB) – Southern Regional Champion
6. Sam Monette/Daniel Bednarczyk (Indiana) – Ohio Valley Regional Champion
7. Diego Hidalgo/Gordon Watson (Florida) – Southeast Regional Champion
8. Felix Corwin/Matic Spec (Minnesota) – Central Regional Champion
9. Jordan Angus/Filip Vittek (San Diego) – Southwest Regional Champion
10. Ian Dempster/Nick Horton (North Carolina State) – Carolina Regional Champion
10. Romain Bogaerts/Maksim Kan (Wake Forest – Carolina Regional Runner-Up
11. Adam Moundir/Aziz Kijametovic (Old Dominion)Atlantic Regional Champion
12. Henry Craig/Alex Gasson (Denver) – Mountain Regional Champion
13. Quentin Monaghan/Alex Lawson (Notre Dame) – Midwest Regional Champion
14. Nils Skajaa/Vasco Valverde (San Francisco) – Northwest Regional Champion
15. Richard Pham/Shawn Hadavi (Columbia) – Northeast Regional Champion
16. Hugo Dojas/Felipe Soares (Texas Tech) – Texas Regional Champion
17. At-Large – Austin Smith/Ben Wagland (Georgia)
18. At-Large – Hayden Sabatka/Bart Van Leijsen (New Mexico)
19. USTA Wild Card – Tom Fawcett/David Wilczynski (Stanford)
20. Host Wildcard (Columbia) – Victor Pham/Mike Vermeer (Columbia)

Women’s Singles (32-draw)

1. Danielle Collins (Virginia) – AA Champion & Oracle/Masters Champion
2. Sinead Lohan (Miami FL) – AA Runner-Up
3. Ellen Perez (Georgia) – AA Semifinalist
4. Maegan Manasse (Cal) – AA Semifinalist
5. Jasmine Lee (Mississippi State) – AA Consolation Champion
6. Alejandra Cisneros (Armstrong St) – Small College Champion
7. Andie Dikosavljevic (Auburn) – Southern Regional Champion
8. Frances Altick (Vanderbilt) – Ohio Valley Regional Champion
9. Katarina Adamovic (Oklahoma State) Central Regional Champion
10. Luisa Stefani (Pepperdine) – Southwest Regional Champion
10. Catherine Harrison (UCLA) – Southwest Regional Runner-Up
11. Julia Elbaba (Virginia) – Atlantic Regional Champion
12. Nuria Ormeno Ruiz (Colorado) – Mountain Regional Champion
13. Hayley Carter (North Carolina) – Carolina Regional Champion
14. Caroline Brinson (Georgia) – Southeast Regional Champion
15. Breaunna Addison (Texas) – Texas Regional Champion
16. Anna Shkudun (Syracuse) – Northeast Regional Champion
17. Brienne Minor (Michigan) – Midwest Regional Champion
18. Taylor Davidson (Stanford) – Northwest Regional Champion
19. At-Large – Stephanie Wagner (Miami)
20. At-Large – Sydney Campbell (Vanderbilt)
21. At-Large – Joana Eidukonyte (Clemson)
22. At-Large – Despoina Vogasari (Houston)
23. At-Large – Anastasiya Rychagova (Kansas)
24. At-Large – Maiar Sherif Ahmed (Fresno State)
25. At-Large – Klara Fabikova (Cal)
26. At-Large – Brooke Austin (Florida)
27. At-Large – Belinda Woolcock (Florida)
28. At-Large – Kourtney Keegan (Florida)
29. ITA Wild Card – Ronit Yurovsky (Michigan) – extra WC Danielle Collins won AA & Oracle
30. ITA Wild Card – Giuliana Olmos (USC)
31. USTA Wild Card – Francesco Di Lorenzo (Ohio State)
32. Host Wildcard (Columbia) – Star Makarome (Columbia)

Women’s Doubles (20-draw):

1. Maegan Manasse/Denise Starr (Cal) – AA Champion
2. Hayley Carter/Whitney Kay (North Carolina) – AA Runner-Up
3. Alex Chap/Maddie Lipp (Northwestern) – AA Consolation Champion
4. Rosalie Willig/Diana Bogolii (Lynn) – Small College Champion
5. Andie Daniell/Erin Routliffe (Alabama) – Southern Regional Champion
5. Mami Adachi/Aldila Sutjiadi (Kentucky) – Ohio Valley Regional Champion
6. Blaga Delic/Shelia Morales (Nevada) – Mountain Regional Champion
7. Danielle Collins/Meghan Kelley (Virginia) – Atlantic Regional Champion
8. Maria Alvarez/Kelsey Laurente (Oklahoma State) – Central Regional Champion
10. Luisa Stefani/Jean Runglerdkriangkrai (Pepperdine) – Southwest Regional Champion
9. Jessie Aney/Kate Vialle (North Carolina) – Carolina Regional Champion
10. Miho Kowase/Anna Sanford (Ohio State) – Midwest Regional Champion
11. Josie Kuhlman/Belinda Woolcock (Florida) – Southeast Regional Champion
12. Lynn Kiro/Alex Valenstein (Texas Tech) – Texas Regional Champion
13. Taylor Ng/Kristina Mathis (Dartmouth) – Northeast Regional Champion
14. Taylor Davidson/Caroline Doyle (Stanford) – Northwest Regional Champion
15. At-Large – Julia Elbaba/Skylar Morton (Virginia)
16. At-Large – Klara Fabikova/Olivia Hauger – (Cal)
17. At-Large – Caroline Wegner/Seda Arantekin (TCU)
18. At-Large – Gabby Smith/Giuliana Olmos (USC)
19. USTA Wild Card – Kourtney Keegan/Brooke Austin (Florida)
20. Host Wildcard (Columbia) – Rima Asatrian/Alex Solovyev (Columbia)