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NCAA Men's Tournament Facts & Figures

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We are less than 24 hours away from the start of the 2016 NCAA Tournament. All 16 women's sites will play Friday/Saturday while 7 men's sites will do the same with the other 9 playing Saturday/Sunday.

Here are your live scoring links and daily schedules for all men's and women's matches

I did a preview on each men's regional so here they are again for your viewing pleasure.

Virginia/Oklahoma State
Texas Tech/Florida
Ohio State/Texas A&M
Wake Forest/Oklahoma
North Carolina/Illinois

Fill out a bracket for fun - Men/Women

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Master Lineups 

Smarthlete's Road Map to NCAA Men's Championships

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Smarthlete's Road Map to NCAA Women's Championships

Interesting Tidbits and Facts

There are at least 12 sets of brothers on the rosters of teams playing in the NCAA's:
Jared and Aron Hiltzik (Illinois)
Martin (UCLA) and Michael Redlicki (Arkansas)
Victor and Richard Pham (Columbia)
Hunter and Yates Johnson (SMU)
Sameer (Stanford) and Mihir Kumar (Northwestern)
Terrance and Terrell Whitehurst (Florida State)
Ben and Zach Lieb (Penn State)
Alex and Ian Van Cott (Tulane)
Michael and Casey Kay (Georgia Tech)
Robert and Elio Livi (St. John's)
Marco (Florida St) and Diego Nunez (East Tennessee State)
Michael Riechmann (Texas) and Grant Riechmann (Army)

Guys playing in the NCAAs that started their collegiate careers with another team:
Cal's #1 Florian Lakat played #1 at Mississippi State last year
Cal's #5 Oskar Wikberg played #1 at Wisconsin two years ago
TCU's #4 Jerry Lopez played #1 and #2 at Kentucky last year
UCLA's #5 Logan Staggs played #4 at Northwestern last year
Oklahoma State's #1 Julian Cash played #6 at Mississippi State last year
Arkansas's #1 Michael Redlicki played #1 at Duke two years ago
Arkansas's #2 Jose Salazar played several matches at #6 at Oklahoma last year
Mississippi State's #1 Mate Cutura played #1 at Tyler (JUCO) two years ago
LSU's #1 Jordan Daigle played #6 in several matches for Virginia two years ago
LSU's #3 Gabor Csonka played #1 at Ohio Dominican (D2) last year
LSU's #4 Andrew Korinek played #4-#6 at Texas three years ago
SMU's #4 Markus Kerner played #6 at Tennessee two years ago
Wake Forest's #4 Romain Bogaerts played #1 at Mississippi State two years ago
Florida State's #2 Marco Nunez played #6 at Georgia three years ago
San Diego's #3 Jordan Angus played #3 at Mississippi State two years ago
San Diego's #4 Jaan Kononov played #1 at UMBC last year
San Diego's #7 Josh Page played #1 at Abraham Baldwin (JUCO) last year
South Florida's #3 Dominic Cotrone played #1 at Florida State two years ago
South Florida's #4 Peter Bertran played a few matches at #6 for Georgia last year
SMU's #1 Hunter Johnson played #5 at Louisiana Lafayette two years ago
SMU's #6 Yates Johnson played a few matches at #6 for Louisiana Lafayette two years ago
Denver's #4 David Fox played #2 at Middle Tennessee State two year's ago
College of Charleston's #1 Juan Estevarena played #2 at Mississippi State last year
College of Chareston's #6 Garrett Gordon played #5 at Georgia Tech three years ago
San Diego State's #4 Marko Goles-Babic played in 4 matches for Ohio State two years ago
UCSB's #3 Morgan Mays played a few matches at #5 and #6 for Wake Forest three years ago.
ETSU's #5 Sebastian Yllera played a few matches at #6 for Tennessee three years ago.
Texas's #5 Michael Riechmann played #1 at Brown three years ago
Penn State's #5 Aws Laaribi played #5 at Wake Forest two years ago
Columbia's #6 Michal Rolski played #1 at Wagner last season
UT Arlington's #2 Jhonathan Gonzalez played #6 at TCU two years ago
Coastal Carolina's #1 Vuk Velickovic played #5/#6 at VCU two years ago
Coastal Carolina's #3 Pedro Leme played #5 at Pepperdine two years ago
Coastal Carolina's #4 Sebastian Schneider played #6 at Utah State last year
Coastal Carolina's #5 Rick Timmerman played #1 at Stony Brook three years ago

Probably a few more that I'm overlooking - if you can think of some let me know.

Doubles Performance

Number of regular season rematches in the first round (team in bold won): 4 - Texas/Lamar, Rice/LSU, San Diego/Vanderbilt, Tulane/Dartmouth

Number of potential regular season rematches in the second round: 5 - Oklahoma State/Arkansas, Ohio State/Virginia Tech, Ohio State/Kentucky, UCLA/San Diego, Oklahoma/Tulsa

NCAA Tournament Excellence
UCLA is the only team to make it to the Round of 16 every year since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1999.  Baylor has made it 16 of the last 17 years (2001), Georgia has made it 15 of 17 years (2000/2003), and Illinois has made it 14 of 17 years (2001/2010/2013).

Number of consecutive years of making the Round of 16 (since field expanded):
Baylor 14 (in jeopardy this year)
Georgia 12
Virginia 12
Ohio State 10

Seeding Upsets
17 years of history tells us that a top 16 seed will lose this weekend - at least 1 has every year since the 1998-99 season.

Number of Top 16 seeds to lose before the Round of 16 broken down by year:
2015 (2) - Columbia def. #14 Ole Miss 4-1; South Florida def. #15 Virginia Tech 4-0
2014 (2) - Cal def. #8 Texas A&M 4-3, Tennessee def. #11 Duke 4-2
2013 (2) - Memphis def. #6 Ole Miss 4-2, Denver upset #15 Florida 4-3 (1st Round)
2012 (2) - Baylor def. #9 Mississippi State 4-3, Tulsa def. #10 Oklahoma 4-1
2011 (2) - #36 Tulsa def. #13 Texas 4-3, Illinois def. #16 North Carolina 4-1*
2010 (2) - Wisconsin def. #13 Illinois 4-1, Oklahoma def. #14 Texas Tech 4-2**
2009 (3) - Wake Forest def. #11 Kentucky 4-2, Boise St def. #14 Alabama 4-3, Miami def. #10 Florida 4-3
2008 (1) - Oklahoma State def. #11 Tulsa 4-3***
2007 (3) - Florida def. #16 Florida State 4-3, Alabama def. #14 Duke 4-3, NC State def. #6 UNC 4-0
2006 (3) - Notre Dame def. #16 Texas A&M 4-2, Washington def. #12 VCU 4-0, Florida def. #15 Oklahoma State 4-0
2005 (2) - Florida State def. #12 Kentucky 4-2, South Carolina def. #13 Oklahoma State 4-3
2004 (7) - Vanderbilt def. #8 Ole Miss 4-1, Texas A&M def. #13 VCU 4-0, TCU def. #12 Kentucky 4-2, Clemson def. #5 Duke 4-3, Arkansas def. #15 Tennessee 4-1, Rice def. #14 LSU 4-0, Ohio State def. #11 North Carolina 4-3
2003 (2) - Ohio State def. #13 Kentucky 4-3, Oklahoma State def. #11 Minnesota 4-2
2002 (2) - Washington def. #5 Stanford 4-3, Duke def. #10 California 4-3****
2001 (2) - Mississippi State def. #10 Illinois 4-2, USC def. #12 Ole Miss 4-3
2000 (3) - San Diego State def. #3 Pepperdine 4-2, VCU def. #14 Ole Miss 4-3, USC def. #13 Fresno State 4-1
1999 (3) - Virginia Tech def. #16 Alabama 4-3, Fresno State def. #12 USC 4-1, Mississippi State def. #11 Tennessee 4-3

* 2011 - Illinois was actually ranked #17 and UNC was ranked #18.
** 2010 - Oklahoma hosted regional even though Texas Tech was seeded
*** 2008 - Tulsa hosted NCAAs that year - didn't help attendance when they lost early
**** 2002 - Duke hosted regional even though Cal was seeded

No. 3 seeds to advance to Round of 16: Tulsa (2011), South Carolina (2005), Washington (2002), San Diego State (2000), Virginia Tech (1999)

No. 4 seeds to advance to Round of 16: None
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  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 15:44 posted by Previous Commenter

    Boby u missed Markus Kerner (SMU) was at Tennessee

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 15:52 posted by Previous Commenter

    Has a 1st/2nd round host, i.e. a top 16 seed, ever lost in the first round in either the men's or women's tournaments since the expanded fields of 64? I believe the answer is no.

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 16:22 posted by Previous Commenter

    Florida lost to Denver in 2013 as the host and top seed in the first round.

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 16:25 posted by Previous Commenter

    The Florida men lost to Denver in the 2013 first round

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 17:53 posted by Previous Commenter

    Good gosh, you could field a top 16 team with Mississippi State transfers alone. Mississippi state is as good at keeping talent as Nick Bollettieri is at keeping wifes!

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Thursday, 12 May 2016 18:13 posted by Previous Commenter

    More accurately, Ucla has made the final sixteen 39 years in a row. This is one of the most remarkable records in college sports. Moreover, of those 39 times they have made the elite eight 36 times. Baylor has the second longest record making the final 16 fourteen times in a row.
    Also, Marty Redlicki of Ucla and Michael Redlicki of Arkansas are brothers.

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Friday, 13 May 2016 03:51 posted by Previous Commenter

    Bobby every year for the last four years at least one and sometimes two SEC teams that are seeded got upset. Do you think this is a sign that SEC teams are overrated?

    There is ONE father son combination that is out there in DI tennis with a father being a coach, Sam and Scott Perelman at Old Dominion and Florida.

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Friday, 13 May 2016 03:54 posted by Previous Commenter

    NCAA doubles tournament should allow for a school to use any players the school wants. The whole year is based on trying to use your team to win two of three. Not many schools put their two best doubles players together. It would also be cool if the doubles was a separate team event and you play three teams against three teams. Probably will never happen but I do think a school should be allowed to put out ANY two guys they want into the tournament and substitute freely during the course of the tournament.

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Friday, 13 May 2016 12:04 posted by Previous Commenter

    Cotrone for USF originally was at FSU

  • Comment Link Previous Commenter Friday, 13 May 2016 17:21 posted by Previous Commenter

    and yet the remain a top 30 team every single season

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