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[3] North Carolina (8-0) vs. [7] UCLA (7-1) – 12pm est – North Carolina is coming off a pretty thorough 4-2 win over Ohio State while UCLA rode the wave of momentum to get past Texas A&M 4-2. It’ll be interesting to see if either team makes a change at the bottom of the singles lineup after each team’s #6 took it on the chin yesterday. I think UNC probably sticks with Kodali since he had a pretty convincing win the previous day while I look for Billy Martin to give Austin Rapp another try at #6 after Joey Di Giulio came up well short yesterday against Lunkin.
Overall Record: North Carolina 8-0, UCLA 7-1
Indoors Record: North Carolina 8-0, UCLA 2-1
Doubles Record: North Carolina 6-2, UCLA 7-1

Projected Singles Lineup w UTR in ( ):
1. Brayden Schnur (UNC 14.09) vs. #34 Mackenzie McDonald (UCLA 15.01) 
2. #23 Ronnie Schneider (UNC 14.01) vs. #80 Gage Brymer (UCLA 14.10)
3. #29 Brett Clark (UNC 13.77) vs. #37 Martin Redlicki (UCLA 13.86)
4. #89 Jack Murray (UNC 13.77) vs. Karue Sell (UCLA 14.32)
5. #62 Robert Kelly (UNC 13.85) vs. #98 Logan Staggs (UCLA 13.44)
6. Anu Kodali (UNC 13.21) vs. Austin Rapp (UCLA 13.42)
O: Bo Boyden (UNC 13.11)/Joseph Di Giulio (UCLA 13.52)
Projected Doubles Lineup:
1. #3 Robert Kelly/Brett Clark (UNC) vs. #12 Mackenzie McDonald/Martin Redlicki (UCLA) 
2. Brayden Schnur/Jack Murray (UNC) vs. Gage Brymer/Austin Rapp (UCLA) 
3. Ronnie Schneider/Blaine Boyden (UNC) vs. Karue Sell/Maxime Cressy (UCLA)

1. Schnur vs. McDonald – Neither guy finished their match yesterday though both were ahead with Schnur leading Ohio State’s Mikael Torpegaard 7-6, 5-5 while McDonald led Texas A&M’s Arthur Rinderknech 3-0 in the third. Prediction: McDonald (UCLA) in 3

2. Schneider vs. Brymer – Both guys won the clinching match yesterday with Schneider beating Ohio State’s Chris Diaz in straight sets while Brymer came back from 3-0 down in the third to beat Texas A&M’s Shane Vinsant. Prediction: Schneider (UNC) in 3

3. Clark vs. Redlicki – Clark is coming off a straight set loss to Ohio State’s Hugo DiFeo while Redlicki beat Texas A&M’s Jordi Arconada 6-2 in the third. Prediction: Redlicki (UCLA) in 3

4. Murray vs. Sell – Murray blew Ohio State’s Herkko Pollanen off the court yesterday while Sell beat Texas A&M’s AJ Catanzariti in straight sets. Neither player has lost a dual-match this season with Sell 8-0 and Murray 6-0. Prediction: Sell (UCLA) in 3

5. Kelly vs. Staggs – Kelly is coming off a thorough beating of Ohio State’s Ralf Steinbach while Staggs was beat pretty soundly by Texas A&M’s Jackson Withrow. Prediction: Kelly (UNC) in 2

6. Kodali vs. Rapp or Di Giulio – Kodali went down pretty meekly to Ohio State’s Martin Joyce just a day after he roughed up Texas Tech’s Bjorn Thomson while Di Giulio went down in straights to Texas A&M’s Max Lunkin. Rapp played on Friday against Georgia’s Nick Wood and lost 6-1 in the third. Prediction: Rapp (UCLA) in 3 – if Kodali vs. Di Giulio – Kodali (UNC) in 2

I like UNC in doubles and then singles should be fun to follow with so many of the courts evenly matched up. There aren’t many courts where I’d consider one of the guys an overwhelming favorite except at #5 where I look for Robert Kelly to roll in straights over Logan Staggs. I look for McDonald, Redlicki, Sell, and Rapp to grind out wins at 1, 3, 4, and 6 while I like Ronnie Schneider and Robert Kelly at 2 and 5 for UNC. Prediction: UCLA 4-3

[1] Virginia (7-0) vs. [5] TCU (5-1)– 3:30pm est – Both teams are coming off heart-pounding thrillers after Virginia survived Wake Forest’s upset attempt while TCU did the same against USC. Both teams dropped the doubles point yesterday and came back to win which isn’t easy to do at this stage in the tournament. Virginia losing the point wasn’t as big a surprise because Wake is really good at doubles and while TCU is good but they aren’t great. 
Overall Record: Virginia 7-0, TCU 5-1
Indoors Record: Virginia 7-0, TCU 4-1

Doubles Record: Virginia 6-1, TCU 4-2

Projected Singles Lineup w UTR in ( ):
1. #27 Ryan Shane (UVA 14.68) vs. #6 Cameron Norrie (TCU 14.51)
2. #2 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 14.68) vs. #122 Alex Rybakov (TCU 14.68)
3. Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.25) vs. #38 Guillermo Nuez (TCU 14.17)
4. #78 Mac Styslinger (UVA 13.91) vs. Eduardo Nava (TCU 13.97)
5. JC Aragone (UVA 13.86) vs. Jerry Lopez (TCU 13.64)
6. Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 14.36) vs. Trevor Johnson (TCU 13.75)
O: Luca Corinteli (UVA 13.52)/Reese Stalder (TCU 12.90)

Projected Doubles Lineup:
1. #42 Ryan Shane/Luca Corinteli (UVA) vs. Cameron Norrie/Trevor Johnson (TCU)

2. #5 Mac Styslinger/Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA) vs. Hudson Blake/Reese Stalder (TCU)
3. J.C. Aragone/Collin Altamirano (UVA) vs. Alex Rybakov/Guillermo Nunez (TCU)

1. Shane vs. Norrie – Shane is coming off a 6-3, 6-1 rout of Wake’s Skander Mansouri while Norrie rolled over USC’s Nick Crystal 6-1, 6-2. Both are playing very well but Shane seems to be back in the zone that he was in during the NCAAs last year so I just don’t see him losing today. Prediction: Shane (UVA) in 2

2. Kwiatkowski vs. Rybakov – TSK is coming off a surprisingly lopsided loss to Petros Chrysochos while Alex Rybakov withstood the storm from Max de Vroome to win the clincher. You wonder how much Rybakov will have left in the tank after that 7-6 in the third thriller. Prediction: DNF with Rybakov (TCU) leading

3. Altamirano vs. Nunez – Guillermo Nunez is slowly returning to the form he had last season while Collin Altamirano has been blowing out everyone as of late. Nunez held off USC’s Jake DeVine yesterday while Altamirano powered past Wake’s Jon Ho.  Prediction: Altamirano (UVA) in 2

4. Styslinger vs. Nava – Nava is coming off a nice win over thrashing of USC’s Logan Smith, who had been nearly unbeatable, while Styslinger has been struggling with consistency and is coming off losses in each of his last two completed matches against Wake’s Romain Bogaerts and UCLA’s Karue Sell. Prediction: Nava (TCU) in 2

5 – Aragone vs. Lopez – Aragone looked really solid against Uspensky while Lopez took one on the chin against Forget. Lopez is hit and miss on the court because he won a clutch match during the Kick-Off Weekend against Oklahoma State but then got blown out last weekend against Cal and yesterday against USC. Prediction: DNF with Aragone (UVA) leading in third

6. Wiersholm vs. Johnson – Wiersholm of course was the hero yesterday when he held off the big hitting Christian Seraphim in the deciding match while Johnson played just his second dual-match of the season yesterday and lost 6-4 in the third to USC’s Jack Jaede. Prediction: Wiersholm (UVA) in 2

I look for Virginia to take the doubles point with wins at #1 and #2 and then in singles, while I think TCU will push Virginia fairly hard, I just don’t see enough courts that’ll go TCU’s way. Prediction: Virginia 4-1