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The last day of March brings us one of the biggest matches of the year as No. 1 Wake Forest hosts No. 3 Virginia in a match that will hopefully be played outdoors if the rain clears out in time. The match was originally scheduled to be the last USTA College MatchDay event of the year but unfortunately the broadcast had to be cancelled due to the uncertainty of the weather which is calling for rain up until about 4 p.m. I’ll be in Winston-Salem this afternoon and am hoping to see outdoor tennis even if the start time has to be delayed a few hours. 

The Big 12 kicks of its conference schedule on Friday evening with a pair of gems as No. 6 Texas travels to Norman to play No. 13 Oklahoma while a resurgent No. 16 TCU goes to Stillwater to play No. 8 Oklahoma State. I am expecting Andrew Harris to be back in the lineup for OU so it’ll be interesting to see how he plays after missing the last month and a half. 

In Pac-12 men’s action both No. 5 USC and No. 10 UCLA welcome in No. 23 Oregon and No. 32 Washington. Oregon is off to one of its best starts in program history and will be looking to pull off an upset so it’ll be interesting to see if they can do it. 

There aren’t any top 25 matchups in the Big Ten however there are several that are appealing. Both No. 19 Northwestern and No. 28 Illinois go on the road to play No. 30 Wisconsin and No. 33 Minnesota while No. 18 Michigan makes a swing through Indiana to play Indiana and Purdue. 

The SEC has a loaded women’s schedule as always with the Arkansas at Kentucky match possibly the best one of them all. The highest profile men’s match will also take place in Lexington as Kentucky hosts Florida. 

This weekend is the beginning of the Ivy League conference schedule with the big one taking place in New York City between No. 20 Cornell and No. 25 Columbia. This will be the first time in over 40 years that two top 25 Ivy League teams will square off and with both favored to win the rest of its matches the winner of this one will likely determine the regular season Ivy League Champion. 


Men Women
#3 Virginia at #1 Wake Forest (Friday) #29 Wake Forest at # 32 Virginia (Friday)
NC State at #43 Notre Dame (Friday) #27 Notre Dame at Virginia Tech (Friday)
#27 Florida State at Duke (Friday) #10 Georgia Tech at #4 North Carolina (Sat)
Virginia Tech at #35 Louisville (Sunday) #10 Georgia Tech at #29 Wake Forest (Sunday)
#15 Georgia Tech at #43 Notre Dame (Sunday) Louisville at Virginia Tech (Sunday)
#27 Florida State at #11 North Carolina (Sunday)  
Big Ten
#2 Ohio State at Iowa (Friday) #40 Northwestern at Nebraska (Friday)
#28 Illinois at #33 Minnesota (Friday) Indiana at Purdue (Saturday)
#18 Michigan at #44 Indiana (Friday) #37 Maryland at #2 Ohio State (Sunday)
#19 Northwestern at #30 Wisconsin (Friday) Illinois at Nebraska (Sunday)
#28 Illinois at #30 Wisconsin (Sunday) Minnesota at #9 Michigan (Sunday)
#18 Michigan at Purdue (Sunday)  
#19 Northwestern at #33 Minnesota (Sunday)  
Big 12
#6 Texas at #13 Oklahoma (Friday) #7 Oklahoma State at #6 Texas Tech (Friday)
#41 Texas Tech at Tulsa (Friday) #36 Oklahoma at #33 TCU (Friday)
#16 TCU at #8 Oklahoma State (Friday) #7 Oklahoma State at #33 TCU (Sunday)
#16 TCU at #13 Oklahoma (Sunday) #36 Oklahoma at #6 Texas Tech (Sunday)
#6 Texas at #8 Oklahoma State (Sunday)  
#4 Baylor at Tulsa (Sunday)  
#32 Washington at #10 UCLA (Friday) #20 UCLA at #35 Washington (Friday)
#23 Oregon at #5 USC (Friday) #38 Oregon at #42 Arizona State (Friday)
#32 Washington at #5 USC (Saturday) #39 USC at #35 Washington (Sunday)
#23 Oregon at #10 UCLA (Saturday)  
#31 Ole Miss at #7 Texas A&M (Friday) #12 Auburn at #13 South Carolina (Friday)
#21 South Carolina at Alabama (Saturday) #25 Texas A&M at #24 Mississippi St (Friday)
#12 Florida at #24 Kentucky (Saturday) #19 LSU at #28 Ole Miss (Friday)
Tennessee at #17 Mississippi State (Saturday) #18 Arkansas at #11 Kentucky (Friday)
#46 Arkansas at #7 Texas A&M (Sunday) #3 Georgia at #23 Tennessee (Saturday)
  #25 Texas A&M at #28 Ole Miss (Sunday)
  #18 Arkansas at #5 Vanderbilt (Sunday)
  #12 Auburn at #1 Florida (Sunday)
  #19 LSU at #24 Mississippi State (Sunday)
#20 Cornell at #25 Columbia (Saturday) Long Beach State at #16 Pepperdine (Friday)
#26 South Florida at #39 UCF (Saturday) UCF at #30 Florida International (Saturday)
#38 SMU at #34 Memphis (Saturday) #44 Dartmouth at Harvard (Saturday)
BYU at Portland (Saturday) #47 Rice at #49 William & Mary (Saturday)
#49 San Diego at Portland (Saturday) #47 Rice at VCU (Sunday)
#42 Cal Poly at UC Davis (Sunday)  
#29 Tulane at #34 Memphis (Sunday)  




#3 Virginia (17-0) at #1 Wake Forest (17-1) – Friday 4 p.m. ET
Both teams have altered their lineups some this spring so we probably won’t know the actual lineups until they are turned in an hour or so before the match. Virginia freshman Carl Soderlund hasn’t suited up in over a month due to a foot injury so it’ll be interesting to see if he is able to play – my guess is that he does not. Tony Bresky wants the match played outdoors because Virginia is definitely the stronger team indoors and I think unless the forecast changes that this match will be played outdoors with a slightly later starting time. 

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Projected Singles Lineups:
1. #6 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVA 15.12) vs. #2 Petros Chrysochos (WF 14.89)
2. #64 Collin Altamirano (UVA 14.53) vs. #14 Skander Mansouri (WF 14.31)
3. Alexander Ritschard (UVA 14.80) vs. #57 Borna Gojo (WF 14.63)
4. #104 JC Aragone (UVA 14.83) vs. #50 Christian Seraphim (WF 14.29)
5. Henrik Wiersholm (UVA 14.55) vs. Dennis Uspensky (WF 13.86)
6. Luca Corinteli (UVA 14.04) vs. Alan Gadjiev (WF 13.76)
O: Carl Soderlund (UVA 14.80)
Dual-Match Records
1. Kwiatkowski 13-1 vs. Chrysochos 14-3
2. Altamirano 7-4 vs. Mansouri 11-5
3. Ritschard 14-1 vs. Gojo 14-2
4. Aragone 13-2 vs. Seraphim 10-6
5. Wiersholm 10-0 vs. Uspensky 11-4
6. Corinteli 4-1 vs. Gadjiev 11-5
O. Soderlund 6-0
Projected Doubles Lineups:
1. #49 Corinteli/Wiersholm (UVA 14.44) vs. #1 Seraphim/Mansouri (WF 14.63)
2. Kwiatkowski/Ritschard (UVA 14.83) vs. Gojo/Gadjiev (WF 14.10)
3. Altamirano/Aragone (UVA 14.62) vs. Chrysochos/Uspensky (WF 14.24)
Dual-Match Records:
1. Corinteli/Wiersholm 5-0 vs. Seraphim/Mansouri 13-4
2. Kwiatkowski/Ritschard 11-0 vs. Gadjiev/Gojo 9-3
3. Altamirano/Aragone 10-1 vs. Chrysochos/Uspensky 10-5


Even though Wake Forest has the higher ranking I think the majority would consider Virginia as the clear favorite because after all the Cavaliers are the only team in D1 that has yet to lose. I think the doubles point is an absolute must for Wake and I think they get it with wins at 1 and 2. Without knowing the exact singles lineups it’s a little tough to predict each spot but if I go off my projections I’d say Wake’s best path to three more points will probably come at No. 2, No. 3, and No. 6. I like Thai-Son Kwiatkowski against anyone and I don’t see JC Aragone or Henrik Wiersholm losing either. The home court advantage should help Wake but I don’t quite think it’ll be enough and I look for Virginia to pull it out with or without Carl Soderlund in the lineup. Prediction: Virginia 4-3 


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