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The next set of ITA rankings will be coming out on Tuesday afternoon and I have the top 40 for you on my rankings tab (premium). There won’t be a lot of movement in the men’s top 10 but there will be some with a certain team from Texas known for the “Hat” expected to be back in the top 10 for the first time since early in the season. On the women’s side I’d expect to see a nice jump for Georgia Tech after its big win at North Carolina plus a team from the Magnolia State will make a big move into a prime position after a pair of weekend wins.  

By Wednesday afternoon I’ll have my real-time rankings with each teams nine best wins viewable for College Tennis Today subscribers so if you’re want to be ahead of the curve then hop on board and subscribe today!

Over the last several weeks Universal Tennis has been highlighting the top college players by country, as rated by the UTR system. Universal Tennis started with the United States and have progressed through Great Britain, Canada, France, and Germany with several more countries (Spain, Brazil, Australia, etc.) coming up in the next few months. You can view all the articles at this link – if you have any suggestions on countries let me or the folks at UTR know.  

I just listened to a nice podcast that David Beilinson did with first-year Baylor men’s assistant coach Michael Woodson. Woodson, who played collegiately at Valparaiso and then was an assistant coach there for four seasons, talks about his upbringing and how he ended up Valpo and then how he ultimately ended up at Baylor. Woodson also talks about his first season as an assistant coach at Valpo and how he and head coach Jim Daugherty signed the best recruiting class in program history. That first recruiting class, which has broke about every record in school history, helped Valpo advance to its first-ever NCAA Tournament berth last season and they are currently 17-3 this season. The podcast is right at 27 minutes long but it’s well worth the listen – if you enjoy it give David Beilinson a follow on Facebook.

Down below I have a chart with all of this week’s bigger matches listed by conference. I mainly included matches that will impact conference races along with teams that will be fighting for an at-large spot in this year’s NCAA field. 


Men Women
Duke at Georgia Tech (Friday) Michigan at North Carolina (Thursday)
Notre Dame at Florida State (Friday) Duke at Notre Dame (Friday)
Louisville at NC State (Friday) Virginia at Clemson (Friday)
Louisville at Georgia Tech (Sunday) Virginia Tech at Boston College (Friday)
North Carolina at Virginia (Sunday) North Carolina at Notre Dame (Sunday)
  Virginia at Georgia Tech (Sunday)
Big Ten
Indiana at Ohio State (Friday) Michigan at North Carolina (Thursday)
Minnesota at Michigan (Friday) Penn State at Nebraska (Friday)
Purdue at Penn State (Friday) Michigan State at Maryland (Friday)
Iowa at Illinois (Saturday) Minnesota at Tulsa (Saturday)
Wisconsin at Michigan (Sunday) Ohio State at Nebraska (Sunday)
Iowa at Northwestern (Sunday) Michigan at Maryland (Sunday)
Indiana at Penn State (Sunday) Penn State at Iowa (Sunday)
Big 12
Oklahoma at Baylor (Friday) Kansas at Oklahoma (Friday)
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (Friday) SMU at Baylor (Sunday)
Oklahoma at Texas Tech (Sunday) Kansas at Oklahoma State (Sunday)
Oklahoma State at Baylor (Sunday) Oklahoma at Kansas State (Sunday)
South Florida at TCU (Monday)  
UCLA at Cal (Friday) Stanford at Oregon (Friday)
USC at Stanford (Friday) Utah at USC (Friday)
Oregon at Utah (Friday) Cal at Oregon (Saturday)
USC at Cal (Saturday) Arizona State at Washington (Sunday)
Washington at Utah (Sunday)  
UCLA at Stanford (Sunday)  
Florida at Georgia (Friday) Georgia at Arkansas (Friday)
Texas A&M at Mississippi State (Friday) Vanderbilt at Texas A&M (Friday)
Arkansas at Ole Miss (Friday) Mississippi State at South Carolina (Friday)
South Carolina at Tennessee (Friday) Kentucky at LSU (Friday)
South Carolina at Georgia (Sunday) Vanderbilt at LSU (Sunday)
  Kentucky at Texas A&M (Sunday)
  Mississippi State at #1 Florida (Sunday)
  Tennessee at Arkansas (Sunday)
  Ole Miss at South Carolina (Sunday)
Penn at Columbia (Friday) Wichita State at Tulsa (Wednesday)
Tulsa at Tulane (Friday) South Florida at Rice (Friday)
UCF at East Tennessee State (Friday) Old Dominion at William & Mary (Saturday)
UC Santa Barbara at UC Davis (Saturday) Minnesota at Tulsa (Saturday)
Rice at Tulane (Sunday)  
Cornell at Penn (Sunday)  
South Florida at SMU (Sunday)  
UCF at East Tennessee State (Sunday)