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Last week was the official kickoff of the fall tournament season but things really ramp up this weekend with over 20 events taking place across the country. The ones that I’ll be following the closest are the Duke James Bonk Invite in Cary, the Hall of Fame Grass Court Invitational in Newport, and the Audi Napa Valley Classic. 

The Duke James Bonk Invite in Cary, North Carolina, has three flights of men’s singles and three flights of men’s doubles with Duke’s Spencer Furman, UNC’s Simon Soendergaard, Duke’s Nick Stachowiak, and Wake Forest’s Alan Gadjiev the top four seeds in the highest singles flight. Teams sending participants are Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina, N.C. State, Louisville, Auburn, Princeton, North Florida, VCU, Charlotte, Gardner-Webb, and Elon. On the women’s side there are five flights of singles while doubles will have three rotations in a non-flighted format. Teams sending participants are Duke, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, LSU, NC State. Northwestern, Illinois, Furman, Charlotte, and Elon. You can view the all the draws at these two links – men & women

The Hall of Fame ITA Grass Court Invitational in Newport, Rhode Island, has two flights of men’s and women’s singles and doubles. Men’s teams sending participants are Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, and TCU while women’s participants are coming from Florida, LSU, North Carolina, and Princeton. Draws, results, and the daily schedule of play are available on the International Tennis Hall of Fame website. Unlike last year there will be no live streaming video since FloTennis is no longer in operation. 

The Audi Napa Valley Classic, which is being held at the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California, has participants from Cal, Baylor, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Tulsa, USC, and the USTA High Performance Junior Team. The schedule of play for Friday is listed down below plus I also have UTRs of all the participants as well. Note – Texas A&M’s Jordi Arconada was a late scratch and was replaced with Pacific’s Tadiwa Chinamo. 

The easiest way to follow all of the action this weekend is through my College Tennis Today Fall Hub. I have a spreadsheet that lists all the Division I tournaments, along with draws, teams participating, and links to any live scoring or video.

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2017 Audi Napa Valley Tennis Classic
Friday, September 15, 2017

9:30 a.m.
McCormick (ND) v. Tsorotiotis (OU)
Smolicki (USC) v. Gollin (USTA)
Aguilar (A&M) v. Bertsch (OU)
Hoffman (Cal) v. Martin (USTA)
T. Smith (USC) v. R. Smith (Bay)

10:30 a.m.
Frantzen (Bay) v. Dale (USTA)
Nishimura (Cal) v. van Emburgh (OU)

11:00 a.m.
Cabrera (ND) v. Lee (USTA)
Molloy (Cal) v. Bakashi (OU)
Forget (USC) v. Mayo (USTA)

11:30 a.m.
DeVine (USC) v. Gamble (ND)
Griffith (Cal) v. Lah (Bay)

1:00 p.m.
Chinamo (Paciific) v. Lyeons (USTA)
Lebedev (ND) v. Cantanzariti (A&M)
Kotorman (Bay) v. Nefve (USTA)
Vacherot (A&M) v. Han (USTA)

2:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m. & 4:00 p.m.
2 ROUNDS OF DOUBLES (6 game pro set) – TBA


2017 Audi Napa Valley Tennis Classic – Round Robin Matches – Sept 15-17, 2017
Group 1   Group 5
Matches     Matches    
Frantzen (Baylor) 13.30 vs Dale (USTA) 12.67 Nefve (USTA) 13.35 vs Kotorman (Bay) 13.57
Frantzen (Baylor) 13.30 vs Bertsch (OU) 13.28 Nefve (USTA) 13.35 vs Lebedev (ND) 13.58
Frantzen (Baylor) 13.30 vs Aguilar (A&M) 13.70 Nefve (USTA) 13.35 vs Catanzariti (A&M) 14.05
Dale (USTA) 12.67 vs Bertsch (OU) 13.28 Kotorman (Bay) 13.57 vs Lebedev (ND) 13.58
Dale (USTA) 12.67 vs Aguilar (A&M) 13.70 Kotorman (Bay) 13.57 vs Catanzariti (A&M) 14.05
Bertsch (OU) 13.28 vs Aguilar (A&M) 13.70 Lebedev (ND) 13.58 vs Catanzariti (A&M) 14.05
Group 2 Group 6
Matches     Matches    
Nishimura (Cal) 13.73 vs Cabrera (ND) 13.59 Han (USTA) 13.24 vs DeVine (USC) 13.24
Nishimura (Cal) 13.73 vs Lee (USTA) 12.80 Han (USTA) 13.24 vs Gamble (ND) 13.36
Nishimura (Cal) 13.73 vs van Emburgh (OU) 13.37 Han (USTA) 13.24 vs Vacherot (A&M) 13.92
Cabrera (ND) 13.59 vs Lee (USTA) 12.80 DeVine (USC) 13.24 vs Gamble (ND) 13.36
Cabrera (ND) 13.59 vs van Emburgh (OU) 13.37 DeVine (USC) 13.24 vs Vacherot (A&M) 13.92
Lee (USTA) 12.80 vs van Emburgh (OU) 13.37 Gamble (ND) 13.36 vs Vacherot (A&M) 13.92
Group 3 Group 7
Matches     Matches    
Molloy (Cal) 13.89 vs Forget (USC) 13.70 Gollin (USTA) 12.25 vs Smolicki (USC) 12.82
Molloy (Cal) 13.89 vs Bakshi (OU) 13.79 Gollin (USTA) 12.25 vs McCormick (ND) 12.62
Molloy (Cal) 13.89 vs Mayo (USTA) 12.91 Gollin (USTA) 12.25 vs Tsorotiotis (OU) 12.68
Forget (USC) 13.70 vs Bakshi (OU) 13.79 Smolicki (USC) 12.82 vs McCormick (ND) 12.62
Forget (USC) 13.70 vs Mayo (USTA) 12.91 Smolicki (USC) 12.82 vs Tsorotiotis (OU) 12.68
Bakshi (OU) 13.79 vs Mayo (USTA) 12.91 McCormick (ND) 12.62 vs Tsorotiotis (OU) 12.68
Group 4 Group 8
Matches     Matches    
Griffith (Cal) 13.96 vs Chinamo (Pacific) 13.06 Martin (USTA) 12.59 vs R. Smith (Baylor) 13.38
Griffith (Cal) 13.96 vs Lah (Baylor) 14.03 Martin (USTA) 12.59 vs T. Smith (USC) 13.21
Griffith (Cal) 13.96 vs Lyeons (USTA) 13.19 Martin (USTA) 12.59 vs Hoffman (Cal) 13.22
Chinamo (Pacific) 13.06 vs Lah (Baylor) 14.03 R. Smith (Baylor) 13.38 vs T. Smith (USC) 13.21
Chinamo (Pacific) 13.06 vs Lyeons (USTA) 13.19 R. Smith (Baylor) 13.38 vs Hoffman (Cal) 13.22
Lah (Baylor) 14.03 vs Lyeons (USTA) 13.19 T. Smith (USC) 13.21 vs Hoffman (Cal) 13.22