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National Indoors - Day 1

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Virginia started things off by taking a tight doubles point over TCU with the decider coming down to a tiebreak at #2 but once singles got underway the top of the Cavs lineup came through with each winning in straight sets.  The 3 remaining courts were all still up for grabs at the time of the clinch. Virginia's Collin Altamirano played doubles but did not play at #4 singles as originally slotted which moved everyone else up a spot.

With the win Virginia moves on to Saturday's quarterfinals against #11 Baylor.

Friday Results:

#3 Virginia 4, #17 TCU 0

1. #24 Stein/Chappell (TCU) def. #37 Corinteli/Shane (UVa) 7-5
2. #41 Kwiatkowski/Styslinger (UVa) def. Nunez/Norrie (TCU) 7-6(2)
3. Altamirano/Frank (UVa) def. Blake/Johnson (TCU) 6-4
Order of Finish: 3,1,2

1. Mitchell Frank (UVa) def. #18 Cameron Norrie (TCU) 6-3, 6-4
2. #4 Ryan Shane (UVa) def. #48 Nick Chappell (TCU) 7-6(1), 6-3
3. #1 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (UVa) def. Arnau Dachs (TCU) 6-1, 6-3
4. Alexander Ritschard (UVa) vs. Will Stein (TCU) 6-1, 6-7, 0-1 DNF
5. J.C. Aragone (UVa) vs. #85 Facundo Lugones (TCU) 6-4, 4-6 DNF
6. #112 Guillermo Nunez (TCU) vs. #61 Mac Styslinger (UVa) 6-3, 6-6 DNF
Order of Finish: 3,1,2

#10 Baylor 4, #6 Duke 1
Feb. 13, 2015 at Chicago, Ill. (Midtown Athletic Club)

Doubles competition
1. #34 Nicolas Alvarez/Raphael Hemmeler (DUKE) vs. #40 Tony Lupieri/Mate Zsiga (BU) 5-2, DNF 
2. Julian Lenz/Diego Galeano (BU) def. Josh Levine/Jason Tahir (DUKE) 6-2
3. Vince Schneider/Felipe Rios (BU) def. Chris Mengel/Bruno Semenzato (DUKE) 6-2 

Singles competition
1. #9 Nicolas Alvarez (DUKE) def. #10 Julian Lenz (BU) 6-4, 6-2
2. #67 Max Tchoutakian (BU) def. #38 Jason Tahir (DUKE) 7-6(7), 6-4
3. #27 Tony Lupieri (BU) def. #77 Raphael Hemmeler (DUKE) 6-4, 6-7(2), 6-1
4. Diego Galeano (BU) vs. #95 Bruno Semenzato (DUKE) 6-4, 6-7(1), 1-1 DNF
5. Mate Zsiga (BU) vs. Chris Mengel (DUKE) 5-7, 6-3, 4-0 DNF
6. Vince Schneider (BU) def. Josh Levine (DUKE) 7-6(1), 3-6, 6-3

Match Notes:
Baylor 5-1; National ranking #10
Duke 9-1; National ranking #6
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3); Singles (1,2,6,3)

ITA National Team Indoor Championships First Round

#7 North Carolina 4, #10 UCLA 2

1. #6 McDonald/Redlicki (UCLA) def. Schnur/Steiro (UNC) 6-1
2. Joseph Di Giulio/Sell (UCLA) def. Clark/Kelly (UNC) 6-2
3. Mkrtchian/Rapp (UCLA) vs. Murray/Schneider (UNC) 4-4 DNF
Order of Finish: 1,2

1. #2 Mackenzie McDonald (UCLA) vs. #6 Brayden Schnur (UNC) 6-2, 6-7, 4-3 DNF
2. #19 Ronnie Schneider (UNC) def. #44 Dennis Mkrtchian (UCLA) 7-6, 4-6, 6-3
3. Martin Redlicki (UCLA) def. Brett Clark (UNC) 4-6, 6-2, 6-2
4. Oystein Steiro (UNC) def. Gage Brymer (UCLA) 6-1, 7-5
5. #104 Jack Murray (UNC) def. Karue Sell (UCLA) 6-2, 6-0
6. Robert Kelly (UNC) def.  Austin Rapp (UCLA) 1-6, 7-6, 6-4
Order of Finish: 5,4,3,6,2

#2 Oklahoma 4, #19 Ole Miss 1

1. #5 Alvarez/Webb (OU) vs. #55 Hansson/Kallberg (Miss) 5-4 DNF
2. Papa/Harris (OU) def. Scholtz/Babic (Miss) 6-2
3. Salazar/Ghilea (OU) def. Lindmark/Grey Hamilton (Miss) 6-4

Order of Finish: 2,3


1. #59 Nik Scholtz (Miss) def. #26 Andrew Harris (OU) 7-6(5), 6-2
2. #11 Axel Alvarez (OU) vs. #78 Stefan Lindmark (Miss) 3-6, 6-4, 5-6 DNF
3. #31 Dane Webb (OU) def. Gustav Hansson (Miss) 6-2, 6-4
4. Spencer Papa (OU) def. William Kallberg (Miss) 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(8)
5. #63 Alex Ghilea (OU) def. Zvonimir Babic (Miss) 7-5, 6-3
6. Jose Salazar (OU) vs. Vinod Gowda (Miss) 5-7, 7-6
Order of Finish: 3,5,1,4

#1 Southern California 4, #22 Penn State 0

Doubles competition
1. #1 Yannick Hanfmann/Roberto Quiroz (USC) vs. Leo Stakhovsky/Aws Laaribi (PSU) 5-6, unfinished
2. #38 Max De Vroome/Eric Johnson (USC) def. Alex Fennell/Matt Barry (PSU) 6-4
3. Nick Crystal/Connor Farren (USC) def. Roman Trkulja/Mike Reilly (PSU) 6-4

Singles competition
1. #7 Yannick Hanfmann (USC) def. #81 Leo Stakhovsky (PSU) 6-1, 7-6(4)
2. #24 Roberto Quiroz (USC) def. Alex Fennell (PSU) 6-3, 6-1
3. #20 Jonny Wang (USC) vs. Matt Barry (PSU) 6-4, 3-3, unfinished
4. Eric Johnson (USC) def. Roman Trkulja (PSU) 6-1, 6-2
5. #104 Max De Vroome (USC) vs. Aws Laaribi (PSU) 7-5, 5-1, unfinished
6. #49 Nick Crystal (USC) vs. Thomas Hanzlik (PSU) 6-2, 5-3, unfinished

Match Notes:
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Montana State Billings to Drop Men's & Women's Tennis

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Saw this earlier today (story came out on Tuesday) - Division II Montana State Billings will be dropping both its men's and women's programs effective at the end of this year.  

Here is the full release that the school put out with the below excerpts pertaining to the tennis program.

"Athletics will see the most visible reductions with the elimination of men's and women's tennis.  The removal of these sports will mean an annual savings of roughly $230,000 and a complete withdrawal from the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference tennis is the only sport played by MSUB in that conference - firmly planting the Yellowjackets in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference

"The decision to eliminate tennis was extremely difficult, said Krista Montague, MSUB athletic director.  "We have had some solid teams and they are all great student-athletes but the fit isn't right for the GNAC. We will honor the athletic scholarships to tennis players until the end of their athletic eligibility.

I know that each school has to do what's right for itself but saving $230K out of a $4.4M budget shortfall is small potatoes.  From reading the above part it sounds like getting all athletic programs into the same conference must have been a really big deal and it was great to get out of the RMAC.  I guess they have to rationalize it someway. 

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Men's National Team Indoors Round of 16 Preview

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16 of the best teams in the country head to Chicago this weekend for the ITA Men's National Team Indoor Championship and I'm going to help break it down round by round.  There has been at least one Round of 16 upset each year since 2005 and I don't see that 10-year trend changing this year.  Play gets started on Friday morning so let's go ahead and dive right in.  

Round of 16

[3] Virginia vs. [14] TCU - 9am cst - Virginia comes into this one undefeated (5-0) but hasn't faced a legitimate top 40 opponent yet while TCU (5-0) has already won at #12 Texas A&M and #40 Tulsa.  A year ago Virginia came into the NTI's in the same situation, without having faced a tough opponent prior to the tournament, and Notre Dame really gave them a match with the Irish taking the doubles point and pushing 4 singles matches to 3 sets before Virginia won it 4-2. I think we may see the same type of tilt on Friday with TCU matching up fairly well with Virginia. 3 Virginia starters (Frank, Altamirano, Ritschard) saw their first action of the season just last month so while we know what Mitchell Frank brings to the table we don't yet know how Altamirano and Ritschard will react to facing a tough opponent in a dual match setting.  The only singles pairing that will have previously faced each other are Altamirano and Stein who met last week in qualies at the Dallas Challenger with Stein taking it 7-6, 6-4.  I'd say that Shane and Kwiatkowski are heavy favorites at 2 and 3 and I've got to lean towards Frank at 1 which means TCU would have to take the doubles point and sweep the bottom 3.  I don't quite see TCU being able to do that though they may win a few.  Prediction: Virginia 4-1

Probable Singles Lineup
Mitchell Frank vs. #18 Cameron Norrie
#4 Ryan Shane vs. #48 Nick Chappell
#1 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski vs. Arnau Dachs
Collin Altamirano vs. Will Stein
Alexander Ritschard vs. #85 Facundo Lugones
JC Aragone vs. #112 Guillermo Nunez

Probable Doubles Lineup
#37 Shane/Corinteli vs. #24 Stein/Chappell
#41 Styslinger/Kwiatkowski vs. Norrie/Nunez
Frank/Altamirano vs. Hudson Blake/Trevor Johnson

[6] Duke vs. [11] Baylor - 9am cst. - Duke (9-0) comes into this one already battle tested with 6 top 30 wins (@ #5 Illinois, #18 Wake Forest, #20 Tennessee, #21 Memphis, @ #26 Northwestern, @ #27 Kentucky) while Baylor (4-1) lost a 4-3 heart-breaker to its only top 25 opponent which was #5 Illinois.  Despite Duke having the better record and ranking, I'd actually consider Baylor a favorite in this one because I think they could win the match even if they dropped the doubles point whereas I think Duke has to take the doubles point to win.  The matchup at #1 singles should be a good one with both players ranked in the top 10 - I like Lenz in this one because he has more big match experience.  Baylor's Max Tchoutakian walked on to the Baylor campus just a month ago but he has already ascended up to the #2 spot in the lineup and is coming off a week where he came through qualies (included a win over Lenz) at the $100K Dallas Challenger and beat an ATP top 150 player (Gastao Elias) in the 1st round so he'll be playing with a ton of confidence while his opponent Jason Tahir was just recently bumped from the 1 to 2 spot after starting off the year dropping 4 of 6.  I think the matchup at 3 could go either way and at 4 I actually like Diego Galeano despite him starting slow (5-6 this year compared to 16-4 last year) because his opponent, Bruno Semenzato, has been a little streaky himself.  I like Chris Mengel at 5 against whoever Baylor puts out and would be a Baylor lean at 6 with either Zsiga or Rios against Josh Levine.  It'll be interesting to see if Baylor goes with Schneider at 5 and Zsiga at 6 or if they make a change and possibly move Rios up since Zsiga has been struggling lately.  Prediction:  Baylor 4-2

Probable Singles Lineup
#9 Nicolas Alvarez vs. #10 Julian Lenz
#38 Jason Tahir vs. #67 Max Tchoutakian
#77 Raphael Hemmeler vs. #27 Tony Lupieri
#95 Bruno Semenzato vs. Diego Galeano
Chris Mengel vs. Vince Schneider
Josh Levine vs. Mate Zsiga

Probable Doubles Lineup
#34 Alvarez/Hemmeler vs. #40 Zsiga/Lupieri
Tahir/Levine vs. Lenz/Galeano
Mengel/Semenzato vs. Schneider/Felipe Rios

[7] North Carolina vs. [10] UCLA - 12 noon cst - North Carolina (8-1) has been battling some injuries the last few weeks (Schneider, Hess-Olesen, Steiro) and not having 2 of those guys in the lineup likely cost them against Illinois while UCLA (5-2) came up short in its 2 biggest matches during this young season losing to both Georgia and Florida.  If North Carolina was 100% healthy I'd like them a whole lot more but if Ronnie Schneider can't go at #2 which shifts everyone else up a spot (like the Illinois match) plus you have a less than 100% Hess-Olesen and Steiro then I think UCLA wins going away 4-0 or 4-1. I'll look at the match as if Schneider does play and plays like he is capable of.  The matchup at 1 is a toss-up between a pair of Top 6 players.  Schnur is the reigning National Indoor Singles Champ but is coming off a crushing loss to Illinois's Farris Gosea (7-6 in the 3rd after leading 5-2) while McDonald has 3 ranked wins in the last 2 weeks (Lipman, Pasha, Soares) - I'll go Schnur in 3 if it finishes. UCLA's Dennis Mkrtchian had a nice fall and start to the spring until getting dusted 6-1 6-0 by Georgia's Wayne Montgomery.  Mkrtchian did come back the next day and record a straight set win over Florida's Elliott Orkin but I think a near healthy Schneider takes this one at #2. Redlicki/Clark at 3 will be a back and forth grind but I like Clark in 3.  I like both Brymer and Sell at 4 and 5 for UCLA and would like UNC's Murray at 6.  So if North Carolina can put out the 6 listed below I'd like them to win 4-3.  If UNC has to make a substitution somewhere I'd swing it back to UCLA.  

Probable Singles Lineup
#6 Brayden Schnur vs. #2 Mackenzie McDonald
#19 Ronnie Schneider vs. #44 Dennis Mkrtchian
Brett Clark vs. Martin Redlicki  
Esben Hess-Olesen vs. Gage Brymer 
Oystein Steiro vs. Karue Sell 
#104 Jack Murray vs. Austin Rapp 

Probable Doubles Lineup
Schnur/Steiro vs. #6 McDonald/Redlicki
Clark/Robert Kelly vs. Joseph Di Giulio/Sell
Murray/Schneider vs. Mkrtchian/Rapp

[2] Oklahoma vs. [15] Ole Miss - 12pm cst - Oklahoma (6-0) has looked every bit its #2 ranking so far this year while Ole Miss (4-0) is still a little of an unknown since they've played just 4 matches. Outside of the USC/Penn State match this should be the next most lopsided one because Oklahoma is just better top to bottom with the Rebels best chance to snag a point coming at #1 singles.  I think OU takes the doubles point and gets straight set wins at 2, 3, and 5 to win it. Prediction:  Oklahoma 4-0

Probable Singles Lineup
#26 Andrew Harris vs. #59 Nik Scholtz
#11 Axel Alvarez vs. #78 Stefan Lindmark
#31 Dane Webb vs. Gustav Hansson
Spencer Papa vs. William Kallberg
#63 Alex Ghilea vs. Zvonimir Babic
Jose Salazar vs. Ricardo Jorge

Probable Doubles Lineup
#5 Alvarez/Webb vs. #55 Hansson/Kallberg
Papa/Harris vs. Scholtz/Babic
Salazar/Ghilea vs. Lindmark/Grey Hamilton

[1] USC vs. [16] Penn State - 3:30pm cst - USC (6-0) has started off the year looking just as good as they finished last year while Penn State (3-2) had a ton of momentum after winning its Kick-Off Weekend matches against Kentucky and South Florida only to fall flat on its faces in losses to Penn and Virginia Tech.  This one will be blowout city so the Illinois faithful who are coming to watch the Illini play Cal in the match after this one don't need to worry about this one running long. SC likely sits someone (De Vroome maybe) and still rolls.  Prediction: USC 4-0

Probable Singles Lineup
#7 Yannick Hanfmann vs. #81 Leonard Stakhovsky
#24 Roberto Quiroz vs. Alex Fennell
#20 Jonny Wang vs. Matt Barry
Eric Johnson vs. Roman Trkulja
Max De Vroome vs. Aws Laaribi
#49 Nick Crystal vs. Tomas Hanzlik 

Probable Doubles Lineup
#1 Hanfmann/Quiroz vs. Stakhovsky/Laaribi
#38 De Vroome/Johnson vs. Fennell/Barry
Crystal/Connor Farren vs. Trkulja/Mike Reilly

[8] Ohio State vs. [9] Texas - 3:30pm cst - Ohio State (9-1) was cruising along until they went to College Station and lost a tight 4-3 match to Texas A&M while Texas (7-0) has had 2 close calls against Tulsa and Florida State though they were down a couple of starters in each of those matches.  These 2 met last year in the NTI Quarterfinals with Ohio State pulling out a tight 4-2 win in route to winning its 1st National Indoors Championship and this one should be equally as close.  The Buckeyes have taken the doubles point in 9 of 10 matches while Texas has dropped it in 4 of 7 matches so I'll look for Ohio State to take the opening point.  In singles play I look for Soren Hess-Olesen and Adrien Berkowicz to pick up wins for Texas at 1 and 3 but I see Mikael Torpegaard, Ralf Steinbach, and Hunter Callahan winning for Ohio State at 2, 4, and 5.  I think Metka will be up but won't finish. Prediction: Ohio State 4-2 

Probable Singles Lineup
#53 Chris Diaz vs. #16 Soren Hess-Olesen
#30 Mikael Torpegaard vs. Lloyd Glasspool
Herkko Pollanen vs. #65 Adrien Berkowicz
#68 Ralf Steinbach vs. Nick Naumann
#110 Hunter Callahan vs. George Goldhoff
Kevin Metka vs. Michael Riechmann

Probable Doubles Lineup
#7 Steinbach/Metka vs. Hess Olesen/Glasspool
#36 Callahan/Diaz vs. Goldhoff/Berkowicz
Torpegaard/Pollanen vs. Riechmann/Adrian Ortiz

[5] Illinois vs. [12] California - 6:30pm cst - Illinois (6-1) gets the primetime slot as the host of this year's NTIs and they bring 2 top 10 wins (Baylor/UNC) to the table along with 5 ranked singles players while Cal (6-0) has yet to face a top 20 opponent and will be leaving the state of California for the 1st time this year.  Illinois will have the crowd in its favor and I see the Illini riding that wave of noise to pick up singles wins at 1, 2, and 5 in addition to snagging the doubles point.  The only court where I'd consider Cal the favorite is at 6 with Bayane. Prediction: Illinois 4-1

Probable Singles Lineup
#41 Farris Gosea vs. #42 Andre Goransson
#23 Jared Hiltzik vs. #114 Filip Bergevi
#37 Tim Kopinski vs. Billy Griffith
#69 Aron Hiltzik vs. JT Nishimura
#46 Aleks Vukic vs. Oskar Wikberg
Toshiki Matsuya vs. Greg Bayane

Probable Doubles Lineup
#11 Kopinski/Ross Guignon vs. #30 Bayane/Chase Melton
Hiltzik/Matsuya vs. #32 Goransson/Wikberg
Bazarnik/Brian Page vs. Bergevi/Mads Engsted

[4] Georgia vs. [13] Columbia - 6:30pm cst - Georgia (4-1) has all new doubles pairings after dropping the point in 3 of 5 matches while Columbia (2-0) will play just its 3rd match this year after defeating Tennessee and Notre Dame during the Kick-Off Weekend two weeks ago. These teams met a month ago at the MLK Invitational in Atlanta in a hidden dual format though only 2 of the 6 singles matches will be repeats with Ignat defeating Smith and Oosterbaan defeating Vermeer. Columbia is a tough indoor team that you can't ever count out but they'll need the doubles point to have a shot in this one.  The only singles mismatch that I see is at 5 where Ben Wagland should be able to handle a struggling Bert Vancura who is just 2-8 on the year.  In addition to Wagland winning I look for Nathan Pasha and Nick Wood to also pick up wins at 3 and 5 and I see the revamped Georgia doubles pairings getting the point to start things off.  I think Columbia will be right there on all the other courts and possibly ahead but Georgia gets the 4 points.  Prediction: Georgia 4-1

Probable Singles Lineup
#17 Wayne Montgomery vs. #13 Winston Lin
#21 Austin Smith vs. #76 Dragos Ignat
#15 Nathan Pasha vs. Max Schnur
Nick Wood vs. Ashok Narayana
Ben Wagland vs. Bert Vancura
Paul Oosterbaan vs. Mike Vermeer

Probable Doubles Lineup
Wagland/Smith vs. #12 Schnur/Narayana
Pasha/Diaz vs. Vermeer/Lin
Oosterbaan/Montgomery vs. Vancura/Richard Pham

So who else do you think might get upset - any of the top 5?

[1] USC vs. [8] Ohio State
[4] Georgia vs. [5] Illinois
[3] Virginia vs. [11] Baylor
[2] Oklahoma vs. [10] UCLA

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Men's National Team Indoors

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The draw was released just a little while ago and this is what we've got starting on Friday.  The master lineups are listed below as well.

[3] Virginia vs. [14] TCU- 9am cst
[6] Duke vs. [11] Baylor - 9am cst
[7] North Carolina vs. [10] UCLA - 12pm cst
[2] Oklahoma vs. [15] Ole Miss - 12pm cst
[1] USC vs. [16] Penn State - 3:30pm cst
[8] Ohio State vs. [9] Texas - 3:30pm cst
[5] Illinois vs. [12] California - 6:30pm cst
[4] Georgia vs. [13] Columbia - 6:30pm cst

Master Lineups along with the ITA's policy on substitution:

Line-Up Substitution Policy: Master line-ups must be played throughout the event. If a player is removed from the line-up, all players listed below the removed player will move up in position. "Shuffling of line-up is NOT permitted. In doubles, you may direct line substitute for a sick/injured player as long as the teams are still playing in order of ability. The opposing coach may protest a doubles line-up if he feels they are not in order prior to the start of the match. The on-site ITA Games Committee will have final ruling on all on-site protests.

Some singles lineup changes from the Kick-Off Weekend:

USC has moved Eric Johnson up from 5 to 4 and dropped Max De Vroome from 4 to 5.  I believe De Vroome hasn't been at 100% lately.
UCLA has moved Martin Redlicki up from 4 to 3 and Gage Brymer down from 3 to 4.  Austin Rapp has moved up from 7 to 6 while Joseph DiGiulio goes from 6 to 7.
Texas has moved Lloyd Glasspool from 3 to 2 and Adrien Berkowicz from 2 to 3.  Nick Naumann moved from 5 to 4 and George Goldhoff from 4 to 5 though Goldhoff didn't play during the KO.
TCU has moved Arnau Dachs up from 4 to 3 and Will Stein down from 3 to 4. 
Duke has moved Nicolas Alvarez up from 2 to 1 and moved Jason Tahir down from 1 to 2. Raphael Hemmeler has moved up from 4 to 3 and Bruno Semenzato down from 3 to 4.
Ohio State has moved Herkko Pollanen up from 4 to 3 and Ralf Steinbach down from 3 to 4.
Baylor has moved Max Tchoutakian up from 4 to 2, Tony Lupieri down from 2 to 3, Diego Galeano down from 3 to 4, Vince Schneider up from 8 to 5, Mate Zsiga down from 5 to 6, and Felipe Rios down from 6 to 7 - whole different lineup except for Julian Lenz at 1.  
Penn State has moved Matt Barry up from 4 to 3 and Roman Trkulja down from 3 to 4.
North Carolina has moved Oystein Steiro up from 6 to 5 and Jack Murray down from 5 to 6. 
Georgia has moved Wayne Montgomery up from 3 to 1 and Nathan Pasha down from 1 to 3.

Everyone else has the same starting 6 listed; it going to be a great tournament so vote in the poll on the main page on who you think will win it all.

Below are the Master Lineups with all the players junior information listed - the Legend tab explains what each means.

 photo 8bc7872c-2c8a-4a09-8f03-2aa9121e5f46_zpsfolysmqb.png
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No Ad Is No Go for the NCAAs

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I saw earlier on ZooTennis that the NCAA Championship Cabinet decided not to approve no-ad scoring for the NCAAs so come mid May in Waco regular scoring will be used for both the team championships as well as singles and doubles.  

Here are the documents that contain the full results from the survey that was done by all the coaches and student athletes pertaining to format changes along with the ITA's Division I Operating Committee's proposal to the NCAA D1 Tennis Committee.  

With this hitting the wire it'll be interesting to see what format the conferences use between now and the NCAAs because it would make the most sense to play the format that will be used during the season ending NCAA Championships.   According to the above document the Atlantic Sun, Big Sky, Big 12, Colonial, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Pac 12 Men, SEC Men, and Summit all voted to stick with the new shortened format (no-ad, no warmups, dubs to 6, dubs stop at clinch) regardless of the NCAA D1 TC's decision.  Several other conferences including the ACC and Big 10 voted to play the same format as the NCAAs while others including the AAC and Ivy hadn't decided yet.

This decision to play with regular scoring during the tournament and during the regular season for those conference that voted that way should make many tennis fans happy with myself included. 

This past weekend Ohio State ran its record breaking home winning streak to 200 when they defeated South Florida so after the win I wanted to look back and see who they had beaten during the streak. At first I thought there was probably already a list out there somewhere due to how impressive the streak is but when I looked around I came up empty.  So I said ok I'll just go to Ohio State's website and go through the schedules for each year and do a little cut and paste and then sort them by opponent and whatnot.  So that's what I did starting with the Purdue win on April 6th, 2003 and by the time I reached the South Florida win from this past Sunday I was ready to sort them out but I figured before I sorted them I wanted to make sure I had all 200 listed.  I had the spreadsheet count them and to my surprise it didn't return 200 entries but only 199 so that's when I started going back through each season to see what I missed but after looking them all over I still kept coming up with 199 and not 200 (chart is further down this page).

Feeling a tad stumped I started going through the school's recap after each win to see what win number they assigned to that particular home win and that's when it got a little interesting. Wins 1 through 40 were pretty cut and dry with everything matching up but then I noticed the final 2 matches of the 2006 season, which were the 1st and 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, were counted twice.  I put a link on the score where the recap mentions the win number in the streak and after the Arkansas win it says the win streak is up to 42 but then when they start the 2007 season off by beating Butler and Xavier the recap said those were wins 41 and 42.  My first thought was maybe the school wasn't sure if wins in the NCAA Tournament counted as official home wins so they backed them out which I was fine with.  A few weeks later on 2/7/07 they beat Toledo for win 45 (really 47) then followed that up by beating Kentucky at home on 2/12/07 which should have been win 46 (really 48) but for whatever reason they didn't count it because when they beat Indiana on 3/3/07 they counted that as win 46 when it really should have been 47 by their count or 49 counting the 2 NCAA wins.  These discrepancies are highlighted in yellow and as I mentioned I linked the OSU recap where it mentions wins #s.

The next oddity in the streak comes between the end of the 2007 regular season and the 2 matches that Ohio State hosted in the NCAA Tournament.  The Illinois win in the home regular season finale on 4/15/07 is counted as win 53 but then when they beat Columbia on 5/11/07 instead of being counted as 54 it is counted as 56 so I'm guessing at that point they decided that wins in the NCAA Tournament are counted as official home wins so they added back in the 2 from the end of the 2006 season.  Now for some reason that win over Kentucky on 2/12/07 still didn't make the count but I figured they'd figure that out sooner and correct it.

All the wins from the end of the 2007 season through the end of the 2012 season flow together (minus the Kentucky win) but between the end of the 2012 season and the start of the 2013 season a few more get added in.  When Ohio State defeated Notre Dame in the 2nd round of the NCAAs on 5/12/12 (2012 home finale) the recap said it was win #148 but when they opened up the 2013 season by defeating Butler and Xavier the recap credits those as wins 151 and 152 so somehow 2 more were added in.  So now they've gone from being 1 win under the correct count (as far as I can determine) to 1 win over.  A few weeks later they beat Toledo on 1/27/13 and the recap says that is win 157 but when they beat Georgia a week later on 2/3/13 it says that is win 156.  After playing the National Indoors they come back home on 2/23/13 and 2/24/13 to host Notre Dame and LSU and after winning those 2 matches the recap now says the streak is up to 160.  From that point on they stay on count all the way up to 200 however they never take back out the win that to my knowledge they never got.

When doing some more digging the only possible place that 1 win could have come from was during the 2006-07 season because on the schedule it originally showed that they were supposed to play a doubleheader on 4/2/07 against Wright State and Dayton however they only list a 7-0 result against Wright State (image below).  The recap from the Wright State match said it was the end of the 5 match home stand and it has no mention of a match anywhere with Dayton.  The Dayton schedule from that year doesn't show a match with Ohio State and I'm sure if they had played it would be listed.  The 2006-07 schedule from the Media Guide is listed below and it says Wright State/Dayton with the one 7-0 win but had it been two 7-0 wins that would have meant they would have played 33 matches on the year but the overall record at the top shows 30-2 which is of course 32 matches.

So I guess my point to all these facts above is that I don't see where they have 200 consecutive home wins; I just see 199 and if that is correct that means they won't actually get 200 unless they beat Notre Dame in their next home match on February 21st.  If anyone has any other knowledge of the streak and/or can see that 1 win that I'm not seeing let me know because it truly has me stumped.  I just find it hard to believe that they would really be 1 win short but you can see how that # has jumped several times over the years so anything is possible.  I did email Gary Petit, Ohio State's Assistant Director of Athletics Communication, who is listed as the primary contact for the men's tennis program so I'm waiting to hear back from him and will keep you posted if/when I do.

UPDATE: Gary emailed me back this morning (2/11) and said they were going to do some research about the streak and would get back to me within a few days.   I emailed Gary back on 2/18 to see if he had an update and he replied back within an hour that they had "nothing official yet".  That pretty much tells me what I need to know that most likely nothing will be "official" until they beat Notre Dame this Saturday assuming they beat the Irish.  

Final Update Below - what was believed to be win #200 over South Florida was actually 199. Today's 2/21 win over Notre Dame was #200.

From: "Petit, Gary M." 
Subject: 200-Streak
Date: February 21, 2015 at 4:36:48 PM CST
To: Bobby Knight


After researching every win and contacting opposing SIDs with questions, we were at 199 after the USF match on Feb. 8 and are now at 200 with the win today over Notre Dame.

The issue was that Dayton match in 2007. The match was on the schedule and was never removed after it was canceled the day of. With the amount of turnover in our office and different people handling men's tennis, we continued to count that match. We never put a list together like you did which probably explains why we were off on our numbers a couple of times in our recaps throughout the years.


 photo 6489de76-b835-400c-b445-6136dbdf6525_zpshra1r7nd.png

 photo 2990a4d5-123c-4ab5-b825-5a51cdf290ff_zpsdrpagxup.png

List of 199 wins in the streak:

DateOpponentScoreWin # According to School Write-Up
4/6/2003Purdue5-2 (W)1
4/19/2003Minnesota4-3 (W)2
4/20/2003Iowa7-0 (W)3
1/23/2004Cleveland State7-0 (W)4
1/23/2004Xavier7-0 (W)5
1/30/2004Depaul7-0 (W)6
1/30/2004Toledo7-0 (W)7
2/7/2004Clemson6-1 (W)8
2/13/2004Vanderbilt4-3 (W)9
2/14/2004Alabama6-1 (W)10
3/27/2004Michigan State *6-1 (W)11
3/28/2004Michigan5-2 (W)12
4/3/2004Indiana6-1 (W)13
4/14/2004Indiana St7-0 (W)14
4/14/2004Youngstown State7-0 (W)15
4/16/2004Northwestern5-2 (W)16
4/18/2004Wisconsin7-0 (W)17
1/28/2005Butler7-0 (W)18
1/28/2005Xavier7-0 (W)19
2/11/2005Arkansas5-2 (W)20
2/25/2005Virginia Commonwealth7-0 (W)21
3/26/2005Iowa7-0 (W)22
3/27/2005Minnesota4-3 (W)23
4/9/2005Indiana6-1 (W)24
4/10/2005Penn State *4-3 (W)25
4/13/2005Notre Dame4-3 (W)26
4/16/2005Michigan6-1 (W)27
4/17/2005Michigan State *7-0 (W)28
1/25/2006Toledo7-0 (W)29
1/25/2006Xavier6-1 (W)30
1/27/2006Oklahoma6-1 (W)31
1/29/2006Tennessee5-2 (W)32
2/10/2006Virginia Tech6-1 (W)33
2/12/2006LSU6-1 (W)34
2/17/2006Butler7-0 (W)35
2/17/2006Wright State7-0 (W)36
4/1/2006Purdue7-0 (W)37
4/2/2006Illinois5-2 (W)38
4/22/2006Northwestern7-0 (W)39
4/23/2006Wisconsin6-1 (W)40
5/13/2006Butler4-0 (W)41
5/14/2006Arkansas4-0 (W)42
1/24/2007Butler7-0 (W)41
1/24/2007Xavier7-0 (W)42
1/28/2007Washington7-0 (W)43
2/4/2007Florida State7-0 (W)44
2/7/2007Toledo7-0 (W)45
2/12/2007Kentucky6-1 (W)skipped
3/3/2007Indiana6-1 (W)46
3/24/2007Iowa7-0 (W)47
3/25/2007Minnesota7-0 (W)48
3/30/2007Notre Dame7-0 (W)49
4/1/2007Michigan State *7-0 (W)50
4/2/2007Wright State7-0 (W)51
4/14/2007Purdue7-0 (W)52
4/15/2007Illinois7-0 (W)53
5/11/2007Columbia4-0 (W)56
5/12/2007Tennessee4-1 (W)57
1/23/2008Butler7-0 (W)58
1/23/2008Xavier7-0 (W)59
2/1/2008Miami (Fla.)5-2 (W)60
2/3/2008Pepperdine5-2 (W)61
2/3/2008Wright State4-0 (W)62
2/8/2008Wake Forest5-1 (W)63
2/10/2008North Carolina4-2 (W)64
3/23/2008Virginia Commonwealth7-0 (W)65
4/4/2008Northwestern *7-0 (W)66
4/4/2008Toledo4-0 (W)67
4/6/2008Wisconsin *6-1 (W)68
4/17/2008Wright State7-0 (W)69
4/19/2008Penn State *6-1 (W)70
4/20/2008Michigan *7-0 (W)71
5/10/2008Cleveland State4-0 (W)72
5/11/2008East Tennessee State4-0 (W)73
1/21/2009Butler7-0 (W)74
1/21/2009Xavier7-0 (W)75
1/31/2009Stetson7-0 (W)76
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